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Arrow: It’s time for Tom Welling to make an appearance as Superman

As far as the DC world goes they have made great strides in television with Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow,  but it all started with Smallville. Each one of these shows has a direct connection with Smallville as one character, or another was featured on it (except LOT), but it’s time to pay it forward now.

Studio execs for Arrow must reach out to Tom Welling and bring the Man of Steel into the picture for at least one episode. During the Smallville run, the Green Arrow became a series regular as he teamed with Superman to form an alliance well before the Justice League was thought of. When Smallville ended after 10 seasons, the Superman franchise got a rebirth movie-wise and Arrow got his show.

Arrow has an all new cast, but there is nothing that says Welling can’t reprise his role. Fans of Smallville have dealt with rumors for years concerning a fan cast for Welling, but nothing has ever been done. Maybe it’s because Welling was never fond of Superman’s tights but he doesn’t have to be seen in them during a crossover episode. He could enter an episode in his classic blue jeans, blue shirt and red jacket that was his favorite for 10 seasons but after the last episode of Smallville when he finally accepted his destiny it was all in a blur, and we never got a chance to see Welling in costume.


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Maybe for this one episode he could give us that, come back and help an old friend and let us know what’s going on with Lex, Lana, and Chloe, maybe not Chloe since in Smallville, Oliver and she had a baby and in Arrow, there is no mention of her. There is also no mention of Lex either, and they had a history together as teenagers. But this is not about them; it’s about Superman and how CW must find a way to do one of the best crossover shows in TV history.

Does anyone have the number to Welling’s agent?

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