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Arrow: Could Paul be the Vigilante?

Nothing is as it seems in Arrow anymore with District Attorney’s posing as killers, cops using sonic cries and Mayor’s wearing a green hood. As we found out the identity of Prometheus, that still leaves another left in the shadows. Who is the Vigilante? To answer that question we may have to go back a bit and focus on has the most to gain from Oliver’s death.

After eliminating Chase, only one person comes to mind. Paul.

Yes that Paul. Mr. Terrific’s ex-husband. He never liked the idea of the Arrow protecting the city and when he found out that his husband Curtis was involved he wanted nothing to do with him. Was that because he didn’t want to hurt him as well? Fast forward and Paul served Curtis divorce papers. Maybe that was done to break off all ties just in case he had to reach a breaking point and do harm to Curtis. It’s easier to hurt an ex then it is to hurt a current.

In the beginning, I would have pegged Billy Malone but Oliver killed him by mistake and the only other logical person is Paul. We don’t know much about his character except that fact that he’s tied to Curtis. Maybe the Arrow either hurt or killed someone from Paul’s past and this is his way of getting revenge.

We have yet to see a real confrontation between Team Arrow and the Vigilante as Prometheus always seems to get in the way. When will the Vigilante make his/her next appearance remains to be soon but when the mystery character does show I will not be surprised to see Paul under the mask.

This has been a strange but good season for Arrow with the secret identities and hidden agendas of so many villains that nothing will surprise me anymore.

Unless Tommy is still alive.

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Mark Wilson
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