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Barack Obama: After Presidential Term Will There Be A Reality Show?

Everyone has one; TV Networks are fighting for the next big breakout show and what will be bigger than a show centered around Barack Obama and his family? Yes, I know it may be a stretch but can you imagine a camera following the former president around as he deals with life after the White House. This will not be a show centered on his political beliefs, or his stance on crime, cop killings or the death of civilians; this will be a family show. His eight years in office was about his family anyway, his relationship with Michelle and just recently the focus on his daughters as they have grown up right before our eyes during his term.

Most Americans were intrigued by this family the moment it was announced he would be running and during his term, the curiosity only grew but how much do we know about the family man? Is Barack strict, does he have friends over when it’s time to watch the game, can he cook, what’s Obama like at a family function? Is he like the rest of us and likes to crack jokes on close friends, does he talk trash while sitting in a barbershop? These questions may seem strange but aren’t these the same answers we look for when we watch the other 1,000 or so reality TV shows week after week?

I know we love the silliness of them, the fights, the language and all, but it’s time we saw the human side of the coin. I want the Huxtables back before we knew about Bill’s extra activity off-screen. I want to see Michelle at someone’s wedding giving a drunk toast then hitting the dance floor, with glass in hand, shoes off, not caring if the paparazzi is snapping 100 pictures. I want to see the Obama’s before they became THE Obama’s.

What’s life like for their daughters? Recently, Malia was caught on video at Lalapalooza twerking and smoking weed, and while there was a significant fallout from it what I wanted to see was how it would be handled behind closed doors, perfect for TV. Who’s going to give her a beat down, Michelle or Barack and while doing so would little sister Sasha be in the next room laughing? I mean come on, we watch far worst crap than this.

Why not watch a show that features a young Sasha working, or Malia getting ready for college. I would love to see if Barack will have the Bad Boys Martin Lawrence and Will Smith routine down when a boy comes to pick Sasha up for a date. We can follow Malia during her deferred year of college as she will probably travel the world first, who knows maybe we could catch a love story or some binge smoking along the way.

I doubt if any of this would work, but I would watch.

And the highlight would come in Season 3 as Michelle announces that she will run for President, and we can spend the 4th season following as she hits the campaign trail.

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Mark Wilson
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