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Alabama Crimson Tide proves they have best backfield in College Football

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The Alabama Crimson Tide taught Tennessee a lesson in team football. Never come into a game with your sole intention of trying to stop one player, one aspect of a team’s success or their weakness.

The rest of College Football already knows that Jalen Hurts is a freshman but yet he has continued to play like a senior. He still makes mistakes but his skill set is far beyond 90 percent of the other QB’s. Will anyone figure out a way to slow him or Alabama down?

How does a freshman take the National stage yet again and shows everyone something differnt each week? One week he kills you with his arm, then he beats a top 10 ranked Tennessee team with his legs. The numbers he put up are reserved for Heisman hopefuls that play the RB position. 133 yards on 12 carries and three touchdowns.

As a team the Tide rushed for 438 yards that not only left the Voulenteers baffled but the rest of the nation as well. As teams looked over the stat sheet they have to wonder how do you stop this freight train?

As the season marches on, top teams are beginning to struggle as the competition gets better but the Tide has continued to play as if they are all Bo Jackson on Tecmo Bowl and everyone else is the unlucky player 2 that lost the coin flip and was left to chose another team.

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The scary part is, this was to be the hardest part of the schedule and the Tide just ran through the competition like a Sumo wrestler at an all you can eat buffet.

How do you beat Alabama?

There is no answer. Let’s say you shut Hurts down. What do you do against Damien Harrirs (14-94) or Bo Scarbrough (5-109)? If the offense is not mind bogging enough, how do you keep their defense and special teams from reaching the end zone as well?

Alabama is not you average team. They are the defending champs with a freshman leading the charge. He has destroyed the competition every which way possible. Blitzes don’t work. Trying to disguise coverages has no effect, so what is a team to do?

There is nothing you can do but sit back and admire what Nick Saban has put together.

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