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Being Fashion Forward: What to Wear to a Dance Class?

There has been a synergy between dance and fashion ever since the two concepts were made. It is only natural since both categories serve as mediums in expressing oneself artistically. Fashion has always played an important role in the visual allure of dancing while fashion designers have often drawn their inspiration from dance.   Are […]

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Sports: 5 Things to Consider For Golf Balls

By Awais Ahmed Golfing is a very old sport that is associated with a certain sophisticated class of people. You need to be very particular about the equipment that you plan to use for your golfing ventures. Most people give precedence to their golf sets; the putters and all. Though it is understandable why people […]

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Things to Know When Moving to a New House

By George Wolfson The last month before moving to a new house is full of planning and packing. People are going crazy getting everything ready for a big move across the country. Moving to a new place is always a stressful process, even if you’re excited to start a new life in a new place. […]

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Home Décor: 5 Brilliant Ways to Style Your Living Room

By Julie Austin Styling a living room can be incredibly hard and confusing since there are so many different options or choices to choose from. You need to be clever while designing your living room because it is the most used room in a house and should be perfect in every way. Make sure that […]

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Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss as a Traveler

By Angela Baker Finding exciting travel experiences has never been so easy. People from all over the world are finding it more and more pleasing to discover new and interesting opportunities on their travels. It’s often not enough to simply travel somewhere for the sake of seeing that place – people are looking for more, […]

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John Cena-Roman Reigns Should Not Define WWE’s Future

WWE finally has what it wants. The John Cena-Roman Reigns confrontation at No Mercy next weekend is this generation’s version of Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior. But the significance may not be the same in terms of fan acceptance. The Monday Night Raw brand’s success depends on how this plays out. The Hogan-Warrior clash […]