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African-American Literature: Fear of Becoming a Man is a must read

There has to be a voice. One that sounds like yours, speaks about the same struggles, demons, joys and pain that you may have gone through. How are you to relate to a person that has never walked in your shoes? It’s hard to comprehend the message of some “Self-Help” books when you’ve never seen that author walk pass you on the way to the corner store or open their doors to you when your parents need to borrow sugar or oil. I may be of the select few in this world that still takes pride in “if you don’t know my struggle, then you can you understand my struggle”.

Fear of Becoming a Man is not a story, it’s a journey of a kid from the inner-city of Philadelphia and his struggle to become what society says we are lacking. Contrary to what many may believe, your upbringing may define who you are but it’s not what you have to become. New author, Richard D. Sutton takes you on his personal journey that will not only shed light on his travels but help others see that there is light at the end of a dark tunnel.

I’m not here to give away details of his writing, but to give you insight as to why this will be a great selection for your collection. Doesn’t matter what race you are, this is not a story of segregation and civil rights. What this young man has gone through does not occur just in Philly, but everywhere. Maybe there are issues surrounding you at school, at home, on the job or in a relationship. Maybe you’ve had struggles with your parents, family members, and friends. This is more of a guideline as to how a man broke the statistic code and pulled himself up.

The tale of a young Black male and his struggles with understanding what becoming a man should be. He’s also faced with the realization that no one had ever explained to him the difficulties of being a Black male. With no true positive role models to help combat the negative impact of society’s degenerate depiction of Black men, he faces this arduous journey all while being raised amidst the urban decay of Philadelphia. He’s desperately trying to figure it all out, while being counted out due to his educational challenges and his own personal insecurities. Not only is the fear relevant, the fear is real…The fear of becoming a Man !

Fear of Becoming a Man was by far one of the best reads of 2016 for me. It was more than the words, it was the emotion in which Sutton explained his journey. I grew up in the same streets that he did. Attended the same HBCU, shared a dorm room, and apartment with him and watched as he transformed into the man we see before us.

Fear of Becoming a Man is not just a title, it’s the truth. For many of us we never had that figure in our lives to mold and steer us in the right direction and the ones that were there had no business giving us direction in the first place. Sutton speaks from the heart, and in today’s society, that’s rare. If his fear was becoming a man, this book clearly shows how he overcame it.


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Richard D Sutton is a native of Philadelphia. An entrepreneur who is the owner of PDQ Management, LLC and founder of the Amari Academy, Financial Literacy Coach. In addition, he is the creator of the 1000 Back Men Movement. Richard’s expertise and experience include over 10 years in the banking and financial industry. He has a total of six siblings and has one son.

Fear of Becoming a Man will hit markets November 21, 2016. You can pre-order your copy here.

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