Men: Top 5 Yoga Poses To Deal Premature Ejaculation Permanently

Premature ejaculation can affect anyone and can leave one (or both) partners unsatisfied after sex. While there are not specific guidelines for diagnosing the disorder, it is considered to be present in a man if he ejaculates at a time during sexual intercourse before he can completely satisfy himself and his partner.

This is the main symptoms of premature ejaculation, and a lot of men experience this. Some men do experience the symptoms more than others, and if a man does find it hard to control his ejaculations effectively, then the problem may become more frequent and severe.

Mayo Clinic points out that up to 33% of all men experience these symptoms at some point in their lives and that the average man with the condition ejaculates within two minutes after penetration.

Even though the problem is common, it does not cause erectile dysfunction, which is good news for a lot of men who experience the symptoms of this sexual health condition. Fortunately, treatment options are also available to help delay the duration of sexual intercourse and offer the man better control of their own ejaculations. The most common techniques that are used to treat premature ejaculation includes the use of antidepressant medications, behavioral therapy, using specific anti-depressants and topical products, such as a spray or gel, that is applied directly to the penis for delayed ejaculations.

Physical exercise can also help a man cope with this problem, just like yoga has been shown to offer potential long-term benefits for men who are experiencing the symptoms of this sexual disorder.

  1. Bhadrasana

The Bhadrasana pose is also called the throne and diamond pose. It is a powerful form of yoga that relieves stiffness in different parts of the body.

The yoga pose can also improve blood flow to ligaments and muscles that are located in the genital area; thus leading to better erections. Increased muscle strength, including Kegel muscle strength, can also help to prevent premature ejaculation. Start by sitting flat on the floor and stretch your legs out. Fold both of your legs and bring them closer to each other until their soles touch, then hold your toes with both hands.

Pull your legs inwards toward your body while they rest on the floor. Your spine should be kept straight, and you should relax your entire back. Hold the position for a while and then release.

  1. Siddhasana

The Siddhasana pose is often called the accomplished male pose. While this pose will not directly treat premature ejaculation or provide any significant benefits for the Kegel or pelvic muscles, it does lower stress levels and relieves anxiety. Anxiety has been linked to premature ejaculation, which means the pose will indirectly help you last longer. The Siddhasana is very similar to the Bhadrasana, but the feet should be placed differently. The left foot is placed underneath the body, and the right foot is then placed on top of the left foot.

Your knees should be touching the floor, and your spine should make a straight vertical line. Rest your hands on your knees and maintain the position for a while.

  1. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

A shorter, easier to remember the name for the Eka Pada Rajakapotasana is the pigeon pose. This yoga pose has long been used to improve sexual desire and to support the reproductive system. It also increases the amount of blood that flows to the pelvic area and helps to relax muscles in the groin region. The pigeon pose also relieves back pain, nerve tension and relaxes the hip rotator muscles.

To do the pigeon pose, get into an asana position. Fold the ring finger and thumb of the right hand together, as well as the middle finger and thumb of the left hand.

  1. Bhaddha Konasana

The Bhaddha Konasana is also called the butterfly pose. It is often practiced to reduce blood pressure, relief the symptoms of asthma and to treat certain diseases. The pose also stimulates blood circulation, and it supports many organs in the body. Men can also benefit from the fact that the Bhaddha Konasana reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders, as well as fatigue. Start in a seated position and bring your feet together. The soles of your feet should meet, and they should not be close to your body.

Lean forward in a folding movement, while resting your hands on both feet. Maintain the position for as long as you are comfortable, then roll up gradually until you are back to the starting position.

  1. Ananda Balasana

The Ananda Balasana pose is perfect for relaxing both the body and the mind. It is also known as the happy baby pose. The pose not only relaxes the body but also reduces stress and helps you fight against the onset of fatigue. These benefits may delay your ejaculations and even lead to a harder erection. This three-step yoga pose is very easy to do. Start by laying on your back. Exhale while bending your knees toward your belly. While inhaling, you need to grab onto the outside parts of your feet and bend your knees so that they are wider apart than the width of your torso.

Your ankles should be positioned in line with your knees. Flex your heels, then push upwards into both hands with your feet. During this motion, you need to produce a resistance by pulling downwards with your hands.


