Beth Behrs would be the perfect Vivian in Pretty Woman remake

In 1990 a movie dropped that changed the life of an actress and its audience. Pretty Woman was a gamble. It was bold and brash but it worked. How could a studio take a classic storyline like Cinderella and turn her into a prostitute? But they did and it was a smash. My mother took me to see it and 26 years later, Julia Roberts is still the most stunning woman to me. But, what if Hollywood was to do a remake of this classic? Who would you like to see as the lead characters?

Personally, after thinking of this article one name popped into my head, Beth Behrs. She has the looks, the built and the nastiness to carry the load. There are more notable actresses that may have a shot but much like Roberts before this role, Behrs will be in the right spot at the right time. Have you seen “2 Broke Girls”? Her character, Caroline may be one of the funniest on TV now. She has wit, charm and just enough of a “deer in the headlights” approach to making her lovable. If she could bring that to Pretty Woman she will do Vivian proud.

As for the leading man to play the role of Edward Lewis that Richard Gere made famous would be Ryan Gosling. In the original, Lewis was Vivian’s senior and Gosling has the acting experience to pull off such a move. Lewis was the manly man, rich, smooth and dominating but Vivian brought out the softer side of him. The chemistry between Roberts and Gere is still talked about and I can envision the same for Gosling and Behrs.

As for another main character, I would love to see Jonah Hill as Lewis’ best friend and grimy business partner, Phillip Stuckey played by the great Jason Alexander. Stuckey wasn’t in many scenes but he was the so-called voice of reason throughout the movie.

The only issue I would have is the red hair. I’m sorry, but there is not another actress in Hollywood suitable to rock that. Even in a remake, they must go in another direction. This is Roberts calling card. However, if there is one person that could pull it off it would be Behrs. What made Vivian so lovable was her charisma. Behrs can do the movie but she will have to nail two scenes in particular. The first scene would be the walk through the hotel lobby on their way to the Opera. Roberts was stunning in that red dress and that walk made every man in the movie and those watching drool.

The second scene is one that I still believe was off script. The writers could not have written that in and it was just two actors having fun at the moment. But it was that moment that I fell in love with Roberts. It was the laugh she let out that seemed so real, there was no rehearsing that. If Behrs can nail the scene where Lewis opens the jewelry box with the necklace and when she goes to touch it, he closes it, almost catching her finger in the process. That’s when Roberts lets out that hearty laugh. If Behrs can nail those two scenes, she has my support.

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Mark Wilson
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