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Los Angeles Dodgers: Top Choices To Replace Don Mattingly

So as has been discussed and talked about since before the Dodgers were even eliminated from the post season, Don Mattingly is no longer the team’s manager. Ironically, he was not let go by the team, he was even offered an extension. No, this was Donnie Baseball’s choice. He decided rather than work for an […]

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2015 World Series: Be Careful What You Wish For, Mets!

Adidos Pirates and Yankees!!! See you next year, Cardinals, Dodgers, Rangers and Astros. Close but no cigar Cubs (even with Marty McFly on your side). Which leaves us with just three teams, the Mets, the Blue Jays (who staved off elimination) and the Royals. The question for the Mets is who would they rather face? […]

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NBA: My Top Ten Bold Predictions For The 2015-16 Season

When last we saw the NBA, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors were hoisting the Larry O’Brien NBA trophy and King James and his Cleveland Cavaliers were once again the bridesmaids. A lot has happened in the NBA since that time, including the San Antonio Spurs reloading to get Tim Duncan one more ring, […]

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Don Mattingly: I Hear The Marlins Have An Opening

You would think that leading one of the elite and most storied franchises in baseball to three straight Western Division titles, which has never happened before, would allow a little leeway when it comes to job security. But this Dodgers team has won in spite of its manager Don Mattingly, not because of him. Don’t […]

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Lamar Odom: Former Laker All-Star Facing The Toughest Opponent Ever

It’s a long way down from NBA Champion to being found unconscious at a brothel just outside of Las Vegas, but sadly that is the trip former All-Star Lamar Odom has taken. On Tuesday afternoon, the Nye County Sherriff got a call at about 3:15 PM for an unresponsive male at the Love Ranch. Turns […]

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Chase Utley: The Slide Heard Round the World

When it was finally known that the NLDS was going to the Mets and Dodgers, dreams of pitching duels danced in everyone’s head. Game 1 of the series between Clayton Kershaw and Jacob deGrom did not disappoint. As both pitchers were on top of their game, and the Mets won the duel 3-1, with both […]

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NL Postseason Predictions: Could It Be Déjà Vu All Over Again?

While the American League keeps playing meaningful games on the final weekend of the regular season, things in the NL are a little more settled. The five teams know who they are, and the only question being asked is, will the Dodgers and Mets open in New York. But knowing who is going to play […]