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Beauty: 4 Easy Tips for Doing Your Own Gel Nails at Home

By Vanessa Steed Getting your nails done and have a sleek and chic manicure has leveled up with the advent of gel nail polish. Unlike regular air dry nail polish, the use of gel polish has been advantageous for girls whose looks are not complete without a pretty coat of polish on their fingertips. First […]

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Living: 10 Best Gadgets for Your Next Fishing Trip In 2017

By Rik Flaxman Fishing is a hobby for some, a sport for others and a profession for some others. Whatever fishing means to us, we always want to make catches. However, making catches will not be possible unless you have the right gadgets and accessories. This is one of the best fishing tips that is […]

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This is How Shipping Companies Can Benefit From Strict Safety Policies

By Awais Ahmed In this present time, it is not easy to operate a shipping company. The maritime community comes across a new regulation every week regarding protection of marine environment or personal safety. Companies need to have the discipline to operate in such environment. Not only requires a strong financial background but also huge […]

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Entrepreneurship: 5 Things A Foreign Business Owner Should Know When Looking To Start A Private Limited Company In India

If you own a business outside of India and are looking to expand into the country, then this is a definitely a good time. The government is pro-business and the Indian economy is poised for a huge growth in the coming decades. And if you are particularly interested in starting a private limited company in […]

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Lifestyle: Making a Party Memorable with Professional Caterers

Parties can create lasting memories not only for the guests invited but the host. To ensure that the party you intend throwing tends to be memorable, you need to plan and decide carefully. Your first step in ensuring that you have a memorable party is to find a reliable, dependable, and qualified catering service. Without […]

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Culture: The Worthy Benefit of Christianity You May Not Have Considered

By Veselina Dzhingarova People come to the Christian faith in a variety of ways. Some of them are raised in that belief system by religious parents, and others start exploring what it means to be a Christian when they become adults. There are many differences of opinion about some topics, too. However, how you’d describe […]

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Athleisure: A Short Guide for Purchasing Best Workout Shoes for Men

By Charlie Brown The importance of working out cannot be overemphasized. The prevalence of lifestyle diseases in the world today is worrying. Surprisingly, a report published in the Times in 2014 says nearly half of U.S deaths can be prevented with lifestyle changes. A similar report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) […]