clinton meltdown hahaha

Hillary Campaign in Full Meltdown

Ah, ain’t this beautiful? The Tyrannical Political Machine, aka the Hillary Clinton campaign, has been in full meltdown over the last couple of days, which was bound to happen, in my humble opinion. I like how Donald Trump, back in the primaries, complained and complained how “rigged” the GOP system was. The person  complaining should […]

New York Yankees

New York Yankees: Why would they trade Aroldis Chapman?

The New York Yankees and the Chicago Cubs made a trade on Monday that sent Aroldis Chapman to Chicago. In return, the Cubs traded Adam Warren, Rashad Crawford ( Advanced Single-A), Billy McKinney (Double-A), and Gleybar Torres ( Advanced Single-A). It’s clear as day that the Cubs won the trade as this was a one […]


WWE Battleground: 5 thoughts

WWE’s annual Battleground pay-per-view was on Sunday as it emanated from the Verizon Center in Washington DC. This PPV was being seen more as a placeholder as this was the first PPV in the post brand extension and nothing was expected significantly to happen. Here are five thoughts I take from the event- They are […]

Ken Griffey Jr. #24

Ken Griffey Jr: The Kid and the three little pigs

Let’s talk about Ken Griffey Jr. In what was just his first year of eligibility for the Hall of Fame, he received 99.3% of the votes. Of 440 total ballots, he was on 437 of them. That is an amazing feat, by far. The Kid holds the record for highest percent of Hall of Fame […]

The Flash: Potential fits For key roles

If you are a fan of the character Barry Allen, also known as the Flash, you likely have gotten to know the Grant Gustin version on the CW’s hit show “The Flash.” But Gustin will not be the only version of Barry we will know over the course of the next few years. In 2017, […]


Baltimore Orioles can be contenders down the stretch

When you think about MLB, a few teams come to mind. The Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, and L.A. Dodgers are a few of the larger market teams, hence why ESPN chooses to cover them 99.9 percent of the time. Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit, but you get my point. As […]

Miami Marlins

MLB Rumors: Miami Marlins looking to land Jeremy Hellickson

Currently holding on to the second Wild Card spot, while only being 4.5 games back of the Washington Nationals for the division lead, it appears as if the Miami Marlins are on the verge of making a trade within their division for starting pitcher Jeremy Hellickson from the Philadelphia Phillies. For a team that is […]

michael jordan

Michael Jordan speaks, but continues to hide behind his logo

This has nothing to do with Michael Jordan the basketball player but everything to do with Jordan the man, and business person. Jordan has stated that he will donate $1M each to two different organizations, The International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund in the wake of the civilians and police […]

Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon: Return makes Cleveland Browns a team to watch

Thanks to Roger Goodell, the New England Patriots vs. Cleveland Browns game on October 9th just got more interesting. Josh Gordan will be eligible to play in the game In what may be another sign of Cleveland sports teams’ newfound positive fortunes, the Browns gained a much-needed shot in the arm in wide receiver Josh […]

The Flash

The Flash: Kiersey Clemons is the film’s Iris West

According to Variety, it appears the Warner Brothers’ 2018 blockbuster film “The Flash” is set to add to its cast. And that addition will come in the form of 22-year-old actress Kiersey Clemons. Clemons would be playing the role of journalist Iris West, who is a very close friend to the title character, and at […]

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 23:  Josh Gordon #12 of the Cleveland Browns stands on the sideliens in the first half against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on November 23, 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Cleveland Browns: 5 Reasons Josh Gordon Doesn’t Make Them Contenders

When a team gets a star player back it usually provides a boost. Especially if the team has been in the dumps without him. The NFL announced today that the Cleveland Browns will be getting WR Josh Gordon back after serving a one-year suspension. However, his return will not help the Browns the way most […]

