NFC Championship Game
Green Bay Packers vs Atlanta Falcons for the NFC Championship.
Atlanta Falcons Green Bay Packers NFL

NFC Championship Game Preview: Green Bay Packers at Atlanta Falcons

Sunday afternoon, two similarly talented teams will face off for the rights to advance to Super Bowl LI; however, these teams represent franchises that couldn’t be more different. In terms of 2016, the Packers and Falcons are peers in terms of talent, but one has decades of almost unpeered success behind it, while the other […]

Steve Jobs
Business Entrepreneurship

Steve Jobs: Great Entrepreneur, or Vain Egoist?

“You’re good. You’re damn good. But you’re an asshole.” These words, spoken by Steve Jobs’ boss at Atari, ring perhaps the most true of all the things said about one of the major technocratic heroes of the later 20th century. But was Jobs really a hero? In Ashton Kutcher’s Jobs, Hollywood takes a look at a man […]

clemson tigers
NCAA NCAA Football Sports

Clemson Tigers: Memorable Champions, or Flash in the pan?

Many anticipated Monday’s rematch of last year’s Alabama-Clemson title game to be an even better game and sure enough it was, with Clemson pulling the shocking upset of the supposedly unbeatable Crimson Tide on a touchdown pass with a mere second left. Even before the game, many writers fantasized about the great things a win […]

Detroit Lions
Detroit Lions Green Bay Packers NFL

Detroit Lions: The Curse Of Bobby Layne Lingers On

Sports fans have always been a superstitious bunch. Whether it’s lucky clothes, routines, or spots on the couch, fans have always come up with odd reasons for their teams’ successes or failures. Yet in recent years due to some good general managing in baseball, some supposedly infamous curses-specifically the curses of the bambino and billy […]