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Selena Gomez is wise to take break from music to focus on health

In an era where athletes, musicians, and entertainers often take their health for granted it’s good to know that a young talent will do what’s not only best for her career but for her life as well. It was reported that Pop singer and actress, Selena Gomez will take a break from music and deal with her health issues […]

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Pretty Little Liars Theories: Why Caleb makes the perfect Uber A

As Pretty Little Liars winds down and we get ready to head into the final stretch of last episodes beginning in 2017 we are still left wondering who’s Uber A? We found out that “A” was Charlotte, but this new and improved “A” plays the game on a different level. This season is about revenge, […]

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Hip-Hop: Is this the end for Lil Wayne?

Earlier Saturday morning rapper Lil Wayne hinted with a cryptic tweet that he is mentally defeated and wants to leave gracefully. Is this a message to his fans that he has decided to put an end to his rap career? If so, what does this mean for his place in Hip Hop? I AM NOW DEFENSELESS AND mentally […]

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Hip Hop: Why No Love is Eminem’s greatest verse

Every rapper has one, the one they can place on an application for entry into Hip Hop Hall of Fame and say “this is the reason I deserve to be inducted”. Now, I’m not saying every rapper will make it, because, let’s be honest 60% of the artists throughout history are trash. But Eminem is […]

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Spider-Man: Homecoming: Why Marisa Tomei is perfect for Aunt May role

With the new Spider-Man: Homecoming movie not set to hit theaters until 2017, the casting of Marisa Tomei of Aunt May was just as important as Tom Holland as Peter Parker. With Homecoming going back to its original roots of a younger version of Spider-Man it was only fitting that Marvel went in the same direction for […]

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ABC may have a hit on their hands with Designated Survivor starring Kiefer Sutherland

ABC has upped the ante with the Keifer Sutherland starred, Designated Survivor. The show centers around Tom Kirkman, a lower-level White House cabinet member who is appointed the “DS” title. The Designated Survivor is a person who has sequestered away from the U.S. Capitol Building during a President’s State of the Union address in case an awful event happens where […]

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Empire: 5 things to watch for during season 3

On September 21, 2016, Fox’s Empire will make its Season 3 debut on what should be another star-studded event. Empire has been known for its music, shady family encounters, and celebrity guest spots. But what will the new season give us, will it be better than the first two and will it return to a […]