Yoga is a popular exercise that is practiced by many people, including men. Apart from the benefits yoga has on weight management and muscle strength, it can also be used to control better the muscles that are needed during ejaculation. Better control over these muscles means the man is in control of his ejaculations. Practicing these yoga poses will help you achieve a better sex drive and pleasure your partner without worrying about being the first to finish. When combined with a herbal male enhancement supplement, such as PriMale, progress can be made faster, and premature ejaculation can be treated without medical interventions.

Men: 5 Foods To Boost Your Sex Life This Spring

Sex is an important part of every relationship and, let’s face it; everybody loves it. Sexual intercourse makes you feel great due to the release of feel-good chemicals, and it’s a great way to connect with your partner.

However, just like everything in your life, sex needs effort and a little bit of work from your side.

It’s not enough to just take your clothes off and “do it” or try out different positions. To truly have unforgettable, mind-blowing sex you have to consider your lifestyle too. Physical activity levels and diet are factors that have a major influence on the way you perform between the sheets.

You are probably wondering why your diet is important in the first place to improve sex drive. Well, optimal sexual health requires different nutrients, healthy blood flow, and so on.

What you can do is to eat a well-balanced diet and increase the intake of these five foods, especially this fall.

  1. Avocados

Did you know that Aztecs referred to avocados as ahuácatl meaning testicles? Yes, that’s correct and it was due to the suggestive shape of this delicious fruit.

According to some stories, Aztecs used avocados as sexual stimulants. They even forbade virgin girls to leave their houses during the avocado harvest season in fear that powers of avocado will overwhelm them in a way they’ll want to have sex.

Avocado is rich in folic acid which breaks down protein and increases energy levels in your body. Moreover, it is a great source of unsaturated fats which are necessary for hormone production, particularly testosterone.

Basically, the fruit is beneficial for your heart and everything that’s good for your heart is also amazing for your genitals.

  1. Almonds

You’ve probably heard or read about a wide array of aphrodisiacs, but the chances are high almonds wasn’t one of them. But, you’ll be happy to know almond is one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs although it is usually overlooked in favor of oysters and such.

Ancient Persians would put almonds together with flower petals to perfume them and add them to desserts to gain the sensual benefits of these nuts. Even today you can find almond-scented bath and body products.

Additionally, there are almond-scented candles which can help you create a romantic and sensual atmosphere during a wild night of headboard-banging sex.

Moreover, almonds are nutrient-dense and rich in a variety of minerals that are essential for sexual health and function: zinc, magnesium, selenium, and Vitamin E. These nuts also contain a high amount of amino acid arginine, which dilates or relaxes the blood vessels and improves blood circulation throughout your body, including your genital region.

  1. Meat

Here’s something that meat lovers will approve – to have a better sex life, you can also consume different types of meat, particularly grass-fed beef.


This meat contains carnitine and L-arginine, amino acids that improve blood flow. As it was mentioned above, great sex also depends on your blood flow, when it reaches all the key areas i.e. your genitals, that’s how you get aroused.

Meat is also a great source of zinc, a mineral that plays a role in testosterone production. A study from the journal Nutrition found that this mineral modulates serum testosterone levels. For example, participants with an insufficient amount of zinc in their bodies also had low testosterone.

In fact, doctors and scientists recommend increased zinc intake to men who want to boost their testosterone levels.

  1. Cranberries

It’s easy to find cranberries, particularly during Fall, and you should definitely try to eat them more often. They are incredibly beneficial for your health and sex life at the same time.

Cranberries are rich in Vitamin B which improves the body’s ability to control sex. This is particularly important for your sex drive. Your libido has numerous enemies and stress is one of them. Stress indicate higher levels of the hormone cortisol in your body.

The problem here is that cortisol blocks the effects of testosterone, thus affecting your desire to have sex in the first place. You’ve already experienced it; whenever you feel like you’re under a lot of stress, sex drive diminishes.

It’s also important to mention that cranberries relieve symptoms linked to urinary tract problems in men, which is yet another reason to eat this delicious fruit.

Eat cranberries alone, make juice (without sugar), add them to your oatmeal, ways to consume them are numerous.

  1. Brussels sprouts

We usually think that foods for better sex life should be exotic, and most of them are.

However, there are some foods that aren’t exotic at all, most people don’t even like to eat them, but they’re incredibly beneficial for their sexual performance and functionality.

A great example of this statement is Brussels sprouts. Just answer this question: are they on your list of top five (or even ten) favorite foods? The answer is “no way”, right? You’re not alone!

