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Fitness Focus! Outfitting Yourself for Your Favorite Summer Sport

The days are longer, the weather is warmer, and everyone is emerging from their wintery hiberations. Suddenly, empty neighborhoods are full of life as people get out and get active again. It’s time to put your skis away and get ready for summertime sports. Surfing, hiking, camping, kayaking, swimming — the possibilities are endless. But […]

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Entrepreneurship: Tips for Living the Dream In Business

Have you ever been jealous of your neighbors, the ones who get to take off every winter and head to warmer climes in their fancy RV? Or have you had a little envy of your other neighbor because he gets to work from home and doesn’t have the typical 9-to-5 office job? Or ever been […]

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Fitness Focus! So, You Want To Start Weight Lifting!

Slogging through miles on the treadmill or powering through a spin class are fine forms of cardio, but if you’re ready to mix things up with a fresh fitness routine, you should try adding strength training to the repertoire. If you’ve never used free weights, machines, bands or even your own body, strength training can […]

Fitness Focus! Health & Fitness

Fitness Focus! Maximize the Effects of Your Exercise Routine

There’s nothing more frustrating or disheartening than putting in the time and effort to make progress with your exercise routine and to not see the results you’re looking for after weeks (or even months). This can happen for a few reasons, but the good part is that if you’re already putting in the time, then […]

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Tech: Top 5 Ways to Gamify Your Fitness Goals

There are more than enough reasons to increase your physical fitness, but staying on track with your goals can be hard. By utilizing trackable technology, people are improving their lifestyles. With the invention of wearable technology, individuals are encouraged to engage in healthy behavior. We all have fitness goals, especially after the New Year, but […]

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Tech: Three Ways Technology Is Transforming The Sports World!

Growing up, many of us mentally separated athletic activity from tech-savvy computer science projects. As one grows, however, they may realize that the two can interact and benefit from each other in ways that push sports and technology to new, progressive areas in their history. All industries change and either progress with time or fade […]

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La Femme: Women’s Soccer & The 2018 SheBelieves Cup

As we enter the new year, women’s soccer is preparing for the 2018 SheBelieves Cup. This is the third annual happening of this event, put on by the U.S. Women’s National Team Players as part of the SheBelieves Campaign. The SheBelieves Campaign works to encourage young girls in pursuing their passions and talents, athletic or […]

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Motorcycles: What’s New for 2018?

With the beginning of each new year, there is so much to look forward to. Every year brings improvements to the technology, the look and shape of bikes, and new options for customization. This year is one to be excited about because there are a lot of bikes on our Christmas wish list. Some of […]

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Dating: Is Confidence the Key to a Successful Relationship?

A promising relationship can be a hard thing to find. People spend years searching for the right person to fully open up to and welcome into their lives. Confidence, however, can be an even harder thing to come by. What’s more, confidence is 100 percent up to the individual building it. You have complete control […]

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Financial Advising for the Athletic Elite: Managing an Athlete’s Money

Athletes live lives of luxury — there’s no doubt about that. It’s more surprising for us to hear about a professional sports star who lives in a conservative family home and drives the same car he or she always has than to hear about the latest multi-million dollar house or high-end car purchased by an […]