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Ballers season 2: 3 things we learned from HBO hit series

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HBO has struck gold again with their hit series Ballers. With the season ending episode airing Sunday night, we were given a treat as we watched the main characters deal with major personal and career defining moments. But, with most great shows, we were left with more questions than answers as we wait for season 3.

Will Eddie George forgive Spencer and remove his grievance claim so he can get his agent registration? What will Ricky do regarding his career? Will he take less money for a championship or take more to pad his bank account? Will Green’s wife stay by his side as he continues to climb the Dolphins corporate ladder?  All in all, this was the show’s best season as they went in-depth with each character.

Here are three things we learned from Season 2 of Ballers.

Ricky Needs Better People In His Corner

According to the talk, Ricky Jerret is a beast on the field, but he’s now team-less and desperate. Jerret has done an 180 this season and in the process, he has lost his mind. His inner circle used to consist of any and everybody but in Season 2 it’s just his best friend, TTD, and his father, Dennis. While both figures seem to have his ear they both seem to have an agenda and their advice is never good. Jerret was on his way to New Orleans or Los Angeles, but his dad thought he should go for more money. His dad convinced him to give the Patriots a shot, and that may have turned out to be the dagger in the back.

Never Put Success Over Your Family

Poor Charles Green. His career was done but as an athlete that still believes he can play, he’s scared to leave the game he loves. But what he’s doing in the process is pulling himself away from his family, but it’s not on purpose. His wife is loyal, but there will come the point where she will have enough. Green has a great life but with the owner, Larry Siefert dangling money and a higher title in Green’s face the offer may be too good to pass up. Green has to decide what’s more important. Come back to Miami with a corner office or return to an empty home.

Spencer Needed To Hit Rock Bottom

From the first episode, you would think that Spencer had it all, but it was a façade. In reality, he was flat broke and clinging to the hope that someone would help him get to the top. He has connections throughout the league, but we also learned that he has enemies as well. Season 2 was about his demons coming back for revenge.

We learned that he hates another agent, Andre for forcing him to lose his and others money, when it was his fault that he was so careless. He’s been avoiding doctors for his health since the beginning, only after he reached rock bottom did he decide to give in finally.

As the star of the show, it was great to see the change in his character as he had to admit to himself and others that he needed forgiveness for his wrongdoings. He’s not a bad person; he just made stupid decisions when he was younger. I can’t wait to see what season 3 has in store for him.

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