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Arrow: All signs point to Prometheus/Chase having ties to Bratva

Remember the days when you knew who the villain was in Arrow? Times have definitely changed now with the identity of Prometheus and the new Vigilante. However, with Chase showing that he’s Prometheus, it opened all kinds of new storylines for his and Oliver’s characters. But, as we came to the end of Kapiushon a thought struck me that this vendetta that Chase has against Oliver is way deeper than the Arrow killing his father.

The episode Kapiushon didn’t explain much about Chase’s past and that’s what made the most sense. The villain now has a face and a purpose but where he got them from still remains a mystery.

The part of Kapiushon that I did like was we were treated to more of the Bratva scenes where we witness how brutal Oliver was before he became the Arrow. His relationship with Anatoly may be stronger than the one he has with Jon. However, there is something that Prometheus is hiding in his past. The Bratva Captain tattoo should hold no meaning to Chase but he felt the need to burn over Oliver’s for a reason. Why?

In ‘Checkmate’, with Oliver killing the rogue Bratva members, Gregor, right before Oliver kills him says “If you kill me, you’ll only be killing yourself”. How many people just have that saying floating around in their head? It was quick, but Chase said the same thing to Oliver. Is there a connection there? It has to be, and that’s the reason for Chase burning the tattoo.

Prometheus has gone through training, actually the same training that Oliver did and with the same woman. Talia. She taught Oliver to be strong and taught Chase so he could kill Oliver. Just one messed up triangle there. But here is where it gets a tad weird. Talia met Oliver in Russia, where she trained him but where did Prometheus meet her? Was it Russia as well?

Prometheus’ vengeance towards Oliver is because the Arrow killed his father but it’s more to this than we may know. Star City at one point was being run by the Russian Mob and maybe Chase’s father, Justin Claybourne was a part of their organization or his mother, Amanda Westfield has ties to Russia. However, there is a part of Adrian Chase’s story that’s been left out. It comes back to that tattoo and what he said to Oliver.

How does he know about the tattoo? He could’ve been told about it but for him to burn it off it’s like a person removing a tattoo of a former lover’s name, it was personal. It’s as if he thinks Oliver is not deserving of a family heirloom.

There is a Bratva connection somewhere. Maybe he’s the grandson of Kovar and since Oliver tried to kill him, maybe that’s Chases’s real inspiration. Right now it’s too many variables at play here but when Anatoly is called into Star City we will know the answers soon enough.

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