Gotham: Will Barbara Become Harley Quinn, Or is It All Misdirection?

If you are a Gotham fan, you are well aware of Barbara Kean’s transformation over the course of three seasons. When we first met her, she seemed perfectly normal. But things went downhill fast. Really fast. She killed her parents. Then she spent some time in Arkham.

After being broken out of Arkham, she spent some time as a member of the Maniaxs. As of late, she has been teaming with Tabitha to form a badass duo. They are running a club called The Sirens. All while Barb is attempting to becoming the leader of Gotham’s underworld.

Throughout her transformation, one thing has become apparent. That is the fact that Barbara is sadistic, insane, unpredictable and downright crazy. As a result, there has been a popular theory amongst fans. That theory being that it will be Babs who eventually becomes the show’s Harley Quinn.

I will admit, I was firmly a believer in this theory ever since she started down the crazy train path in season one. Then she spent some time with Jerome, Cameron Monaghan’s take on the Joker, during season two. We just got the confirmation this season that Jerome is, in fact, the Joker. This just added fuel to the Barbara is Harley Quinn theory.

If that was not enough, check out a recent image that was released ahead of an upcoming episode. The image features Barb, with two colors sticking out very prominently. Those colors being red and blue. It just so happens that those colors are fairly symbolic of one former Doctor Quinzel.

Showrunners and producers have essentially told us that Quinn is coming. From the sounds of it, that will happen in the season three finale. It also just so happens that Erin Richards, the actress who plays Kean, has teased a major change for her character at the end of that very episode.

So without a doubt, all signs point to Barbara becoming Quinn. In all honesty, I think the move could work very well. I have thoroughly enjoyed Babs and her craziness. So ending the season with her going full crazy and essentially transforming into Harley Quinn would certainly leave me excited for a potential fourth season.

But I need to play devil’s advocate here for a minute. Things just seem to be too obvious here. Seeing Babs transform would be a major moment. But some of the luster would certainly be lacking given it is so widely expected. Instead, introducing a new or different character as Harley would leave fans stunned.

So tell me how the following sounds.

We know Barbara is set for something pretty big at the end of the season. I could very well see her snapping and killing off the likes of Tabitha, Butch and possibly others. She will stake her claim as the leader of Gotham’s world of crime. Set her up as the one sitting on the thrown leading into the next season, with her unhinged personality making her extremely dangerous.

Right after that scene, send fans to Arkham. Here we will find Jerome sitting in a therapy room. He will be going off on a crazy Jerome style. Talking about wanting to kill people. You know, the awesome way Cameron Monaghan does it that makes him so damn good in the role? He pauses suddenly, and changes course by saying “What do you think of the name Mr. J?”.

Just before we get to the credits, the camera slowly turns. We come across the face of a young Doctor, fresh out of college. She smiles. After a few seconds, the camera zooms out a little to reveal her name tag. Just as fans read “Doctor Quinzel”, we hear the actress say, “Whatever you would like to be called Puddin”. End season.

A scenario like this would certainly get fans excited for more.

So while it would be so easy to go the Babs route, I just wanted to make it clear that it is not the only option. Personally, I like the idea of having a Harley Quinn who is on the younger side, around Jerome’s age. Babs is crazy, but not thanks to Jerome and his actions. So by making Barbara into Harley, that dynamic would be missing.

So what are your thoughts Gotham fans? Would you like to see Barbara become Harley Quinn? Or would you prefer to see someone else take on the role? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Lakewood BlueClaws vs Kannapolis Intimidators Game Recap 4/27

The Lakewood BlueClaws returned home on Thursday night, following a seven-game road trip. With a 6:35 first pitch, the Claws welcomed the Kannapolis Intimidators to town, On what was an extremely overcast evening, Lakewood would take the field looking to improve their record to 12-10.

Right-hander Adonis Medina would take the mound for the Claws. He would be opposed by lefty Bernardo Flores, who was sporting a 2-1 record with a 3.45 ERA entering Thursday.