But this spring, you should still strive to consume this vegetable more often. First of all, they are known to improve fertility in both men and women. Second, they contain a substance called indole-3-carbinol, which reduces estrogen levels.

Since I3C suppresses estrogen, it not only helps fight estrogen-enhanced cancers in women, but it can also help men improve their testosterone levels and libido.

They work similarly to testosterone boosters you can find on the market. Products like Prime Male and others usually contain ingredients that suppress estrogen levels in men to encourage production of testosterone. So, start including more Brussels sprouts into your menu.

Due to their distinctive smell, you shouldn’t eat them right before you hit the sack.

Conclusion: Sex life depends on a wide array of factors even your diet. While it is always beneficial to adhere to a well-balanced eating pattern, some foods have the tremendous ability to benefit your sex life in numerous ways.

Some do it by improving blood flow; others boost production of sex hormones, and so on.

This spring, include five items from this article in your diet and revolutionize your sex life. Make more effort by increasing levels of physical activity too.

Men: 6 Surprising Benefits Of Kegel Exercises For Your Sex Life

Kegel exercises are pelvic floor exercises originally developed in the 1940s by a gynecologist called Arnold Kegel.

These exercises were found to help women prevent urinary incontinence following childbirth, but studies also show that they help women with sexual problems as well. However, today, Kegel exercises are also a popular remedy that can provide a range of sexual benefits to men.

The pelvic floor muscles are similar in men and women, so the same types of pelvic floor training techniques recommended to women work for men as well. These exercises help strengthen the muscles that control your bladder, erections, and ejaculation. They can also help with poor bowel control and pain during sex.

In case you wanted to learn more about the sexual health benefits of doing Kegel exercises, keep reading.

  1. Stronger erections

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common sexual problem usually affecting older men. While medication and lifestyle changes are the first-in-line treatment for erectile difficulties, studies also show that simple exercises such as Kegels may be just as effective.

A study published in The British Journal of General Practice found that 40% of the study’s participants regained normal erections by the end of the 6-month session while 34.5% showed some level of improvement in the quality of their erections. Kegel exercises for men are a natural and safe way to get more blood to reach penile tissue which is important for strong erections.

However, you should keep in mind that some medical conditions like diabetes and atherosclerosis may severely limit the effectiveness of Kegels in treating ED and these dangerous disorders should be treated first when trying to improve your erections.

  1. Control over ejaculations

Every guy wants to last longer in bed not just to make their partner happy, but to enjoy sex more themselves.

Unfortunately, many of these same men are overburdened with unrealistic expectations about how long sex should last while others suffer from a sexual dysfunction, that is just as common as erectile dysfunction, called premature ejaculation.

Not having control over ejaculation time can be frustrating and lower your self-esteem. Luckily, with the help of Kegel exercises, you can easily gain control over your ejaculation timing. The group of muscles which is located in the pelvic floor is the same ones controlling ejaculation.

Training these muscles is a proven way to treat PE. A study published not so long ago in Therapeutic Advances in Urology concluded that pelvic floor exercises are a viable method of treating lifelong PE.

  1. Stronger orgasms

Because of the pelvic floor muscles contract during an orgasm, it goes without saying that keeping these muscles strong and healthy is crucial for orgasm quality.

While pelvic floor training has usually been studied for its efficiency in treating sexual dysfunction in women, the studies on the quality of orgasms after pelvic floor training in men are lacking. The reason may probably lie in the fact that more men are concerned with erection quality and timing of ejaculation than they are with the intensity of their orgasm.

Nevertheless, studies show that all aspects of sexual health and functioning improve in women who practice Kegels regularly and the same may be true for men.

  1. Helps you recover after prostate surgery

Men with an enlarged prostate or those with prostate cancer may require complete prostate removal. Unfortunately, common side effects of prostate surgery are incontinence, ED, and problems with ejaculation control.

Doctors will often recommend to men who underwent this procedure to practice Kegels regularly to regain control over their bladder and sexual functioning. According to an article published in Urology, Pelvic floor training has proven to be quite useful as a therapeutic option following prostate removal.

And while Kegels may not help all sexual health issues affecting older men such as low testosterone and low libido, they are a great addition to conventional treatments for sexual dysfunction.

  1. Feeling more in control

Because the pelvic floor muscles make it possible for you to control your sexual response, training them will inevitably make you feel more confident about your performance.

A weak pelvic floor will not only result in poor orgasm control and weak erections, but it can also cause urinary incontinence.

