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Opinion: Why The NFL National Anthem Controversy Is A No-Win Scenario

As if the NFL didn’t have enough problems before this national anthem hogwash began. The plate was filled up by a commissioner with the public relations skills of a dung beetle before Colin Kaepernick first opened his mouth. Not to mention the game faces issues like: A myriad of penalties that kill momentum and enjoyability […]

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Fake News! How CNN Can Rebound From Their Latest Embarrassments

CNN has been “exposed” as fake news. Not just liberal news, they’ve always been that, but they’ve crossed the line. The continued and constant coverage concerning possible collusion amongst the president and Russian hackers has led to scandal. According to tape recordings, CNN has found nothing, but still pushes the story regardless. They fired three […]

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Opinion: How Trump Hate Is Allowing Kathy Griffin To Mock Bullied Victims

The malicious atmosphere surrounding President Trump, the United States and in part, the world, is becoming almost unbelievable. Every day I wake up, read the basic news, and wonder if I’m reading a novel by an author who has Baldacci, Clancy, Grisham and any other political drama guys all wrapped up inside William Golding’s “Lord […]

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Opinion: How Rachel Maddow’s Unprofessional Bias Led To Her National Embarassment

Most of the time, this journalist feels bad if he sees someone mortified in front of an audience. I’ve been there before and it doesn’t feel good. At all. So, I naturally don’t like anyone to feel that way. However, Rachel Maddow is an exception after her stupendous gaffe involving Donald Trump’s tax returns Tuesday […]

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Opinion: How The Daily Beast’s Jenna Jameson Article Defines “Fake News”

The Daily Beast published an article  about Jenna Jameson’s “transformation” into a vocal political Twitter user who voices her support for Israel and her opposition to Islam. The idea behind such a piece is to interview Jameson and basically ask her why all the change? Surrounding her quotes would be the quotes of her friends, […]

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How Baylor University outdid Penn State in collegiate horror stories

I was reading about Game of Thrones when I heard the Facebook Messenger ding on my iPhone. I look at it and I see that my boss, Robert Cobb, has messaged me. Rob: Got a special assignment for you. Cog: Sup? Rob: Need you to rip Baylor a new one. Rob wouldn’t tell me the […]

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Baylor Football: Why we should not expect a major punishment despite new lawsuit

The revelation made this past week about Baylor University fills another shadowy chapter in the annals of collegiate athletics, something that’s supposed to revolve around games meant to be fun. However, what’s fun eventually involves money and where there is money, there is typically sex and power. Money, sex, and power are the three basic […]