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Tech: 2017’s Android Takeover Case

By Rachael Everly It seems today that mobile is becoming more important than desktops for internet and applications. Last year’s stats from the industry revealed that mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, for the first time ever, exceeded in traffic than from desktops. The data put out by StatCounter showed that mobile devices accounted for […]

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Money: Include Your Finances When You Spring Clean

Spring is right around the corner and you know what that means: your annual spring cleaning ritual is ready to commence. As you don your yellow gloves, pick up a duster, and get ready to apply a little elbow grease to your inner sanctuary, think outside the box this year. Not everything deserving of a […]

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Men: Does Beard Balm Help Beard Growth?

By Emma Jones Women love handsome hunks with beards. They find themselves enthralled when they get to have a look of those fine beards – may it be the Van Dyke beard, Petite Goatee or the classic French beard! Since beards signify your manliness and attracts girls all around you, you must be really particular […]

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LED Shoes: 5 Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Light-Up Trainers for Kids

By Jackie Dominic LED shoes are making a comeback into the fashion industry. People are now buying these shoes for their everyday wear and for other activities like sporting and dancing. The lights produced by these shoes make them more appealing to both adults and children. However, there are factors that you must consider when […]

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Marketing: How to Establish a Meaningful Brand

By Ashley Kornee Building a brand that means something to your customers and connects with them on a personal level is a feat that many companies fail to achieve. For some, it’s hard to connect because of the niche nature of their business. For others, it’s a matter of bad decisions that lead to loss […]

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Fine Jewelry: Important Questions to Ask When Picking a Jeweler

By Clara S. Silva Not quite sure how to go about buying an engagement ring? Well, the first step is identifying a trustworthy jeweler. Purchasing fine jewelry is unlike making any other purchase, including big-ticket items such major appliances or cars. Fine jewelry and precious stones, such as diamonds and gems, have a unique language […]

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Sports Betting: Tricks For Betting On Baseball

By Umesh Joshi The following is a brief on the process of betting in baseball. The different aspects of the baseball betting include the wager types, money lines, and more which happen to take important parts in the whole process of betting. You can enjoy baseball betting on sites like Let’s have a look: […]