All these embarrassing symptoms of a weak pelvic floor can make it harder for your to be confident in the bedroom and men know how important confidence is for their sexual satisfaction. Training your pelvic floor with the help of Kegels is just one way to gain this control.

To perform Kegels, all you have to do is a contract and release the same groups of muscles you use when trying to stop urine flow or passing gas. The simplicity of these exercises also means that anyone can do them, anytime and anywhere.

  1. Greater stamina

Of course, stamina is another important aspect of a satisfying and vibrant sex life. If your energy levels are constantly low and you feel like you are putting too much effort in the act, sex can become everything but enjoyable.

The exercise of any kind can help bring some of that stamina back, and the result is better overall bedroom performance.

While Kegels alone won’t help you with stamina issues, they are a good addition to other forms of exercising. This is because Kegels help strengthens the group of muscles which are often unfairly neglected in those who train regularly. Pelvic floor muscle training will also help with your whole body kinetics when combined with other forms of exercise so make sure to include them into your daily exercise routine for a vibrant sex life.


Kegel exercises were traditionally recommended to women as a way of preventing urinary incontinence following childbirth.

Later, medical professionals noticed that pelvic floor training provided a range of sexual and other benefits not only to women but men as well. Nowadays, men who have had their prostate removed or who suffer from common erectile dysfunctions are often advised to practice Kegels to reduce their symptoms.

When done in conjunction with performance enhancing supplements like Juggernox, Kegels may provide the benefits you are looking for safely and efficiently.

Men: Kegel Exercise for Stronger Erections & Intense Orgasms

Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence, is a common male sexual problem that can negatively affect a man’s self-esteem and quality of life.

A lot of men turn to pills and supplements to regain their sexual functioning, but this may prove to be futile if your ED is a result of weak pelvic floor muscles. After all, these pills usually work by either enhancing blood flow to the penis or by correcting hormonal imbalances.

On the other hand, pelvic floor exercises, such as the very popular Kegels, work by toning the group of muscles responsible for erections and ejaculation. Kegels may also improve circulation to the pelvic area, and this can also contribute to better erections and stronger orgasms. Additionally, unlike medication and supplements, Kegel exercises are completely side-effect free.

In case you want to learn more about how Kegels can help you with erectile problems, keep reading.

About Kegel exercises for men

Kegel exercises, also known simply as Kegel’s, are types of pelvic floor muscle training exercises. They were created by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1940’s as a way of helping women regain bladder control after giving birth. The exercise, which involves squeezing and releasing pelvic floor muscles, was found to be effective in preventing incontinence.

However, studies later found additional benefits from Kegels, including preventing pelvic prolapse and sexual dysfunction in women. Although less research, these exercises were found to be helpful for men as well. A review published in the journal Urology states that pelvic floor training may prove to be helpful in treating urinary incontinence, overactive bladder, and most importantly, erectile dysfunction and similar disorders.

Erectile dysfunction facts

Erectile dysfunction is believed to have a prevalence of around 52% according to the Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education.

As men age, they’re more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction which is defined by an inability to achieve or maintain an erection firm enough for successful intercourse. There are many different causes of erectile dysfunction with the most common being cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, alcoholism, obesity, pelvic surgery, and others.

Treating erectile dysfunction (ED) depends largely on the causes and not all men with ED will benefit from doing Kegels. Those that will benefit from doing Kegel exercises are sedentary men, men who underwent prostate surgery, and men with depression. In addition to this, men with premature ejaculation were also found to show improvements after practicing Kegels.

Who will benefit from practicing Kegel’s?

Men with an enlarged prostate or those treated for prostate cancer often experience ED. Men diagnosed with prostate cancer may need to undergo complete prostate removal surgery. Unfortunately, a common side effect of this procedure is ED and urinary incontinence.

While some men regain control over their bladder and erections following prostate removal, a smaller proportion of men don’t recover completely. This is because the nerves responsible for erections are attached to the prostate, and their removal often leads to ED and other problems.

However, in many cases, doctors will try to spare this important nerves during prostate removal to help men retain sexual functioning. These men are often advised to perform Kegels to recover after prostate surgery and findings show that something as simple as pelvic floor training truly helps men recover.

Other benefits of Kegel exercises for men

But Kegel’s isn’t just for treating erectile dysfunction. The exercise is good for anyone wanting to improve their sex life. Even relatively healthy men can practice Kegels, and this is bound to enhance their erection quality and orgasm intensity as far as research is concerned.

