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Relationships: 5 Tips On Finding The Right Girlfriend!

Getting the right life partner is of immense importance. Your partner will play an immensely important role in your life. Fortunately, it begins with getting the right girlfriend. After going through a number of relationships, many men and women tend to get the right match. However, there are many individuals who are still in a […]

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Auto: The Difference between the Old and the New Generator

As we that everyone like the new things whether they are some electronics gadget or a brand new car. The only thing that matter is whether this thing is new or old. Like many things that are available online or in the retail store are new as well as old once. Like if we talk […]

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Eye on the Sky: Toronto’s Sam Mizrahi Builds Tallest Tower in Canada

It’s pretty hard not to be in awe when you’re standing on a city street corner and look up to see a towering building seemingly touching the clouds. Like any notable skyscraper, when completed, Sam Mizrahi’s The One in downtown Toronto will likely rank with other architectural buildings holding the same wonderment. Currently, the Toronto […]

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From Barbados to Winnipeg: Entrepreneur Tom Haughton Comes Home to Join Real Estate Company

As a career businessman and entrepreneur, Tom Haughton has learned how to foster a strong sense of loyalty and community with his staff and clients. And those are only a couple of the basic business tenets that have led to his success in various industries. Tom Haughton is currently the vice president of My Place […]

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Interviews: Cyber Security Pioneer Thierry LeVasseur Talks About New Threats to Cyber Safety

Cyber-attacks are at an all-time high and don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon; just in the last month, security breaches have affected 1 billion people. 25-year veteran of the cyber security industry Thierry LeVasseur, a pioneer in the world of digital technology and email security, explains why security measures are now more important […]

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How to Unlock Your Inner Creativity

Creativity has become a highly-valued attribute for both employers and individuals looking to get the most out of their lives. As technology continues to have an impact on the workplace, it has become clear that individuals will always have a creative advantage. While a machine can be programmed to do repetitive tasks, it will never […]

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Personal Finance: Save Money On Your Mortgage And Make Your Home Stylish

Mortgages are the most technical areas when it comes to purchasing a house. Real estate agents and brokers can tell you how difficult is to handle the aspects of mortgages on your own. This is why professionals may act as intermediaries to get the work done in a more professional manner. After all, mortgage is […]

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Leonard Wong, Toronto-based Entrepreneur, Talks Sustainability and the Future of Cannabis

Even though Canada recently became the second country in the world to legalize marijuana for recreational use, cannabis expert Len Wong has been perfecting the art of growing a wide variety of strains for over 16 years. Toronto’s Leonard Wong is an industry veteran in the areas of genetics research and development of marijuana for […]

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Mining Executive Glen McKay and the Story Behind Ecuador’s World-Class Cascabel Mine

The Cascabel project in northern Ecuador is gaining worldwide recognition as one of the world’s most promising copper and gold discoveries in the past ten years. Although the discovery is still in the exploration stage, it has attracted attention – and funding – from BHB Billiton and Newcrest Mining, two of the world’s largest gold […]

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Gadgets: Things To Consider Before Purchasing Portable DVD Players

The DVD player is one of the essential purchases for individuals who are fond of entertainment. In fact, everyone needs some entertainment in their lives. DVD players are sources of such entertainment. Given the advancement in technology, we now have more portable options that can even be installed in cars. There are hundreds of models […]