Medina got off to a rocky start, with his command being the main culprit. After a leadoff walk to center fielder Joel Booker, Medina eventually put down two guys via the strikeout. The only problem, he was now facing a bases loaded jam following a few soft hits. Third baseman Zach Remillard would proceed to single to right, driving in two. 2-0 Kannapolis after one inning.

Medina’s control issues would continue into the second. While this time it did not lead to any runs, it was clear at this time that Medina would not be long for this game. While he did settle into things a little in the coming innings, he would only last four innings.

Meanwhile, the Claws offense was virtually non-existent in the early portion of the game. Last year’s number one overall pick, center fielder Mickey Moniak, singled to right with a sweet swing in the first inning. After that, Lakewood would not get another hit until the sixth inning.

It was in this sixth inning that the BlueClaws would finally put one on the board. But it was mainly thanks to a defensive blunder by Intimidators’ right fielder Micker Adolfo. Catcher Henri Lartigue would single to right. But the ball would skip past Adolfo, leading to Lartigue reaching third. The following hitter, third baseman Danny Zardon, grounded out to short, bringing home Latigue.

So as they entered the last third of the game, Lakewood was down 2-1.

The BlueClaws had a chance to tie things up in the ninth, but to no avail. After DH Darick Hall led off the inning with a walk, Cord Sandberg bunted over pinch runner David Martinelli over to second. Martinelli would wind up on third following a groundout by Lartigue. The inning would come to an end when Zardon flew out to left.

Mike Morrison was on for the ninth to close things out for Kannapolis. He entered the game two-for-two on save attempts to go along with 16 strikeouts over the course of 10 innings. He immediately got strikeout number 17. Daniel Brito would put a charge into one, but it was knocked down by the wind, resulting in a fly out to center. Carlos Duran would ground out to short to end the game.

So the BlueClaws first game back home resulted in a 2-1 loss. Lakewood falls back to .500 with an 11-11 record, while Kannapolis improves to 10-10.

Some notes I took away from the game:

  • Mickey Moniak is a great young talent. But the key word is still young. There were a couple of big swings that were not necessary. He was also picked off of first in the first inning following his hit. He is fresh out of high school essentially, so this comes as no surprise. But that swing is still really sweet.
  • Zach Remillard can swing it. I felt like anytime the Intimidators had something brewing, Remillard was in the middle of it. He went 2-4 on the day with the two runs batted in. But it was not all positive, as he did get caught up between second and third in the sixth inning, killing any momentum the team had in the inning.
  • Adonis Medina has some nice stuff, but he needs to hone the control if he wishes to move up the ladder. He was hitting the mid to upper 90s with his fastball, and he did rack up six strikeouts over his four innings.
  • Jonathan Hennigan, a relief pitcher for Lakewood, can bring it. In the eighth inning, he put down two batters via the strikeout and got one to ground out weakly to first base. Mike Morrison is another relief arm that I walked away wanting to see more of.
  • Pork Roll had no chance in the famous race held between the fourth and fifth innings. Egg and Cheese battled it out from the very beginning, with Cheese grabbing the win at the very end.

So there you have it folks. I will be back in attendance in Lakewood tomorrow for the third game of the series.

Lakewood BlueClaws: Return Home In Slightly Better Shape Than When They Left

A week ago, they Lakewood BlueClaws left on a seven-game road trip. When they did, they departed New Jersey sporting a 7-7 record. So they were firmly on the .500 line and bunched with several other teams in the Northern Division standings in the South Atlantic League. As they return home, they now sport an 11-10 record, just above that mark.

Over the course of the past week, the team played four games in West Virginia and three in Delmarva. Two days saw the rain wash things out, but those games were made up the following days in doubleheaders. In West Virginia, the Claws took three of four from the Power. The Pittsburgh Pirates affiliates now sport a 9-12 record.

