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Movies: Alicia Vikander Looks To Capitalize On Big 2015

If you are looking for 2015’s breakthrough actress look no further than Alicia Vikander. It’s been a colossal year for the Swedish starlet, one which has seen her star in two of the years most critically acclaimed films, the Danish Girl and Ex Machina. It was her performance in Ex Machina that first showcased Vikander’s […]

#INSC #INSCMagazine Entertainment Featured Front Page Movies Spotlight

Movies: Creed Has A Fighting Chance At Oscar Glory

The Rocky franchise is beloved by many movie and boxing aficionados across the world. The series spawned six installments, each different from the rest. Of course, as with every successful movie saga, the audiences wanted more. Creed is more than just a sequel to the Rocky franchise. It’s best described as a re-telling of the […]

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Valparaiso Crusaders: Are They The New Butler?

The Horizon League is no stranger to NCAA Basketball success. Butler made it to two consecutive National Championship games while playing in the conference, and brought the mid-major schools into the forefront of collegiate sports. Butler has since left the Horizon League for the Big East. And while the Horizon’s most successful team departed, there […]

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Duke’s Marshall Plumlee Is A Hero On and Off the Court

Duke isn’t just home to the Cameron Crazies. It’s also the stomping grounds of one of the more recent college basketball legacies, the Plumlee’s. Yeah, it’s a stretch to call the Plumlee family a legacy, but considering what the three brothers have meant to Duke over the last decade, you can’t argue their significance. The […]

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Arizona Coyotes: Max Domi Deserves The Calder Trophy

Max Domi’s favorite team growing up was the Toronto Maple Leafs. He adopted the team because of his father, Tie Domi, who played for the Leafs during a significant portion of Max’s childhood. Now, Max Domi has a new favorite hockey club, the Arizona Coyotes. The Calder race in the NHL got a lot more […]

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NBA: Pair Of Young T-Wolves Shaping Identity For Minnesota

The 2016 NBA Rookie class has been nothing short of spectacular. The Minnesota Timberwolves have been one of the beneficiaries of solid play from first year stars, and have made tremendous strides this season because of them. Karl Anthony-Towns was the top overall pick of the 2016 NBA Draft. So far the return has been […]

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Anton Grady: Thanks To Cleveland State Transfer, Shockers Ready To Shock Again

Wichita State has turned into College Basketball’s darling. The Shockers have made the NCAA Tournament the last four years, including a 2014 season that saw them carry a perfect record going into the round of 64. Head coach, Greg Marshall has turned a once unknown college in Kansas into a national powerhouse. And when the […]