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Arian Foster, Miami Dolphins Are Perfect Fit

Despite his injury-riddled campaign last season Arian Foster is still one of the top running backs in the NFL. He currently is without a team, mostly due to injury concerns but reports are saying that Foster and the Miami Dolphins are scheduled for a workout today.

If Foster is signed by the Dolphins this is a win-win for both parties. Excuse the injuries, this is football and those things happen but when healthy he has shown that he can produce at an All Pro level. The Dolphins have young talent in the backfield in Jay Ajayi ,which brings substance to the position, but can offer he offer the talent provided by Foster?

The Dolphins need insurance in the backfield, not so much for RB purposes but to keep defenses honest and let Ryan Tannehill hit his receivers in stride. Foster has mileage on his tires and a full-time starter role may not be what’s best for his body or the Dolphins but if the young Ajayi can help with split duties then the Dolphins may have hit the gold mine if they can get a deal done.

The New England Patriots are without Tom Brady, the Buffalo Bills are searching for an identity and the New York Jets have QB issues. This may be the break the team needs to take the AFC East. If Foster can provide the Dolphins with 170 carries, 30+ receptions then he has accomplished what he was signed to do. He must know that he is not feature back material anymore and while other teams may offer him a larger role there is no better opportunity to prolong his career, play for a team with playoffs goals and keep his body fresh more than the Dolphins.

This deal works for everybody.

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