Then it was onto Delmarva. Against the Shorebirds, who are a Baltimore Orioles affiliate, Lakewood took just one of the three games. This brought Delmarva’s record to 10-11, which puts them third in the division. That is just one spot behind the Claws, who hold second at the moment. First place is currently held by the 13-7 Hagerstown Suns.

So while it was not the greatest road trip, it still leaves the team from New Jersey in a slightly better spot than they were at a week prior. They won’t be home for very long however.

Tonight is the first of a four-game series against the Kannapolis Intimidators, an affiliate of the Chicago White Sox. Following this series, the Philadelphia Phillies affiliates will hit the road for another seven-game road trip. This time they will head to Charleston for three, followed by four at Columbia.

But back to the series that starts tonight. Tonight’s game will see the first pitch at 6:35 pm EST and see Adonis Medina toe the rubber for Lakewood. He will be opposed by Bernardo Flores. I am pleased to announce that I personally will be in attendance for this game tonight for the Inscriber Magazine.

The series will continue with games on Friday (7:05), Saturday (4:05) and Sunday (1:05). I will once again be in attendance for Saturday’s game as well.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield: Killing Off Fitz Would Be a Bold But Smart Move

If you are a fan of Marvel’s Agents of Shield, you are probably a bit conflicted at the moment. This season has been fairly strong and progressively getting better. However, rumors persist that the show will be canceled following the conclusion of the current fourth season.

But let’s put that conversation behind us for the time being. Fans need to focus on what is currently going on right now. The season is 22 episodes long. The episode that will be airing tomorrow (Tuesday, April 25th), titled “All the Madame’s Men”, will be episode 19.

That means we have just four more episodes left in the season. Very possibly the entire series. That means things need to wrap up a bit, and in a hurry. That leads us to one of the best parts of this current pod of episodes (The Framework): Evil Fitz.

Ever since the show has started the Framework storyline, things have felt fresh. We have gotten to see new sides of characters that we have never really seen before. Ward is back, and actually seems to care about others. Simmons has truly grown into her own, proving she is one tough chick. But on the flipside, we have seen Fitz turn on those he cares about.

In this alternate reality, Fitz has been given power. Lots of power. He is working side by side with Aida/Madame Hydra, whom he is partially responsible for bringing to life. As a result, he has always felt a bond with her. Over the course of the season, she has grown more and more villainous. Poor Fitz has been blinded by attraction, joining on her decent down the dark hole.

But fans have been given the impression that this is what Fitz is truly like deep down. Fitz is tired of being a nobody. He is tired of being pushed around. He finally has the control and he is not letting it go. Sure he needs to make some cold hearted decisions, but they do not seem to be affecting him.

This includes shooting and killing a totally innocent woman. That is hands down been the most shocking moment of the season. But guess what, it are decisions like those that have made Agents of Shield so fun to watch the last few weeks.

But Marvel is going to be facing another hard decision in regards to Fitz in the coming four episodes. Do you kill off Fitz? While it may be hard to justify to some fans, the correct answer to that question is yes.

For starters, when we met the team in season one, Fitz and Simmons were essentially one character. The two had amazing chemistry and were always by each other’s sides. As the years have gone on, these two have seen so many ups and downs. But they always came back to one another when things were all said and done.

However, one thing they have never reached is a truly happy ending. Every time the two get close to one another in a romantic/relational aspect, things go south. So one would imagine they get their fairytale ending come the end of the series. Given this could be that end, fans are certainly expecting Simmons to turn Fitz back to the good side.

It is the character progressions this season that makes me side against this, however. As I mentioned earlier, Simmons has truly broken out as of late. She has proven she does not need Fitz. Jemma is more than capable of handling business on her own. She is not just a lab geek anymore. Now she is a full on agent.

As for Fitz, we have seen his true colors. While this is a fake reality, it is drawn from each person’s true feelings/emotions. So there is something inside of Fitz that is willing to kill to hold onto power. I simply do not see any way of Fitz coming back from this.

