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24: Legacy: Jack Bauer, Carter should team up on Finale to take down Naseri

As the clock winds down on the first season of 24: Legacy we find our hero, Eric Carter putting his life on the line again for someone else. Carter is on a mission to save his former boss and friend Rebecca Ingram from the hands of the dangerous and out for revenge clutches of Naseri. Carter has received help from every CTU agent from tactical teams, computer specialist, management and former operatives. However, he still finds himself three steps behind.

He needs help. This is where a surprise cameo from the legend himself, Jack Bauer will make the most sense.

Over his time as a CTU Agent, Jack has been here before. The kidnapping of his daughter, the death of his girlfriend, protecting three different Presidents, then realizing that his friend was a mole all along. When there’s a crisis, Bauer is the one to call.

Carter is good, but it’s clear he can’t handle this alone. If dealing with Neseri isn’t enough, he’s now trapped in the house getting ready to go to war with Tony Almeida. Tony is no one to play around with and unless Governor Donovan gets on the phone and calls this off, this could and should be the end for Carter. If Carter can make it out the house alive (which we know he will) he will still have to track down Neseri and save Rebecca.

Maybe Tony will assist but having Bauer by his side will be the real difference maker.

What pains me is that there has been no mention of his name at all. The writers could’ve at least offered a quick reference as to what happened to his character after he got on the helicopter following his surrender. It doesn’t matter if he goes in combat or makes a phone call to Carter to offer some valuable intelligence– Kiefer Sutherland just needs to make an appearance.

It’s only right to pay homage to the CTU legend.



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