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INSCMagazine Named One Of The “Best Blogs To Follow” In 2018!

In what can be described as a major achievement, Cleveland, Ohio-based digital lifestyle magazine, web resource and social media influencer, INSCMagazine has been named one of the “Best Blogs To Follow In ’18” by ElectrosawHQ.com and “Best Blogging Sites” by influencer blog, Blog Frog. Since launching Dec. 8 of 2012, INSCMagazine (The Inscriber : Digital […]

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Personal Finance: 3 Ways To Rehabilitate Your Bad Credit

Bad debt is a problem that haunts millions of Americans. Times get tough, and with how easy it is to get credit for many college students and people just starting out, it can be even easier to make a series of poor decisions that lead into bad debt. And once you’re there, it often seems […]

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Golden State Warriors: The Three Biggest Threats To Dubs!

Golden State Warriors: The Three Biggest Threats To Dubs!

Thanks to being defending back-to-back NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors have been sitting on top of the planet when it comes to basketball.  The Warriors have been the toast of the NBA world for the last 5 years. Losing to the Cavs three years ago is a distant memory.  You can’t help but respect […]

Move Over Wilt…LBJ Moves Into the Top Five!

Move Over Wilt…LBJ Moves Into the Top Five!

Don’t look now but the Los Angeles Lakers are surging. Surging to the point where the Western Conference better take notice.  Sitting at 8-6, good for seventh in the West, you can’t stop but wonder where the Lakers are headed. Enter Lebron James. The Lakers are starting to believe in themselves as well as the […]

UCF Knights Preview
#INSCMagazine AAC American Athletic Conference NCAA Football Opinion/Editorial UCF Knights

Is Florida Ducking UCF? Why The 2-For-1 Scheduling Offer Is A Joke!

As you all may or may not have heard, UCF’s Athletic Director Danny White has been offered a 2 for 1 with the University of Florida Gators. Many of my SEC “buddies” (Denis Alexander this includes you), are telling me that if Danny White doesn’t take this that he is a chicken and should be […]

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Glamour Girl! Raver Babe! Q and A With Inked and Glamour Model, Harley Victoria!

Bikinis. Swimsuit. Lingerie. Welcome to Glamour Girl!, INSCMagazine’s new bi-weekly feature that will appear every Monday and Friday. GG! will feature some of today’s hottest bikini, swimsuit,Instagram and fitness models, bloggers, influencers and actresses today in the realm of lifestyle,modeling and entertainment, with a touch of style, class, quality in-depth writing and eye-catching images. There […]

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7 Pro Tips to Save on Clothes Shopping for Christmas Season

This Christmas 61% of buyers will spend their money on apparel. That’s more than half of the population. Now since Christmas is only a few weeks away, clothing brands have taken their prices up. So how can you save on shopping for clothes? Don’t worry, if you have a will for saving, there’s a way […]

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INSCMagazine: We Are! Q and A With Fall 2018 INSC Cover Model, Brandon Falkenstein!

We Are! Two words. But a simple mantra that unites central Pennsylvania. If you’re a college football fan–especially one from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania–then you know it’s about Penn State. Tucked in the middle of the Keystone State amidst rolling hills and scenic views that makes you feel like you’re in God’s country. In Happy […]

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FIGHT! INSCMagazine Cover Girl Lynnsey Speer Heats Up Summer!

Ding. Ding. In case you haven’t already heard or haven’t followed their race-baiting, smack-talking four-city two-continent international promotional tour that has been Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. The Money Team vs. Notorious. The sweet science vs. mixed martial arts and two proud, brash loud-talking individuals from two different cultures and backgrounds going head-to-head in the […]


Playing Dress Up Isn’t Just for Kids Anymore! An Open Interview With Cosplay Queen, Alicia Lee

Cosplay, people see it as playing “dress-up” for adults. But it is so much more than that. Cosplay is an international phenomenon, and for many it is a way of life. International events such as Comic-con, Mega-con, movie and game releases, and many others are a showcase of many different cosplays by professional, as well […]

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Glamour Girl! Playboy Model Holly Wolf Targeted By Trolls For Only Dating Asian Men

Bikinis. Swimsuit. Lingerie. Welcome to Glamour Girl!, INSCMagazine’s new bi-weekly feature that will appear every Monday and Friday. GG! will feature some of today’s hottest bikini, swimsuit, Instagram and fitness models and actresses today in the realm of lifestyle, modeling and entertainment, with a touch of style, class, quality in-depth writing and eye-catching images. If […]


Athleisure Fashion/Style Hip/Urban

10 Best Women’s Converse Shoes

Converse carries a legacy of crafting wonderfully comfortable shoes for more than 100 years. The iconic sneakers have been accentuating the fashion fanatic population’s personality since generations. The converse shoe does ensure style without compromising over comfort. Its varied style range gives plenty of options to go with almost every kind of outfit. Converse Chuck […]


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Business Marketing Media/Marketing Photo Spotlight

Amazing Headshots 101: How to Take Great Headshot Photos

Amazing Headshots 101: How to Take Great Headshot Photos Being a photographer requires extensive work, especially since a lot of it has to do with not just having the right equipment but also making sure you have the technical know-how of using your tools with your knowledge of the scene or the subject. For instance, […]

Actor Headshots: Benefits & How to Hire a Headshot Photographer in Los Angeles

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Are You More Likely to Win at Online Slots or Sports Betting?

Presuming you won’t bet more than you can afford, we’ll be happy to let you in on a little secret – when it comes to different types of contemporary gambling, it’s never all the same. Online slots and sports gambling, betting may be equal in terms of following, but they definitely differ in matters of […]

Backing Conor McGregor to Prove Doubters Wrong at UFC 229

Sports Betting: Vegas Golden Knights Worth Wagering On In 2018?


la La Femme Opinion/Editorial Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis Winston: It’s Time For The Tampa Bay Buccaneers To Cut Ties With the Oft-Troubled Franchise Quarterback

Jameis Winston. Brother. It’s time that you and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ownership have a serious intervention with you. With the former Florida State Seminole quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner and top overall pick facing a three-game suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy, the Buccaneers have a potentially tough decision to make. Per Mike […]

La Femme: Girls’ Girls: Where Are You?

La Femme: Women’s Soccer & The 2018 SheBelieves Cup


What Kind Of Men Women Choose?

Sexual intelligence allows us to reconcile what seems irreconcilable: the blind desire and perspicacity of the mind. A few years ago psychologists, while studying the rules of selecting partners, gave theories about attracting similarities, opposites, subconscious choosing similar to daddy, to the first love (nostalgia effect), completely different from the previous ones (novelty effect). Love […]

Dating: Five Ways To Find Out Your Perfect Relationship Partner

Dating and Relationships: 10 Creative Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend

9 Long-Distance Relationship Activities Which Will Bring Excitement To Your Relationship

Sex: Four Things That Can Lead to Sexual Avoidance!

Beauty Women

The Latest Beauty Innovations Around the World

Most humans naturally gravitate towards someone who looks beautiful in their eyes. That’s why when applying makeup doesn’t quite cut it, some people spend a fortune on getting a surgical enhancement to an unattractive part of their body at some cosmetic clinic in Turkey or on other areas. Before pursuing the same thing yourself or […]

Beauty: Avoid Allergic Reaction with Fragrance Free Shampoo

How To Choose A Fashionable Ladies Bra?


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