Game of Thrones Daenerys Jon Snow
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Game of Thrones: Bran Just as Important as Daenerys and Jon Snow

When you hear the words Game of Thrones, there are certainly a few major characters that will immediately come to mind. Daenerys Targaryen. Jon Snow. Cersei Lannister. Tyrion Lannister. While those characters are all extremely important to HBO’s most popular show, there is another character whom you can argue is the most important of them all. […]

Green Bay Packers Defensive Preview
Green Bay Packer Defense
Green Bay Packers NFL Preview Edition

Green Bay Packers: Defensive Preview – Can they improve on 2016?

Most fans hear the team name of the Green Bay Packers and immediately think of their offense. Aaron Rodgers is the face of the franchise after all, so that is not a huge surprise. When you have a quarterback of his caliber, that side of the ball is going to get the majority of the […]

Justice League Superman
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Justice League: Maybe It’s a Parademon, Not Superman, Alfred Sees in Trailer

It has been a great year for superhero films. First we got Logan. Then we got Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 and Wonder Woman. Those were followed by Spider-Man: Homecoming. But the best part is, we aren’t even done yet. Next up we have Thor: Ragnarok in early November. But that’s not all, as a few weeks later we will […]

Game of Thrones Daenerys
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Game of Thrones: Is Daenerys’ Dragon Viserion Set To Die?

At the start of season seven of Game of Thrones, things were looking extremely well for Daenerys Targaryen and her team. But three episodes into the season, and the tides have turned. Cersei Lannister and her forces have taken the upper hand, eliminating a number of Dany’s supporters. It started with Euron, who has pledged his […]

Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom: Smurf, Baz, J and Pope Are on a Collision Course

The Cody family is poised for an implosion in the very near future on TNT’s hit series Animal Kingdom. When season two started, Smurf’s boys had had enough. They were tired of her rules and walked out. Now that we are eight episodes into the 13 episode season, there is even more tension within the family. In […]

Avengers: Infinity War Ant-Man
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Avengers: Infinity War – Why Isn’t Ant-Man on The Comic-Con Poster?

Marvel is about nine months away until they release what is hands down the biggest superhero film of all time. That movie is, of course, Avengers: Infinity War. Luckily for fans, the D23 Expo and Comic-Con International, which were both held last month, meant some details about the massive film coming out. The studio even showed […]

Game of Thrones Cersei
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Game of Thrones: Cersei’s Carelessness Will Be Her Downfall

Characters are dropping like flies on Game of Thrones. All of the Sand Snakes are gone. Ellaria Sand is as good as gone, left to rot away in a dungeon. Lady Olenna went out like a total boss, but nonetheless, is gone. Melisandra and Varys may still be living, but according to the Red Priestess, both […]