A study that was published last year in Sexual Medicine Reviews found that pelvic floor exercises treated erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, but also that it enhanced orgasm intensity. The reason for this being that pelvic floor exercises tone the group of muscles playing a key role in ejaculation.

The spontaneous contractions during an orgasm are improved after pelvic floor training, and this inevitably leads to better sensation better than any best male enhancement pills could ever do. But pelvic floor training can also be helpful for men with premature ejaculation because it teaches men how to control their ejaculatory response by manipulating the pelvic group of muscles.

How to do Kegels?

Both men and women perform Kegels in the same way. This is because the pelvic floor muscles are similar in men and women with only minor differences. To perfume Kegel exercise for men, you first need to locate the group of muscles exercised during a typical Kegels. The muscles we are referring to here are called pelvic floor muscles, and unlike other muscles in your body, they are hidden from view.

The pelvic floor muscles are two muscles shaped together like a trampoline at the bottom of your pelvis. To locate them, stop your urine flow mid-stream. Also, squeeze the same group of muscles used when you want to prevent passing gas. Now that you’ve located the pelvic floor muscles, you can start doing Kegels. Simply contract your pelvic floor muscles between 5 and 20 seconds and release them.

Repeat exercise several times in a row. You can do Kegel’s during any other activity or when relaxing. You can practice the exercise as many times a day as you like, and after a couple of months of regular exercising, you should begin noticing improvements.


If you are someone struggling with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or the side effects of prostate surgery, then we strongly recommend trying out Kegel’s. Although traditionally designed for women, Kegel exercises are now known to benefit both sexes equally.

This is because the pelvic floor has similar functions in men and women, and that is in bladder control, bowel control, and sexual functioning. Men who want a safe alternative to enhancement pills like Testomenix and other popular names, may benefit from regular Kegel’s practice.

This is because, unlike these treatments, practicing Kegel’s is free of any side effects and is completely safe.

Why Men Should Do Yoga for a Better Sex Life

Some men are able to have sex four hours without getting tired and without stopping, while others find that they can only last a few minutes. The difference between these men is often sexual stamina and energy.

While sex is an important part of a man’s life and even yields a large number of benefits, without an adequate amount of sexual stamina, a high libido and a connection with themselves, men are unable to perform well in bed. A lack of these essential elements can often lead to disappointment in a relationship and may even lead to the usage of a drug, such as Viagra, to provide an improvement in sexual function.

This, however, doesn’t always turn out good as Viagra may cause various harmful side-effects that could even be life-threatening to the user. Users who have used Viagra have reported side-effects such as a shortness of breath, nausea, faintness, loss of vision, chest pain and loss of hearing.

These side-effects will definitely be unpleasant – imagine losing your vision while participating in sexual intercourse.

Some men have found alternative ways to improve their sex life. Exercise, some simple changes in their lifestyle and a better diet often leads to an improved sex drive, higher levels of energy and a boost in sexual stamina. Another way men have been able to boost their sexual function is by practicing yoga on a regular basis.

While this ancient technique is often thought of as an exercise for women, men can also gain a lot of benefits by regularly practicing certain yoga poses. Yoga is becoming much more popular than it has ever been, with more than 15% of the American popular practicing yoga on a regular basis and as much as 28% of American adults stating that they have at least practices yoga once in their lives.

Even though a lot of people see yoga as a women’s exercise, more than 10 million men in the United States alone are actively participating in yoga and have found that it does have a variety of benefits for their overall health, including their sexual abilities.

A Boost in Energy and Stamina

One of the biggest problems men face while participating in sexual intercourse is the fact that they quickly run out of energy and they do not have a lot of stamina. This means that, soon after getting intimate, they will become tired.

When men become tired during sexual intercourse, their erection’s quality may decline, or their erection may even go away – which means a lack of energy and stamina can put a damp on a man’s sex drive. A lot of people combines kegel exercises for men with some excellent yoga strategies – while the Kegel exercises will strengthen the pelvic floor, the yoga will help to boost the man’s energy levels, which is a powerful combination for spicing up a couple’s sex life.

Yoga has been proven to be an effective exercise for improving energy, as well as stamina. There are a variety of yoga poses that can be used to improve energy levels.

These will not only come in handy while the man is having sexual intercourse but will also give him a boost while he is performing day-to-day activities – getting tired and running out of energy at work can lower a man’s level of productivity.

