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By Sujain Thomas

To look your best, you must understand your whole body and the uniqueness of every feature. It is interesting how much your physical attributes can change with slight changes in contours or highlights on the neck, cheeks, etc.

To help you look spectacular every day, keep the following tips in mind:

  1. Right hairstyle and haircut

Long or short haircuts and subsequent hairstyle accentuate your facial appearances. Bangs highlight your eyes, depending on the color of the eyes as well as the hair color. Long hair and hair held hack or up in a ponytail will highlight some features on your face, and in most cases, change in the hairstyle or haircut transforms your facial features.

  1. Jewelry

Jewelry goes a long way in transforming looks. The right jewelry will add life or highlight the most beautiful features you have. For instance, long earrings go a long way in making your long neck look longer. Long necks are considered attractive by many thus they are perfectly accentuated by long classy earrings.

You may also consider wearing bright and attractive bracelets if your arms are your most beautiful features, which also works if you wish to wear a sleeveless top or dress. Simple chains draw attention to your neck’s curve. Most Indian ladies have long necks, and the long earrings accentuate them perfectly.

  1. Makeup and contouring

Makeup is every woman’s best friend. Why? But you love your natural looks? Well, you look breathtaking in your most natural form, with no makeup at all. However, with makeup, your appearance is subtly transformed if done well.

Contouring and blushing make your face slimmer and will draw more attention to your cheekbones, eyes and chin/forehead.

By identifying the lipstick color that matches your skin well, you will be able to highlight your lush lips actually. Eyes are better accentuated by mascara, eyeliner, and some eyeshadow.

  1. Your fashion and style

Your style and choice of fashion can break or make a statement. You should understand your body type then dress it accordingly. A simple feature like the blouse neck designs or the saree’s back cut will accentuate or wreak havoc to your fashion style.

The best sarees worn by local Indian ladies or celebrities work for them because they understand their body frames; as a result, they have the best cuts and designs of sarees for parties, awards or fashion shows. Select a neckline cut that will bring out the best of your neck and bust area.

  1. Accessories

There is a big reason why you will find many handbags, clutch bags, hair bows, pins, shoes and belts in fashion stores. These sellers and designers understand the need for accessorizing.

Therefore, they will sell these items to you whenever you are shopping for a dress or a pant. Shoes, belts, clutch/handbags transform wardrobes immensely making that plain dress even more flattering!

You should, therefore, consider accessorizing to add oomph.

In conclusion, your natural features look amazing. However, you can make your eyes, slender arms, hair, beautiful jaw bones and lips more appealing using accessories, makeup or changing your wardrobe.

Beautiful sarees, lehengas, etc. look attractive if worn in the right way, by the right body and accessorized correctly. You must, however, remember that above all these tricks; your smile is the best way of accentuating your appearance.

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