Not only have fans witnessed this transformation, but so have the team. Once they get out of the framework, can you really justify the team members forgiving Fitz for what he has done. While he killed Agnes in the Framework, he also killed her in the real world as a result.

So the most logical ending to this season would be to have Simmons killing Fitz. The former lovers were once inseparable. But now they have gone down two very different paths. I picture a scene where Fitz is holding Skye/Daisy at gunpoint.

He is at a standoff with the rest of the team. Simmons and Coulson try to convince him to put the gun down. But no dice. Then Fitz turns the gun in Simmons direction. At which point she pulls her trigger. Talk about a way to end the season and having fans ask for more!

This would help cement Simmons’ new found persona. She will have made the crucial decision to take out the man she once loved for the safety and betterment of the team. But there will always be a part of her that feels guilty going forward.

So while it is hard to take out such a fan favorite character like Fitz, it is the correct call thanks to the way things have unfolded. It is also bold. But bold decisions are what make or break a television show.

So what are your thoughts? Do you want to see Agents of Shield kill off Fitz? Do you think the show will be renewed for a fifth season? Tell us what you think in the comments!

A Passionate But Uneducated Fan’s 2017 NFL Draft First Round Mock Draft

Being a sports fan is a wonderful thing. Unlike weekly television shows, which go on hiatus for long stretches, there is never a down time in the sporting world. Yes, each sport has its season. But when one ends, another is just beginning.

So while it was sad to see the NFL season come to an end back in February, when the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons, there was a ray of light. The MLB season was getting ready to roll as Spring Training was underway. The college basketball world was gearing up for its stretch run. The NHL and NBA were each getting close to the close of their regular seasons.

Since that time, the North Carolina Tarheels won the NCAA Tournament. The MLB regular season has gotten underway. And the NHL and NBA started their postseasons. But now it is time for the NFL to jump back into the spotlight for a bit.

That is because the 2017 NFL Draft is nearly upon us. The first round will take place next Thursday, April 27th. While I do not follow college football very closely, I cannot help but get excited when the draft rolls around. It is always fun to see what players each team add to their rosters.

But even more importantly, it is always a fun time predicting each pick. And that is where a good mock draft comes into play. So while I am not the most informed fan in terms of knowing the players that will be selected, I am still a football fan. And the next few slides will run through my predictions for all 32 first round picks!

1) Cleveland Browns – DE Myles Garrett, Texas A&M: You can argue all you want that the Browns need a quarterback. But they also desperately need defense. Given this quarterback field seems to be on the weaker side, and the team has another pick at 12, the signal caller can wait. Cleveland gets a top notch defensive player that they will look to anchor around for years to come in Garrett.

2) San Francisco 49ers – QB DeShaun Watson, Clemson: Like the Browns, San Fran can go in a few different directions. That’s because they were so bad that they have plenty of needs. One of these teams are going to throw everyone for a loop by taking the first quarterback. And I do not think the wait will be long. The Niners pull the trigger and hope Watson is their man for years down the road.

3) Chicago Bears – DE Solomon Thomas, Stanford: The Bears can use plenty of help on the defensive side of the ball. Almost every position on that side of the ball can be upgraded with this pick. It will come down to either Thomas or Marshon Lattimore. While the secondary help would be huge, the Bears cannot pass on the upside of Thomas. The man from Stanford will look to bring back the power to the defense in the Windy City.

4) Jacksonville Jaguars – TE O.J. Howard, Alabama: Not often do you see a tight end go this early in the draft. But with Julius Thomas now in Miami, the Jags are in need of some weapons on offense. Howard will do just that. He will immediately become one of the team’s best offensive talents, and will likely be used heavily when it comes to getting the ball in the end zone.

5) Tennessee Titans – CB Marshon Lattimore, Ohio State: The Titans have two major needs. Their secondary and their wide receivers. They will be absolutely ecstatic to see Lattimore there at five. With there being no clear cut number one wide-out, taking the corner is an easy choice here. Lattimore is not only one of the more talented players in the draft, but he also fills that huge hole the club has.

