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Justice League trailer instant reactions

The official Justice League trailer dropped today and I couldn’t be more excited. Something about this trailer had a different feel than previous iterations of DC movies. The movie had an upbeat vibe, sarcastic wit, and amazing visual effects. Then I watched it again. Something about this trailer made me briefly replay the events of […]

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Batman: 5 villains we want in the next movies.

Fans have been up in arms since the release of Batman V Superman. Some loved the movie, most others hated it. Now every bit of news surrounding future films is over analyzed with a fine toothed comb. One thing’s for certain, fans will always look forward to the next iteration of Batman. It’ll be hard […]

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Miami Dolphins: Consistency is key.

The Miami Dolphins made big moves in a small way this offseason. The team enjoyed their first semi-successful season in years. So how did the Dolphins respond? The 2017 offseason for Miami was all about sending a message. If players step up and do their jobs, the money will come. The Dolphins aren’t spending the […]

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Must-play games: Forza Horizon 3

One of the hardest style games to get into for me is racing. Too many racing games are cookie cutter copies of the previous one. Now I’m not a huge fan of racing games, I’ll admit. However, if they’re even the slightest bit fun I can play for hours. I’ve been so bored with racing, […]

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Wonder Woman: Let go of expectations.

No matter how good Wonder Woman is, it will be met with unnecessary criticism. Even after the exciting appearance in Batman vs Superman fans aren’t very receptive. All over social media, people are still bashing Warner Bros and DC for their choice in characters. The continued negativity is largely based on what people think the […]

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What to Stream: The Last Man on Earth (Hulu)

When it comes to television, everyone’s already telling you to watch Game of Thrones. People will urge you to watch The Walking Dead. If you’re a girl you have to watch Grey’s Anatomy. So many people push you to the bigger named shows, it’s hard to find the hidden gems. One of the most awkwardly […]

Get Out
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Get Out: Review –

One of the most talked about movies in theaters right now is Get Out. Word of mouth has spread faster than any advertisement for the movie could have hoped. In its third weekend at the box office, it surpassed the $100 million mark. Not too shabby for a film that reportedly cost just $5 million […]