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Atlanta Hawks: Dennis Schroeder has the green light

The Atlanta Hawks traded their former All-Star PG Jeff Teague and gave the keys to the offense to Dennis Schroder. I’ve said last season this was a move that needed to be made but now that it’s here the Hawks may have a problem.

Schroeder is like Russell Westbrook in a sense. Both players have one gear, fast. Schroeder has been a bench player since coming into the league and he was inserted to provide instant offense, but now he’s the man. The question is not can he produce but can the rest of the team keep up?

When the Hawks rebound a missed shot and kick it out to Schroeder, he’s flying down the court. But who will fly with him? Paul Millsap is not known as a track runner and neither is Dwight Howard or Kyle Korver. Which only leaves Kent Bazemore, but the Hawks can’t play 2 on 5 every possession.

It will take some time getting used to playing 30+ minutes for him but the adjustments also must be made by his teammates. Under Teague the offense was more of a halfcourt set which allowed Al Horford and Millsap time to get their position on the blocks and Korver an opportunity to set up off screens on the perimeter. But Schroder is not that type of player.

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Schroeder is a better offensive player than Teague but running a team is far different than providing offense. The obstacle that Schroeder will face is trying to slow down. If he can manage to facilitate and rely on his teammates the Hawks may not miss a beat this season.

But if he still thinks like a reserve the Hawks will suffer.

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