Yoga Journal recommends performing the Camel Pose, Bridge Pose, Cobra Pose and Pigeon Pose to experience a boost in energy levels.

Relieves Back Pain

Back pain is classified as one of the biggest problems that lead to disability throughout the entire world. According to ACA Today, at least 50% of American workers’ experience symptoms of back pain every year, with 80% of all Americans experiencing these symptoms at some point in their lifetime.

Spine Health explains that back pain does not only affect a person’s overall performance and lead to disability but also makes sexual intercourse frustrating and painful. Men often have to find new positions in order to accommodate their back pain during sexual activities.

Once again, yoga comes to the rescue. Charles Matkin, a yoga instructor who runs his yoga studio in New York, explains that yoga is one of the best methods for men to find relieve for back pain. He explains that a modified version of the Downward Facing Dog Pose can be effective and even lead to long-term results.

Improves Flexibility

While flexibility may not be at the top of a man’s priority list, it is still a factor that can greatly improve their ability to perform certain functions during sexual intercourse. Men often tend to focus on building a masculine physique, accompanied by large arms and the perfect six pack. While all of this may be a “sexy” feature, it will not allow the man to be flexible during sexual intercourse.

Yoga is a powerful way to gain better flexibility and can even be coupled with strength training exercises. This means that men do not have to give up their six packs to become more flexible. The Yoga Journal recommends performing the Cow Face Pose, Big Toe Pose, Fire Log Pose, and the Half Frog Pose to provide a significant improvement in flexibility.

Helps To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

Cleveland Clinic reports that as much as 52% of the global adult male population (21 and up) suffer from symptoms that are related to erectile dysfunction. This disorder can cause havoc on a man’s sex life and impair their ability to have sexual intercourse that truly satisfies them.

At the age of 40, up to 40% of men experience more severe symptoms of this disorder, which further impairs the man’s sexual abilities.

While some men opt for Viagra when symptoms of this disorder develop, others find that practicing some simple yoga poses every day helps them beat erectile dysfunctions without causing harm to their body.

The Health Site reports that yoga has been scientifically proven to increase the amount of blood that flows to the pelvic area and it may even help to boost testosterone levels – two factors that can be helpful when a man tries to overcome erectile dysfunction.

They recommend practicing the Seated Forward Bend Pose, Plank Pose, Boat Pose, and the Raise Legs Pose to find these benefits in yoga.


Yoga may not seem like the most masculine thing a man can do, but it is surely one technique that can improve several biological aspects related to sexual health. A lot of men have tried yoga and quickly discovered how powerful these techniques are for improving their sex life.

When yoga simply isn’t enough for improving a man’s sex life, it can be coupled with a natural supplement that supports male health, such as Testo Vital, instead of Viagra or other drugs that are meant for improving erections.

Never Do These Things If You Are Trying To Hide Your Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a sexual disorder that approximately one in every three men experiences at some point in their lives.

The condition causes the man to ejaculate before he and his partner have been satisfied equally. When this happens, men can feel self-conscious and may even become less interested in having sexual intercourse. Women’s Health Magazine explains that premature ejaculation can cause problems in the sex life of men, as well as their female partner.

This can, eventually, also lead to problems in the relationship. They continue to explain that approximately 79% of women who’s partners experience premature ejaculation report that they are not sexually satisfied and that they have a lower sex drive than they had before the condition interfered with their sex lives.

The fact that premature ejaculation can have such a significant impact on the lives of men and their partners also mean that it can lead to additional problems. When men feel self-conscious about the fact that they ejaculate too soon, they may not want to participate in sexual activities with their partner anymore. This can also lead to the development of symptoms associated with anxiety disorders, a low self-esteem, and depression.

When these factors are not effectively treated, they can lead to more serious problems – depression has been linked to erectile dysfunction and a low sex drive.

How Men Are Hiding Premature Ejaculation

Since premature ejaculation can cause discomfort and dissatisfaction in a relationship for both partners, men often try to find ways in which they can hide the fact that they are suffering from this sexual disorder. This is especially true when men are intimate with a new sexual partner as they may feel that their new partner would not want to be with them if they are unable to fully satisfy them during sexual intercourse and other sexual activities.

Unfortunately, men do not always practice the best techniques to hide premature ejaculation. We are going to discuss some of the most ineffective ways guys tend to hide the fact that they have a problem delaying their ejaculations – if you are doing any of these, try and find an alternative that’s more effective or find methods that will help you prevent early ejaculations.

