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Politics: Why Russian Hacking Is The Latest Liberal Excuse

There was at least 18 months of campaigning and media coverage surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election. Now, it’s been roughly six weeks since Donald Trump became President-Elect of the United States and STILL being talked about is why Hillary Clinton lost the election, as if the answer wasn’t already evident. I’m starting to wonder if […]

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NFL: The Lesson of Brock Osweiler

A New York writer friend of mine, Damon Salvadore, has oft voiced his displeasure at the current state of movie scripts. To him, they are a constant repetition of the same plot lines that are twisted up into sequels, relaunches, caricatures, or given a change of scenery. “How many ‘Fast and Furious’ are we going […]

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Entertainment: “Rogue One” is the must-see realistic war film of the Star Wars universe

In a word: Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. That’s how I’d describe the total package that is “Rogue One,” Disney’s latest edition to the Star Wars universe. It didn’t seem that way at points in the middle, but by the end, the final product was ironed out and a genuine pleasure. The first of the stand-alone Star […]

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Opinion: Why Jeff Fisher Lasted As Long As He Did

It took Jeff Fisher tying Dan Reeves for the number of all-time losses (165) this past Sunday for Rams owner Stan Kroenke to realize that he needed a new coach. Fisher’s ousting was a firing that was overdue five minutes after the hire was made official because Fisher has been an NFL fossil for the […]


Election: Voting For Donald Trump Does Not Make You Racist

Disclaimer: No. I did not vote for Donald Trump. Thank you. We begin with a correction. Contrary to what you might’ve heard, you are not racist if you voted for Donald Trump. No, you did not misread that. Voting for Donald Trump does not make you a racist. What’s more, voting for Donald Trump OR […]

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2016 U.S. Election: How Donald Trump Edged Hillary Clinton

they don’t understand that just because someone thinks the opposite of what they think, that doesn’t mean that other person is stupid. Many people I’ve talked to would call Donald Trump a stupid man and in kind, many people I’ve spoken to would call Hillary Clinton a stupid woman. Neither of those statements are true, […]