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Arrow: Quit playing and bring Oliver and Felicity back together

From the beginning of Arrow, you could sense the chemistry between Oliver and Felicity. It took a few seasons for Oliver to notice that Felicity was showing signs of interest and when he finally conceded it was well worth the wait. So why break that up?

Normally, if there is a big romance in a show and it doesn’t work out it can usually benefit the characters. However, when Oliver and Felicity parted ways, the show may have gotten worse. I still love the action but the characters don’t feel as close anymore as they once did. Felicity moved on to Detective Malone and Oliver met Susan. While neither relationship has worked out, due to Arrow killing Malone and Thea and Felicity sabotaging Susan’s laptop, they are both left single.

The pair has been apart for too long. Time to make the team whole again.

The reason why their pairing is important to the show is due to Oliver’s willingness to listen to Felicity. She can hit the nerves that John and Thea cannot. What’s worst is the writers trying to pull off the impossible with Felicity and Oliver still working together for what they call the betterment of the team. I understand that Oliver was tricked into killing Malone but Felicity showed no emotion towards Oliver for doing so. Normally, she would get mad if he looked at someone wrong and yet nothing for the death of her boyfriend?

The vibe is weird between the two and as Oliver has dated a few of his team members and now a local reporter it’s clear that Felicity is the one for him. So, why the long wait? Does it have to be a life or death situation for them to make it happen? Their storyline is taking a bit too long to come to fruition and it’s getting rather tiresome.

We know they belong together. It’s what’s best for them, the team, us and the show.


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Mark Wilson
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