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With Comparisons To Kevin Love, T.J. Leaf Is Ready For NBA Spotlight

The UCLA Bruins have been one of the Nation’s best teams this season. A lot of fans and analysts will credit that to the play of Lonzo Ball, but it’s been T.J. Leaf that has been the biggest reason for the team’s success. Only a freshman, Leaf has become one of the most talked about […]


Virtual Reality is big business in the roller coaster world

It’s big business when it comes to roller coasters. Every manufacturer is always looking re-invent themselves with every project they invest in. However, the biggest coaster innovation of the last five years hasn’t been with a coaster design, but rather something completely unheard of on a roller coaster years ago. Theme parks all across America […]

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James Arthur Looks To Stake His Claim In American Music

There have been a slew of talented musical artists to emerge from reality television. Some of the more successful acts have come from Simon Cowell’s X-Factor. The most notable American act to emerge from the show was Fifth Harmony, but the U.K. X-Factor has had its share of top musicians emerge in the states.One of […]

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Roller Coasters are big business at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld shouldn’t just be known for its aquatic animals. The theme park chain has taken a step forward over the last decade to reinvent itself as a thrill seekers paradise. There has been a real emphasis on roller coasters, as the park tries to compete with the likes of Six Flags, Cedar Fair, and Universal […]

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Walt Disney World Needs to Prepare for Marvel Invasion

Being one of Disney’s most well-known properties, it’s a real shame that the Marvel universe can’t be used in Disney’s flagship theme parks in Orlando. However, that doesn’t mean Disney can’t use the comic book superheroes at their other parks. Thankfully, Disney has taken full advantage of that. While Universal Studios controls the rights to […]

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In the roller coaster world, RMC towers above the competition

No offense to B&M, Intamin, Mack, and GCI, but Rocky Mountain Construction, a.k.a RMC, is the most innovative coaster manufacturer in the entire world. They’ve completely revolutionized the wooden coaster, enabling them to do things almost unheard of years ago. RMC has come a long way in such a short period of time, and they […]