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ABC Fall TV Lineup: 5 must see shows

It’s that time of the year where the major networks put their new fall TV lineups on display. ABC Fall TV Lineup is still one of the best in the business with returning shows like Grey’s Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder and Quantico. But not to be outdone they have a slew of new shows that will surely have your attention. Be on the lookout for, Designated Survivor, American Housewife, Conviction, and Speechless. Here is my top 5 must see shows.

Grey’s Anatomy (Thursday, September 22 8|7c)

The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial are back with more drama, love, fighting and hating than past seasons. The crew got over the death of beloved character Derek and now look to have more inner turmoil than ever. Will Meredith give in and not freak out after another night of sex? What will happen with Karev after he lost his cool at the end of season 12? And the big one. What is the status of April and Jackson after the birth of their miracle baby?

Conviction (Monday, October 3 10|9c)- New

Conviction looks like a Criminal Minds knock off where lawyers pick up cases of people who may be wrongly accused and will do whatever it takes to clear their clients. It stars, Haley Atwell, Eddie Cahill and Shawn Ashmore as the team of special lawyers on the case. If you are a CM fan then Conviction is right up your alley. You should expect plenty of drama and legal talk but those are the shows I tend to gravitate towards anyway.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Tuesday, September 20 10|9c)

There are big things happening this season on S.H.E.I.L.D. With the Sokovia Accords signed the team is no longer underground which will cause the leadership role to be placed upon someone other that Phil. the Government has taken over the team and their first order of business is to find the humble, yet dangerous Daisy. But will he partners turn her in if they find her first?

Quantico (Sunday, September 25 10|9c)

Quantico is one of the best shows that’s never talked about. It’s a mystery within a mystery as we scramble to find out if there is another mole. Will Alex and Ryan finally admit they belong together or will another secret tear them apart like in did in the first season? Although one mystery was solved you can be pretty sure another one will pop up as the new threat looks to be surrounding the President. Will Alex and her team save the day, again?

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Designated Survivor (Wednesday, September 21 10|9c)

What happens when the president and his cabinet members die? There’s no Vice President to call for help, it’s all in you. You are that guy, the one that was chosen specifically for this job in case of a terrible event. That is what Tom Kirkman is now faced with. Kirkman, due to a tragic event will now become President of The United States. But his transition won’t be easy as many in the White House who does not approve and there are still terrorist out there looking to take him out.

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