Aroldis Chapman

Chicago Cubs: Aroldis Chapman trade may have clinched Word Series title

Let’s get this out the way. The Chicago Cubs did not get swindled in this deal. The Cubs and New York Yankees completed a trade that will send closer Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs for Adam Warren and three prospects, Gleyber Torres, Billy McKinney and Rashad Crawford. If you were to just view the number […]

nets vs knicks

NBA: Only room for one king in New York

The New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets are fighting for supremacy in the Big Apple, but how important is that to the NBA? League-wide no one gives a crap, but as a resident of the Bronx it matters in this city. The question is who owns the city now? Raymond Felton chuckled when asked about […]

Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins: 5 training camp storylines to follow

Finally, football season is within smelling distance. After a long offseason, we can see the finish line with teams arriving at camp. Kickoff is almost here. Before that though I wanna take a look at Training camp for the Miami Dolphins and give you 5 things to be on lookout for. Will the offensive line […]

brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets: Picking Up the pieces after the Billy King Era

The Brooklyn Nets are officially on the clock. The NBA Draft is over but the rebuild in Brooklyn has now begun, thanks in large part to Billy King. How did the Nets get here so fast when their plan since coming to New York was championship or bust. What went wrong? Maybe it was the […]


Health and Fitness: 6 Exercises To Build Your Core

By Evie Dawson Your core determines your strength. It is the powerhouse, so to make it work at its optimum should be on top of your priority. Remember, your core facilitates movement, protects your internal organs and the central nervous system and relieve you of the back pain. So there is no way you shouldn’t […]


New York Knicks: What to expect in 2016

It is getting to the point when football, hockey, and basketball return. We are still a few months away from training camps in the NBA begin, but it does not hurt to start previewing teams. So let’s look at the New York Knicks would go out with a bang with signing top free agents to […]


San Francisco 49ers: Fantasy Football 2016 Preview

The San Francisco 49ers are one of the most talent-bereft teams in all of football. Built on questionable drafting, a reluctance to spend in free agency and crippled by a talent exodus after 2014 never before seen in sports, they stand with one of the least talented rosters in the NFL with a head coach […]

New York Mets

MLB Rumors: New York Mets interested in Jonathan Lucroy?

The New York Mets seem to have an interest in Milwaukee Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy. Current Mets catcher Travis d’Arnaud seems to be one constant piece in any package being talked about between both teams. Kristie Ackert of the NY Daily News reports that the Brewers have rejected a straight one-on-one offer of the two catchers. For the […]


Miami Dolphins: 5 players with the most to lose

The Miami Dolphins have a lot to work on coming into the 2016 NFL season. Last season, Miami finished last in their division, statistically didn’t fare much better, and the fans saw yet another dreaded rebuild fail at the end of the season. However, while last season was a mess, Dolphins fans should be looking up. There’s […]

Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins: 5 Players to Watch

Training camp opens on Friday for the Miami Dolphins and fans couldn’t be happier. It’s been a long road since the Dolphins fired Joe Philbin last year. This year’s camp brings new coaches, new systems and new personnel. Stakes couldn’t be any higher for the Dolphins as fans have lost not only patience but interest […]


NFL: One Burning Question For Every Team

With NFL Training Camps set to start in a few days, Inscriber writers Christian Simpson and Mark Wilson decided to get together and come up with 32 questions, one each for every team in the NFL. Mark asked the questions and Christian the answer role. Let’s check out the burning question for each team starting with […]

New York Jets

New York Jets: 5 position battles to watch

It’s finally here, after weeks of waiting for football, it is finally making its return as this week many teams will start training camps. Over the last few weeks, several of my co-workers have previewed other teams. I decided to take one of the New York teams. On July 30th, the New York Jets begin […]

Liberty Lad’s Conservative Corner: Episode Eighteen In today’s episode, Liberty Lad looks into the future of our nation, breaks down the terrible Democrat Vice Presidential pick, Tim Kaine. The Dem convention is coming up, Liberty Lad shares his thoughts.


MLB Rumors: Shelby Miller out of Arizona?

Less than eight months after the Arizona Diamondbacks traded Aaron Blair, Ender Inciarte , and minor leaguer Dansby Swanson to the Atlanta Braves for Shelby Miller and minor leaguer Gabe Speler. Shelby Miller haa a record of 6-17 with a 3.20 ERA in his one year of service in Atlanta. Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan has […]