  1. “I’m too tired for sex.”

One of the most common ways men hides the fact that they have premature ejaculation is by simply saying they are too tired for sex. The problem isn’t the fact that they act tired, but rather when they bring up the excuse. The man will start to participate in intimate activities, such as kissing and touching.

As soon as things start to take off, the man might start to think of the fact that he may be unable to thoroughly satisfy his partner as he may ejaculate too soon. This may cause him to become uncomfortable and start to think of excuses, such as saying “I’m too tired for sex.” Not only will this ruin the intimate moment, but it may come across as very suspicious to the other partner involved in the intimate sessions – they may not immediately think that the man has problems with controlling his ejaculations, but may rather think that the man is not interested or are seeing someone else.

  1. The Stop-Start Method

I am Kerner explains on Men’s Health how he used the stop-start method to hide the fact that he has premature ejaculation.

He would continuously tell his partner to slow down, to take it easy or to stop for a while. Taking breaks between sexual intercourse sessions seemed like the only way he could control his urge to ejaculate spontaneously. This, however, did not go so well as his partner noticed what was going on and was disappointed by the fact that he used a stop-start method in order to hide the fact that he had a problem with premature ejaculation.

He goes on to explain that the stop-start method isn’t the most effective way to try and hide the fact that you cannot control your urge to ejaculate – as he realizes from real-life experience.

  1. Blaming The Other Partner

While some men accept the fact that they are not perfect and take responsibility for their shortcomings, other men would rather hide their flaws by blaming other people for whatever it is that makes them imperfect. Some men who ejaculate too soon uses this technique to hide the fact that they are struggling with premature ejaculation.

When they ejaculate before their partner has been satisfied, they would tell their partner that they did something wrong or, to blame the partner without causing an argument, they would tell the partner that they were so “into them” that they couldn’t hold it in.

  1. Pre-Masturbation Sessions

When a man ejaculates, his penis and testicles go into a “recovery” mode, also called the “refractory period.” Several functions related to sexual function shuts down, and the testes need to produce more sperm. This seems like an excellent way to prevent premature ejaculation – masturbate before you are going to participate in sexual intercourse and your body won’t have enough sperm to allow you to ejaculate immediately.

While this may be true, you should know that masturbating before sexual intercourse can also cause you to become uninterested in having sexual intercourse and may even lead to an erection that isn’t firm. This could raise the question of “are you developing erectile dysfunction?” or “why aren’t you attracted to me?”. Think twice before you masturbate before you head out to pleasure your partner.

  1. Spark A Conversation

Talking with a partner, even about the smallest things, can be a great way to improve the bond between the two people.

This, however, can also be a huge off put during an intimate session. Some men use this fact to their advantage in order to hide the fact that they have premature ejaculation. When an intimate session starts out and they start to feel self-conscious about the fact that they may ejaculate soon, they may find ways to spark a conversation that will interest both of them.

This can spoil the entire moment and, when a guy does this continuously, may even start to seem suspicious.


While premature ejaculation can cause problems in a relationship and a man’s sex life, it is important to know that many people suffer from this sexual disorder. Trying to hide the fact that you do not have control over your ejaculations may not be a wise idea, as the truth is often the best option.

Talking to a partner may help you overcome your self-consciousness and may even lead to some adjustments that will benefit both of you. If you feel uncomfortable talking about your problem, try to find a solution to help delay your ejaculations. Combining a healthy diet, regular exercise and a male performance support supplement, such as Test X180, could be a great way to deal with such a problem.


Men: 7 Things Guys Absolutely Hate About Missionary Sex

Sexual intercourse is one of the many joys that life gives us. For both men and women, sexual intercourse can be a way of connecting with their partner, strengthening their bond and letting off some steam.

Sex isn’t only a sensual activity, but also has many benefits for the human body. The first and most obvious benefits is the fact that sex has a similar effect on the body as exercise. During sexual activities, your heart rate rises, your muscles are getting stronger, and you are burning calories. In fact, according to Doctor Mercola, a person can burn as much as four calories per minute while participating in sexual intercourse. 

Apart from the benefits sex has on your physique, it is reported that frequent sexual intercourse can also improve your heart health, relief pain, reduce stress levels, put you in a better mood, give you a glowing complexion and improve your sleep quality. Another major benefit of sex is the fact that it may reduce the risk of obtaining prostate cancer among men due to the stimulation that occurs within their testicles.

