Las Vegas Should Be Known For Its Thrill Rides, Not Just Gambling

Las Vegas is a prime spot for most vacationers. And while some think of it as a gambling/party mecca, it’s also home to some top-notch thrill rides. One can easily overlook what Vegas has to offer when it comes to thrills outside of the casino. However, with the coaster at New York, New York, the […]

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Can the WWE Save The Smackdown Live Tag Team Division?

There is no doubt that WWE Smackdown Live is far superior to RAW. Although, the complete opposite can be said when it comes to the tag team division. With teams struggling to connect with audiences, and virtually no investment on any storyline, the tag teams of Smackdown Live are in dire need of an overhaul. […]

Johnny Mundo wwe return
John Morrison aka Johnny Mundo

Given The Popularity of Lucha Underground, Should Johnny Mundo Return To WWE?

WWE needs to consider bringing back John Morrison. The high-flying dynamo was one of the company’s most charismatic stars and was one of its best. With Smackdown Live and RAW looking to add talent to their rosters, a Morrison return should be in the cards. Morrison, whose real name is John Hennigan, has a long […]

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While Not Exactly What Disney Wants, Zayn Malik Would Be Perfect For Aladdin

With Disney set to film a live-action version of Aladdin, rumors of potential casting additions have been circulating. Disney recently put out an open casting call to middle eastern actors ages 18-25. While it appears there haven’t been any official announcements, there has been some fan speculation as to who should play the lead role, […]

nolan patrick
NHL Sports

While He’s No Connor McDavid, Nolan Patrick Is A Franchise Player

There might not be a generational talent waiting to be selected at the 2017 NHL Draft. Although, Nolan Patrick is pretty damn close. Trying to follow in the footsteps of Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews, Patrick wants to establish himself early at the NHL level. If all goes right, he should be a lock for […]


WWE:Austin Aries Might Be The Greatest Cruiserweight To Ever Live

The cruiserweight division has finally gotten the jolt it needed with the return of Austin Aries. A six-time TNA X-Divsion champion, Aries has the pedigree of a WWE superstar. Can he push the stagnant cruiserweight’s to new heights? Dubbed “The Greatest Man to Ever Live”, Aries has all the tools. Not only good in thr […]

Mac Conference will have a landmark day
#INSC Mid-American Conference NCAA

September 2nd Will Be Landmark Day For MAC Conference

The MAC Conference might not have teams that expect to compete for a National Title but applaud them for not backing down this upcoming season. Four of the conference’s most notable schools will be facing elite teams on September 2nd. And regardless of the outcomes, it will no doubt go a long way at showcasing […]