6) New York Jets – RB Leonard Fournette, LSU: The Jets need a lot of help on offense. A quarterback is certainly a strong possibility here. But my gut tells me they pass and chance they get the guy they want at pick 39. With Matt Forte now over 30, the team will look for their back of the future. Sure Bilal Powell is a nice back, but he is no Fournette. The J-E-T-S will just not be able to pass on the talent as they look towards the future.

7) Los Angeles Chargers – CB Malik Hooker, Ohio State: No surprise, Ohio State gets their second player taken and we are only seven players deep. The Chargers will need to upgrade the defense in some shape or form with this pick. Being in a new home, there will be plenty of spotlight on them. While most may point to safety here, I’m taking the corner.

8) Carolina Panthers – RB Christian McCaffrey, Stanford: Alabama isn’t the first or second team that will see two players taken in the first ten picks, as Stanford sees their second player go here. It is time to find the heir apparent to Jonathan Stewart and all of his injury issues. The Panthers will look to give Cam Newton another weapon he can work with in the coming years. Their offense can certainly use a few upgrades and it will all start here.

9) Cincinnati Bengals – LB Rueben Foster, Alabama: Everyone is saying Foster will slide down the board following a failed drug test. But guess what. The Bengals have a history of taking guys with red flags. So they will look past the drug test, and base their pick solely on the need to improve their defense and Foster’s talent. I could see them trading down if they feel Foster is their guy and they feel comfortable in him sliding.

10) Buffalo Bills – QB Mitch Trubisky, UNC: The Bills need a young face to build their franchise around. Sammy Watkins has been to up and down in his career, mainly thanks to injuries, to be considered the name fans clamor for. As much as I love LeSean McCoy, he is getting up there in age. If Trubisky can prove to be that guy, the Bills can find themselves on the up and up in the next few years.

11) New Orleans Saints – S Jamal Adams, LSU: Talk about a perfect match. The Saints can use some help in the secondary. Adams is from LSU. So why not keep the youngster in the same state. Fans will likely love the pick, as they will be very familiar with the name. He will certainly fill a need for the team. Appeasing the fans is just the frosting on the cake.

12) Cleveland Browns – LB Haason Reddick: The Browns started things off by helping the defense. Most will be clamoring for them to take a QB here. But with two off the board already, the Browns will pass and continue to build the defense. Defense wins championships. So the Browns will put a major focus on that side of the ball in the first round. With plenty of picks in this draft, they will avoid reaching for the wrong QB and hope the right one falls to them in the second round.

13) Arizona Cardinals – DE Jonathan Allen, Alabama: The Cardinals could go in a number of different directions. They could opt to take a new signal caller. They could try to upgrade their receiving corps. Or they could tackle any number of defensive positions. So they simply opt for the best available player. And that player is Allen, who simply shouldn’t be on the board at this point.

14) Philadelphia Eagles – WR Mike Williams, Clemson: The Eagles have added several wideouts this offseason. But remember, Alshon Jeffery is only playing on a one-year deal. So the team could very well look for someone who they could rely on in years to come. That is where Williams comes in. He can sit back this season, around fourth on the depth chart, and learn. Then moving forward, he can elevate himself into Wentz’s top target.

15) Indianapolis Colts – OL Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin: The Colts need to find a way to keep Andrew Luck on his feet and healthy. That starts by protecting him no matter the cost. That starts by using a first-round selection on an offensive lineman. Ramczyk is the best name out there this year in my eyes, so that’s where I see them going with this pick.

16) Baltimore Ravens – WR John Ross, Washington: The Ravens have not really had much luck with wide receivers as of late. They really haven’t had a true number one in I don’t know how many years. Kamar Aiken is now in Indy. So the team is in desperate need of upgrading the position. I would be shocked if they didn’t go the route of a wide receiver.