The most common sexual position that is performed by couples is known as the missionary position.

This position simply involves two people lying on top of each other. While it is the “common” and “default” style of sexual intercourse, some people are not very comfortable with this position. According to News Lite TV, as much as 60% of the Britain population perform sexual intercourse only in a missionary position. If you are used to this position, then this article is perfect for you.

We are going to explore some of the main reasons why guys aren’t really into the missionary position.

1. Guys Do All Of The Work

Yes, with the missionary sex position, guys are doing all of the work. They need to perform all of the movements that are necessary for pleasurable sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, this does not appeal to every guy out there. There are a lot of sexual positions that require equal input from both partners to make sex pleasurable – these positions will still give the guy the upper hand, without making him feel like his doing all of the work.

Plus, when the guy isn’t doing all of the work, he can better control issues such as premature ejaculation and other problems that he may have.

2. Missionary Is Not Very Creative

Think about it. You are just lying on top of each other. There’s absolutely no adventure or creativity tied to the missionary sex position. A report published in Psychology Today explains that there is a link between love and creativity. A group of people was asked to perform several tasks. The idea of the study was to see how love and lust effected creativity.

The results were that love had a significant positive impact on creativity. Thus, if you are in love with your partner, then your creativity should also be elevated. Use it to come up with some clever ideas about how you can escape from the default missionary position and try something new. Who knows, it might even bring the bond you have with your partner to a new level.

3. He Might Be Self-Conscious

Sex is a private activity that is shared among two partners. It is also an activity that often makes people feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. This means that you should do whatever you can in order to lighten the mood and make it as comfortable as possible. If your guy is very self-conscious, especially when he is a bit husky, he may feel odd lying on top of you.

This can cause him to worry about pushing you into the mattress, or he might be wondering if he is too heavy for you. This can even lead to a weakened erection, which may cause your guy to think that he is starting to develop erectile dysfunction. This is not something you want, so try to experiment with a position that will not make him feel as self-conscious.

4. No Visuals

Guys usually like to be very visual during sexual intercourse. They want to see as much as possible. This makes them more attracted to their partner and usually boosts their sexual desire. You should realize that your guy is very familiar with your eyes and even your entire face. It is the one thing he is always staring at – during dates, in bed, and on many other occasions.

The missionary position requires you to stare at each other’s faces while you are having sex. Nothing new. Try a different position that will show off the best of your body parts. This may help to spice things up in the bedroom.

5. It Gets Old

Sorry, but this is true. If you’ve been with a guy for a very long time and all you have been doing is missionary sex, then you should know by now that it gets old. It’s like getting into a habit that you just can’t get out of, but do not enjoy anymore. Doing the same thing over and over again without taking breaks or without changing things now-and-then can become frustrating and… as we’ve already mentioned… old.

Trying to spice things up a bit by experimenting with other sex positions can bring something new to your relationship and your sex life.

6. There’s A Tight Mouth To Ear Space

While some people are very quiet during sexual intercourse, others like to scream and make noises. If your guy is lying on top of you and you like to make sounds during sex, then you should consider the fact that his ears are very close to your mouth. Thus, every sound you make will be intensified for him. If you like to make sounds during sex, consider a position that will keep your mouth further away from his ears.

Not only can your sounds make him feel distorted, but it could also be an offset and be unattractive when it is so close to his ears.

7. There’s Nothing Exciting About Missionary Sex

While missionary sex is the oldest and default sex position, it literally involves two people lying on top of each other. There’s a lot of aspects that could be very unpleasant when performing sex in this position – where do your guy’s arms go? What if he is too heavy for you? Apart from these facts, missionary sex is also very boring and have no excitement to it. Excitement can often put a huge spark in the bedroom while you are having sex. Even just trying out a new position once can be exciting, especially if you have been performing sex in a missionary position for a very long time.


While sex can provide a lot of pleasure to both partners participating, it can also be boring if it is not done right.

Even though missionary sex is the most common position that most people use, it has nothing about it that can make you feel adventurous. Next time you are having sexual intercourse with your guy, try something new.

It does not have to be extreme.

If your guy is feeling self-conscious about trying something that seems to be a bit wild, try a product such as Erect On Demand – this will give him the ability to perform even when he feels awkward, and it might just be what he needs to experience the excitement of trying out new positions.