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24: Legacy: Will Carter and his wife able able to trust each other next season?

At the end of 24: Legacy we were hit with a few surprises and some that we saw coming. While the death of former CTU Chief Rebecca Ingram was a blow it wasn’t completely out of left field. If you’ve followed 24 through it’s run then a death of a major character is nothing new. I figured with another season coming, the writers would build on Eric Carter and Rebecca’s relationship as she enters the White House with her husband.

I was wrong.

However, the ending scenes set up what could be a great second year for our CTU family. With Rebecca dead, it will make it easier for Senator John Donovan to be elected to the White House. He may have won if she was alive but the husband of a woman who risked her life for the country will tug on the voter’s heart-strings. He’s in.

What this does is set up Carter for the exact same responsibilities that Jack Bauer had– protecting the President. However, as Bauer learned early on it comes at a cost.

This past season we watched as Carter and his wife Nicole dealt with lies, family issues and a possible rekindling of a past romance between Nicole and Carters’ brother Isaac. As Carter was off saving the world, Nicole was fighting with her emotions as Isaac tried his best to sweet talk her back into his arms. A couple of times I thought he succeeded and by the end of the show, I figured it was a done deal.

When Carter walked into the office to see Nicole right before he debriefed and they had the talk, it looked as if their marriage was over. Eric tried to give her an escape but she refused and told him they could work through this. He saw the lie on her face but he wanted to believe her. As he disappeared into the briefing, she stood there with the classic “I will try but I know it won’t work” look on her face.

As Senator Donovan becomes President and Carter is whisked away to fight more terrorist, will Carter and Nicole be able to keep their promises to each other? Carter will learn why Bauer was the way he was. This business has no place for loved ones.

Why is she so mad anyway? It’s not like he’s gone for months at a time. I mean it’s only 12 hours.

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