Miami Dolphins NFL

Miami Dolphins: 3 Things to Watch against the Atlanta Falcons

Any die hard fan has the same thought come the middle of August, “Finally, football is on!”. The not so obsessed will throw out the “Who cares? These games are meaningless”. No matter what side of the fence you sit on, preseason football is finally here. For Miami Dolphins fans it has been yet another […]

Colin Kaepernick

Signing Colin Kaepernick will raise eyebrows but not win totals

Over the past few weeks, there has been plenty debate over whether Colin Kaepernick deserves a second chance in the NFL. There is the side that thinks he’s far too talented to be unemployed and the NFL is blackballing him out of a career due to his political protests. Then there’s the other side who […]

New England Patriots Offensive Preview
New England Patriots Offense
New England Patriots NFL Preview Edition

New England Patriots: Offensive Preview – Could be a record setting year?

The New England Patriots have had one of the best offenses in the league since Tom Brady took over. They might not always be the flashiest attack in the game, but they get the job done year after year. They have been working with a similar formula for so long. Statistically they rarely lead the […]

New England Patriots LB Dont'a Hightower
Dont'a Hightower - Linebacker, New England Patriots
New England Patriots NFL Preview Edition

New England Patriots: Defensive Player Spotlight – LB Dont’a Hightower

When the 2016 season ended, all hell broke loose for the New England Patriots as one of their staples on defense appeared to be walking away. After a Super Bowl victory and a soon to be pay day, linebacker Dont’a Hightower seemed to be linked to almost every team in the league. There was a […]

Buffalo Bills DB Tre'Davious White
Tre'Davious White - Defensive Back - Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills NFL Preview Edition

Buffalo Bills: Defensive Player Spotlight – Tre’Davious White

In 2017, the Buffalo Bills will ask a lot of their rookie players. With a strong draft, the team went out and picked up the caliber of players who could come in and make an immediate impact. Their first round pick Tre’Davious White will be a prime example of that. With the AFC East featuring […]

Miami Dolphins WR DeVante Parker
DeVante Parker - Wide Receiver, Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins NFL Preview Edition

Miami Dolphins: 2017 Breakout Candidate – WR DeVante Parker

When an NFL team has as much talent at one position, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. The Miami Dolphins have their fair share of talented wide receivers and DeVante Parker has not become the playmaker they had hoped for. When the Dolphins drafted Parker, they expected a red zone threat that […]

Tyrod Taylor QB Buffalo Bills
Tyrod Taylor - Quarterback, Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills NFL Preview Edition

Buffalo Bills: Offensive Player Spotlight – QB Tyrod Taylor

One of the long-lasting effects of a Rex Ryan run team is the lack of development. All too often, Ryan has built success around a strong defense and a solid run game. His time spent with the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills directly reflect that. Both of those teams failed to produce a franchise […]