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Texas Rangers – 2017 Projected Starting Rotation

The Texas Rangers starting pitchers were less than impressive in 2016. Things were not helped by the fact that the club failed to secure a reliable starting pitcher at last season’s trade deadline. The Rangers chose, instead, to add more power hitters. This decision set Texas up for too many close games. Luckily for the […]

Texas Rangers
MLB Sports Texas Rangers

Texas Rangers – 2017 Projected Lineup

The Texas Rangers’ 2017 projected lineup looks impressive. With the club’s offense truly impressing last season, the Rangers will look to their bats for the same success. Moves made at the trade deadline in 2016 propelled the Texas offense to another level. With a starting rotation plagued by injury and uncertainty, it was the bats […]

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College Gridiron Showcase: Glen Antoine

The College Gridiron Showcase has been relentless in gathering the highest quality college football athletes. Glen Antoine, a defensive lineman from Idaho, is among the top-tier in that talent level. Antoine was courteous enough to allow The Insciber an interview. After researching his stats, watching his highlight videos and reading other interviews, Glen Antoine was […]

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A Football Agent’s Perspective

At the College Gridiron Showcase I attended this past week, I got to speak with several people. Their roles in the organization varied from player, to scout, to event staff. Of all the different roles I encountered, there was no perspective more interesting than that of an agent. A football agent’s perspective is vastly different […]

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College Gridiron Showcase: Player Interviews

In my time at the College Gridiron Showcase, I had the pleasure of meeting several amazing people. From Jose Jefferson, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of CGS, to various scouts from NFL teams. While these people were fascinating to listen to and observe, there were no interactions quite like the ones I had with the […]

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College Gridiron Showcase: Interview with Co-Founder Jose Jefferson

The College Gridiron Showcase is an exceptional event, that allows players a true chance at improving their draft stock and possibly getting selected in the 2017 NFL Draft. The CGS provides exposure and education for top college senior football players from around the country. The players are selected by a panel of football experts. Once […]

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College Gridiron Showcase – Daquan Holmes

The College Gridiron Showcase has gathered over 170 players together, all who are looking to get picked in the 2017 NFL Draft. Of the players attending, there are a few who stick out the most. These particular players are receiving lots of attention from scouts. What separates these individuals from the others? Is it skill […]