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Arrow: The greatest battle in show’s history is set to begin against Prometheus on Lian Yu

Season 5 of Arrow started out slow with Oliver not wanting to bring in any new recruits after old members left. As Felicity begged, Oliver backed away until he realized he needed help. What we were left with a rag-tag group of everyday people that came together and gave Oliver a new purpose. It took a while for the storyline to catch on but when it took flight– it really took off.

As we draw to a close to Season 5, we’re about to witness possibly the greatest battle Team Arrow has faced thus far. Prometheus has either kidnapped members of the crew or drew Oliver to Lian Yu with his maneuvers, either way, the stage is set.

Prometheus has been a thorn in Oliver’s side all season and while Arrow can surely beat him in hand-to-hand combat, it’s the mental aspect that has defeated Oliver time and again. What will make this opportunity any different?

For one, Prometheus may have made his first mistake.

With Prometheus attacking Oliver on his home turf of Starling City, Oliver had much ground to cover while being the Arrow, the Mayor and thinking about his friends and family. Now that they’re on an isolated Island, Oliver can focus on the task at hand without the extra burden. Granted, Prometheus has his loved ones on the island as well but now Oliver knows his end game.

Team Prometheus has picked up a few new recruits in The Black Siren, and Talia al Ghul but Oliver came ready for war as well with a few recruits of his own. Malcolm Merlyn has tagged along fo the ride to help save his daughter Thea and Nyssa Raatko came at the calling of her husband Oliver. I thought Roy would make an appearance but with Oliver a little short-handed he sought the help of an old friend turned enemy in Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke.

Not sure how Wilson will play into the fight considering he doesn’t have his powers anymore but it will surely be interesting to see what Oliver offers for his services.

The question is– who will come out on top?

It’s a fair fight but Team Arrow is a little outnumbered with The League of Assassins present. One-on-one, Oliver can take Chase. Nyssa and Talia may be a fight till the death but Slade paired with Malcolm and Thea can handle Black Siren and whatever members of the League Talia brought with them.

Season 5 has been leading up to this climatic moment and in true Arrow finale finishes, this may be the best ever.

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