17) Washington Redskins – S Jabrill Peppers, Michigan: Way back before draft season kicked into high gear, I recall seeing Peppers name as a top five or so pick. Lately, it seems like he could fall out of the first round. So I am going to split the difference and have him fall somewhere in the middle of this round. Yes he has flaws, but he also has plenty of talent. The Redskins will take the gamble.

18) Tennessee Titans – WR Corey Davis, Western Michigan: The Titans addresses their first big concern with their first pick. Now they take care of prime need number two. That comes in the form of someone who can catch passes. Davis will be the guy the Titans hope breaks their streak of busts at the position in the early rounds.

19) Tampa Bay Bucs – DL Derek Barnett, Tennessee: At this point in the first round, the defensive lineman are starting to get a bit jumbled in terms of where they rank. The Bucs have a few needs they could focus on, but I see them looking to address the defense.  Barnett happens to be my next rated player who fits their needs. So that’s where I have them going.

20) Denver Broncos – OT Cam Robinson, Alabama: The Broncos could use some upgrades along the offensive line. If they want their offensive weapons (CJ Anderson, Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders) to be used properly, they need to keep who ever is under center on their feet. Robinson comes from a school that has produced plenty of NFL starters, so the Broncos will hope he is the next one in that long line of names.

21) Detroit Lions – DL Taco Charlton, Michigan: This is where the “uneducated” part of me comes out. As a fan, I can’t help but root for a guy named Taco to get drafted. I have seen his name bandied about in the first round in a few mock drafts, but not all. The Lions need defense. Charlton is from Michigan. So Lions fans will be screaming “We want Taco!”.

22) Miami Dolphins – LB Jarrad Davis, Florida: I am going to stick with the theme of a player staying in the same state. I see Davis as a solid upgrade for the Dolphins defense. As the top remaining defender on my board who is not in the secondary, I think this would be a good fit.

23) New York Giants – OL Forrest Lamp, Western Kentucky: The Giants have had some success in the past drafting lineman in the early rounds. Yet, they still always seem to have a need there. So while they have had guys work out, they could still use some more reinforcements. Lamp fits what they like to do. So there will be a new Lamp in town when the Giants suit up for their first game.

24) Oakland Raiders – CB Gareon Conley, Ohio State: Conley simply put should not be on the board this late. But my gut tells me that the corners slide a bit as there seems to be a rather large group bunched together in the rankings. Once one goes, many more will follow. So be prepared to see a handful of cornerbacks coming in the next eight picks.

25) Houston Texans – QB Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech: The Texans need a new quarterback. Plain and simple. Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden simply are not going to cut it. Mahomes will serve the role of hometown hero, as he played college ball in Texas. So what better combo, right? Mahomes will look to be the savior in Texas.

26) Seattle Seahawks – CB Tre’Davious White, LSU: The Seahawks could certainly use help in the secondary. Richard Sherman is not getting any younger. White is next on my list at the position. So that’s why he is my pick here for Seattle.

27) Kansas City Chiefs – LB Charles Harris, Missouri: I struggled a bit in nailing down this pick. I considered several offensive players, as I do feel that is their prime weakness. But as much as I wanted to go offense, I just couldn’t find the guy I felt was the right fit. So by default, I ended up on my top rated remaining defensive player, Charles Harris.

28) Dallas Cowboys – CB Marlon Humphrey, Alabama: The cornerback train continues. And it will for a few more picks. The Cowboys need secondary help more than anything else. They land on Mr. Humphrey.

29) Green Bay Packers – CB Kevin King, Washington: Just like the Cowboys, Green Bay is in need of some assistance in the secondary. Next stop on the cornerback train, Kevin King.

30) Pittsburgh Steelers – CB Adoree’ Jackson, USC: Last one, I promise. The Steelers have a few holes on the defensive side of things. I also considered a tight end here, as I think Ladarius Green is a bust. But at the end of the day, I still see corner as their top need where there is still a player I see fitting.

