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Arrow: Oliver Queen has to be a metahuman

The more that I watch Arrow the more that I am convinced that they’re leaving out the part of Oliver Queen being a metahuman. It was never discussed, it says that he was on an island where he did a little training, joined the Bratva, learned more skills from the female archer and now we have some sort of Super Ninja.

It bothers me that we’re getting these little flashbacks of Oliver’s former life but in essence, we’re not getting too much. His fighting skills are top-notch but according to what we know so far, he may have spent more time getting beat up then actually winning a fight before he returned to Star City.

His moves are not that of a regular human.

His reflexes are not of training, he moves like a person that’s not human or has been injected with something. Now, Arrow producers have stayed quiet on this subject as they want the Arrow to be one of the few regular heroes left along with Batman but, maybe Oliver is just that good. He can’t be. He has beaten villains that are metas and it has left me shaking my head. I’ve seen him dodge bullets, jump from buildings that no mortal could make and catch arrows with his bare hands.

I don’t care how much training you have, no training can help you do the things he has done. There’s something inside of Oliver that we have yet to discover.

He trained his sister Speedy and Laurel and yet they cannot do half the things he can. So, it makes it that more obvious that’s he was injected. But, why keep it such a secret? Remember Sarah? She had the same training but yet, she’s not building hopping or dodging bullets so, what makes Oliver so special?

It’s ok if he’s a meta, it will make more sense but to say he’s not is a slap in the face to fans of the show. 


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Mark Wilson
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