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Arrow: Is Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke the newest member of Team Arrow?

It’s no secret that season 5 of Arrow has been one of it’s best. It started out slow with the new recruits but as the Prometheus/ Talia/ Vigilante and now Bratva storyline picked up, we’ve seen some great action. With so many villains coming at Oliver at once, he will need help. It’s been clear that his team cannot take down his enemies and Oliver will need to look for help elsewhere.

My first argument was to bring in Sara. She’s trained in the ways of the League of Assassins and would be a great match for Talia. Another person that could help would be Nyssa to pair against she sister if Sara is off time traveling. Prometheus belongs to Oliver but that still leave the Vigilante. According to Stephen Amil, help may be on the way.

Yes, it would seem that Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke is making his way back to Arrow.

The desperate times call for desperate measures could very well mean that Arrow will seek the help of his former friend turned enemy. I knave no idea how this would work but it could be in the same sense that Team Arrow also used the Suicide Squad. Bringing Deathstroke back is pure genius. However, he no longer has powers and that’s what makes him such a great opponent for the Vigilante.

How will the dynamic be between he and Oliver– would be great to watch as their history is one of love and hate.

Deathstroke, besides Malcolm Merlny, may have been Oliver’s greatest challenge. They have gone up against one another numerous times and each time Arrow has come out on top. But how can they put their differences aside and what reason would Slade have to want to actually help Oliver?

We’re not sure if Deathstroke will be saved for season 5 or 6, however, it’s good to note that Oliver has to return to Lian Yu– the same place where Wilson is being held.


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