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Arrow: Prometheus has it wrong; To Hurt Oliver Queen you must go through Felicity Smoak

As a father, there is nothing worse than seeing your children in danger. However, in Arrow, Prometheus has decided to take the war to Oliver Queen by bringing harm to his son William. When we found out that Oliver had a child it was believed that it would change the landscape of the show some. In a way it did as it broke up the relationship between Oliver and Felicity Smoak.

If Prometheus has his way, Oliver will leap into action as his son’s life will be in danger– but why go that far? There is no doubt that Oliver loves his son, however, we’ve never seen that side. There are not even a handful of episodes where William is featured, less talked about. So for the writers to bring that element into play makes no sense.

Not saying that Oliver doesn’t love his child but if Prometheus really wishes to hurt the Arrow, his best option would be to go after Felicity.

William is a factor, small but still somewhat important. This has nothing to do with a father’s love but just the importance of the story. William was never a part of the storyline, however, Oliver’s love for Felicity is as strong as it gets. For years he has been the playboy of Starling City but until he got with Felicity he didn’t know the meaning of the word love.

And with Oliver putting Chase’s wife in the direct line of fire which resulted in Chase killing his wife, it would only be fair if he countered with a Felicity abduction. Last week’s episodes showed what we all been wishing for– a chance for Oliver and Felicity to get back together.

A Felicity abduction for Prometheus will have Oliver on the brink of a breakdown. He’s already second-guessing himself after the torture Chase put him through, then to lose Felicity will drive him over the edge. His love for her and his hate for Chase will leave Oliver twisting in the wind, not knowing which way is up or down. This is the best move for Chase to play, instead, they want to bring in a character that has no ties to the storyline.

If William was a key part from the beginning then this should be considered a smart play by the writers, but he’s not. Felicity is the smarter play here, not a kid Oliver and the audience barely knows.

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Mark Wilson
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