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Exciting Storylines During NFL Training Camps

As we gear up and get into NFL training camps and the preseason, there are a ton of storylines to get into. Obviously I can’t cover every single team and every single rookie, but in my estimation these are the biggest and the most exciting storylines for the entire league. I can’t wait to see […]

2017 NFL Draft Grades
Patrick Mahomes II - Quarterback, Kansas City Chiefs

Grading NFL Teams’ 2017 Draft Classes

Grading NFL Teams’ 2017 Draft Classes a few days following the draft is a fun exercise, but very often unrealistic and downright wrong. That is proven shortly just a few years later when players in the 2nd, 3rd and even undrafted free agents outperform 1st round players. The all too common solution of grading a […]

2017 Final NFL Mock Draft
Roger Goodell, NFL COmmissioner

Inscriber Magazine’s Daniel Parle-Greco Final 2017 NFL Mock Draft

I didn’t ‘think’ or ‘want’ to necessarily do another NFL Mock Draft, but considering we are so close to THAT time, I figured it would only be right. Rumors and speculation have been a flow all week, and deciphering what is purely speculative, and what actually has real merit is the tough part. With all […]

Christian McCaffrey safe pick
Christian McCaffrey - RB, Stanford

Christian McCaffrey is a safer pick then Dalvin Cook

Ranking these RB’s for the 2017 NFL Draft is extremely difficult. Especially after the outstanding combine and pre-draft workouts by some, namely Christian McCaffrey. There’s no denying the fact that Dalvin Cook had a spectacular college football career, but there are serious question marks about him that many are choosing to just flat out ignore. […]

OJ Howard top 10
OJ Howard - TE, Alabama

Is OJ Howard worth a top 10 pick?

Many in the media scouting world are beginning to talk about OJ Howard in the top 10 discussions, including Todd McShay in his latest mock draft. Is he worth THAT high a draft pick? Or is it just a matter of him being the ‘safest’ player?  Looking quickly back to the last (3) top 10 […]