31) Atlanta Falcons – TE David Njoku, Miami: Njoku could very well be gone by now. But tight ends rarely get love in the first round of the NFL Draft. That is why I see him taking a bit of a fall. The Falcons already have a potent offense. But every since Tony Gonzalez retired, they really haven’t had a player at the position that fans know. Njoku can make a dangerous offense even more deadly.

32) New Orleans Saints – RB Dalvin Cook, Florida State: Cook is a great compliment to Mark Ingram in my eyes. The Saints used to be all about the air game. But now that Brandin Cooks is gone, things could very well shift more towards a ground attack. Things started in that direction in more recent years, and the transformation becomes complete with this pick.

So there you have it! Do you agree with any of my picks? Who do you want your favorite team to pick? Tell us in the comments!

Thor: Ragnarok – What Role Will Loki Play In The Upcoming Marvel Film?

If you are a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, things are about to heat up. Fans have not gotten anything new since Doctor Strange came out last November. But that is about to change. On May 5th, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 will be coming to theaters.

That is just the start of the fun for 2017 however. For the first time, Marvel Studios will be dropping three films in a single calendar year. So while I am super excited for Guardians, as well as Spider-Man: Homecoming, it is the MCU’s third film of the year I am most looking forward to. For those of you that are unaware, that film is Thor Ragnarok.

Before we get into the heart of this article, let’s just watch the films trailer. Because it is freakin awesome.

Ok, do I have your attention now? If you want to watch the trailer another time or ten, by all means, feel free. I know I have. But now it is time to get down to business.

There is going to be a lot going on in this film. Mjolnir gets blown up. Hela is hellbent on destroying Asgard. Thor gets banished to Sakaar and goes head to head with Hulk, gladiator style. Doctor Strange makes an appearance. So where exactly will Loki fit into the grand scheme of things?

Well, let’s start with what we do know. That is the fact that Loki was the one sitting on the thrown in Asgard the last time we were there. That was also the last time we saw the mischievous half-brother of Thor. The God of Thunder left not knowing this fact however, as the God of Mischief had disguised himself as Odin.

The next layer we add in is the fact that the last time we saw Thor (not counting the credit scene with the Sorceror Supreme), he was flying off to Asgard. At this time, he was still not aware of Loki’s presence on the throne. Keep all of this in mind as we continue on.

In the trailer, we are can spot Loki three times. Let’s run through these before piecing some things together.

First off, if you look close enough, you can see someone standing next to Thor when the energy blows him backward following the demolition of the mighty hammer. That person is very likely to be Loki. This scene appears to take place in a New York alleyway, and based on what we learned from Doctor Strange, Loki is in New York at the same time Thor visits.

The second time we see our favorite villain he appears to be on Sakaar. He is flipping his daggers while wearing an iconic helmet. It are the characters in the background that signal this scene will take place on the planet that is home to the gladiator battles.

This makes sense, since the next time we see him he is most certainly on the planet. After the true son of Odin shouts in excitement after seeing Hulk as his opponent, we get a look at a long couch. On one side, The Grandmaster looks puzzled. On the other, a concerned looking Loki.

When piecing all of the clues together, I feel like I have an inkling of where Loki may play into this movie. And it all starts with him back on the throne following the events of Thor: The Dark World.

Since he is in charge, he can do whatever he wants. As a result, he could very well set some prisoners free. One of those prisoners will turn out to be Hela. Immediately, Hela will set out to destroy Asgard. This will be because it was Odin who had her put away. Hence, she will be out for revenge.

Loki will immediately see the threat to his power. As a result, he will head to New York. That will be because that is where he banished Odin. And he realizes Odin is likely the only one who can take down the powerful villain.

During all of this time, Thor will have ventured to Asgard. He will have realized what Loki has been up to, as well as see Hela’s initial destruction. He will then chase Loki to New York, as he too would like to find Odin. This is where he will come across Doctor Strange.

