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WWE News: Jim Ross and Nigel McGuinness to call the WWE UK Show

There will be a familiar voice returning to WWE programing. There are several reports that are now indicating that Jim Ross will be returning to calling for the new WWE UK show set to premiere soon. While the WWE is ovrseas for their European Tour, the WWE did some taping for their new show which […]

Trumpcare to take place of ObamaCare
Paul Ryan - Speaker of the House

Trumpcare: Who really benefits from this new healthcare system?

A few days ago, the House of Representatives took the first step to installing a new health care system. Passing what they are calling Trumpcare. This is the new health care system to replace the Affordable Care Act or also known as Obamacare. The next step is to present the bill to the Senate. I […]

Justin Forsett Baltimore Ravens
Justin Forsett - Running Back
Baltimore Ravens NFL

NFL: Justin Forsett – Former Baltimore Ravens running back has called it a career

When you think of Justin Forsett, typically you will think of him as being undersized and overmatched. Unfortunately, he has a plethora of reasons to not pursue being a full-time player in the NFL. First of all, the Seattle Seahawks drafted Forsett in 2008. He was later cut Still, in 2008, he was signed and […]


WWE: Once Charlotte wins the SD Women’s Title, it will be more impressive than what Alexa Bliss accomplished

We all know that WWE will probably have Charlotte Flair win the Smackdown Woman’s title at some point. Right now she is involved in this angle where Carmella, Tamina Snuka, and Natayla interfering in every opportunity she is getting for the title. Once this feud blows over in the next few weeks, I see her […]

Houston Texans Oakland Raiders tough New England Patriots
Houston Texans Logo Oakland Raiders Logo
Houston Texans New England Patriots Oakland Raiders

NFL: Houston Texans, Oakland Raiders will be roadblocks for the New England Patriots in the 2017 season

We are still a few months away from the start of the 2017 NFL season. For the better part of 15 years, we have seen the New England Patriots pretty much dominate the AFC. In fact, they have been superior to the other AFC teams. However, I see that trend stopping in 2017. While I […]

Deshaun Watson better Mitchell Trubisky
Mitchell Trubisky - Quarterback, Chicago Bears Deshaun Watson - Quarterback, Houston Texans
Chicago Bears Houston Texans NFL

NFL: Deshaun Watson will have a better career than Mitchell Trubisky

At the 2017 NFL Draft, we saw three quarterbacks taken in the first 12 picks. Mitchell Trubisky to the Bears, Patrick Mahomes II to the Kansas City Chiefs, and Deshaun Watson to the Houston Texans. While it is still too early to say how this QB class will do, I have a feeling that Deshaun […]


Since we won’t be seeing the Universal title until July, it is time for the WWE to build the IC title

We are a few days away from Payback. However, the WWE announced the July PPV for the RAW Brand. Smackdown will be getting Backlash, Money in the Bank, and Battleground before Summerslam. On the other side, RAW will be getting Payback (This Sunday), Extreme Rules, and Great Balls of Fire on July 9th. This was […]