Jack Swagger released
Jack Swagger has been released by WWE.
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BREAKING NEWS: WWE has dropped Jack Swagger

Another WWE superstar who has left the company due to how he was being used. It is being reported by various media outlets that Jack Swagger had asked for his release from the WWE and was granted it. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to people as he was very rarely used on television and […]

Dallas Cowboys Kansas City Chiefs NFL

NFL: Jamaal Charles should sign with the Dallas Cowboys after the Kansas City Chiefs released him

As the NFL free agency is set to begin in a few days, teams are starting to make it clear who they are not bringing back for the 2017 season. As it was reported earlier Tuesday, the Kansas City Chiefs have released Jamaal Charles, who happens to be the Chiefs all-time rushing leader. Well, now […]


Impact Wrestling screwed up by not resigning Matt and Jeff Hardy

Impact Wrestling has gone through a lot of change over the last few months. Starting from when then- owner Billy Corgan was going to sue them to Dixie Carter leaving the company. Then there was an upswing as Anthem and Fight Network invested money in keeping the company afloat and Jeff Jarrett was brought back […]

Nick Mangold and the Jets part ways
#INSC New York Jets NFL

NFL: Nick Mangold and New York Jets set to part ways after eleven years

It seems like the New York Jets are trying to do better. According to multiple sources, the Jets are set to release center Nick Mangold, an 11- year member of the New York Jets. He has been a fixture on the offensive line since he was drafted by the jets in 2006. [Jon] This shouldn’t […]

donald trump

President Donald Trump won’t be attending the White House Correspondents Dinner

The White House Correspondents Dinner has been an event that has been held by the President and First Lady since 1924 when Calvin Coolidge hosted the first one. The President and First Lady has hosted the event every year, except for now. There are various reports being circulated that President Donald Trump will not be […]


Politics: The Trump Administration pushed the line

I am aware that President Donald Trump is allowed to do what he wants within reason, but the actions that his administration pulled on Friday afternoon are pushing the line. At the off television briefing that was done by the White House press secretary Sean Spicer, he spoke to a room of handpicked news outlets […]