I do not think his appearance will be more than a glorified cameo. He will help the step-brothers find Odin and be on his way. Upon finding Odin, they will have a scene in which the Thor and Loki explain the situation to him. He will reveal his secret to defeating Hela. The key will be that it will be Thor, and only Thor, who will be able to take her down. Before he can fully explain, something happens: Hela shows up.

This is where we will see Mjolnir get blown to smithereens. This is also where Odin meets his maker. Hela will kill the true king of Asgard before banishing Thor to Sakaar. Loki will manage to escape.

So from this point on, Loki now knows he needs Thor in order to defeat Hela. And the real reason he wants to defeat her is because he wants to get back to ruling Asgard. This will put the character who tends to play a baddie on the side of the good guys, in a sense.

He will set out on a mission to rescue Thor from Sakaar and bring him back to Asgard in order to defeat the big bad. The scene where he is flipping his daggers will come when he arrives on the planet. He will not be greeted with open arms, but instead, must fight his way to the coliseum.

Here is where he will come across The Grandmaster.He will bargain with the Elder. They will agree to a deal in which Thor is free to go if he wins his next battle. But if he loses, Loki needs to step in and go against the Hemsworth Brother.

After the Hulk and Thor fight to a draw, The Grandmaster is not willing to let anyone go. So it will be Loki, Thor, Hulk and Valkyrie that team up to escape. They will continue on to Asgard where they will all team up to take down Hela.

So when all is said and done, I see this film as Loki’s transition from true baddie to a bit more of a middle man. He will still have his agenda. But he will be a key person in saving Thor from Sakaar.

What role do you see Loki playing in the third film in the franchise? Tell us in the comments!

Lakewood BlueClaws Fall To .500 With Loss To Hagerstown Sun

After a strong start to the season, the Lakewood BlueClaws have fallen to a .500 record. After four series in the books, the Low-A affiliates of the Philadelphia Phillies sit with a 7-7 record. Their seventh loss of the season came on Wednesday when they fell to the Hagerstown Sun.

Wednesday’s game marked the second set of games the Claws and Sun faced off. During the first week of the young season, Lakewood hit the road, where they lost three games in Hagerstown. The series that just concluded, was played at home at FirstEnergy Park. The Claws dropped two of three, with the opener being the only one that saw them come out on top.

As a result of their troubles with the Sun, Lakewood sits in a four-way tie for second in the Northern Division of the South Atlantic League. The Sun sit atop the division, mainly thanks to their 5-1 record against the BlueClaws, with a 9-5 overall record. The Claws 7-7 record is identical to Delmarva, Greensboro and West Virginia.

The clustered standings will make the upcoming seven-game road trip even more crucial. The team will begin a four-game set at West Virginia against the Power, who are affiliates of the Pittsburgh Pirates, tonight at 7:05 pm EST. Ranger Suarez will be taking the hill for the BlueClaws, looking to earn his first win of the young season.

The following three games will see Adonis Medina, Nick Fanti and Bailey Falter toe the rubber. This will be the first time the two teams face off in 2017.

The Claws will then close their road trip with a three-game series in Delmarva, starting Monday, April 24th. The team then returns home on Thursday, April 27th against Kannapolis at 6:35 pm EST.

While the record is not as great as the club would like at this point, there certainly has been some positives they can point to. Chief among them is the production of number 21, Daniel Brito, who is the team’s second baseman. Brito is currently hitting .357 with three homers, nine RBIs and three stolen bases.

There have only been two games in which Brito has not recorded a hit. The 19-year-old from Venezuela is in the top two for most offensive numbers on the club. He is joined by outfielder Mickey Moniak, the first overall pick from a year ago.

Moniak has not disappointed to open the season. His .283 average is third best on the roster, while he leads the team with 11 RBIs and four stolen bases. Be sure to keep an eye on both of these young talents when you head to the ballpark this season. If they keep producing like they are now, they won’t be in Lakewood too long, as they are poised to climb the ladder.

Be sure to check back here at INSC throughout the season, as we will be bringing you coverage of the BlueClaws all year.