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Black Friday: 5 electronic items to buy

It’s almost that time of the year when shoppers go crazy for that one day when common sense goes out the window and adults turn into kids. Black Friday.

For some, they’ve saved up all year for this one day, and for others, they will max out all credit cards, empty back accounts and border on the line of bankruptcy just to get a deal. And guess what? I don’t blame them. All year you’ve had your eye on an item or five and are just waiting for the moment the doors open to your favorite electronic store to go nuts.

But, what are you willing to spend your hard earn money on? Here are 5 electronic items that buyers will seek.


No matter the year, computers are still one of the biggest buys on Black Friday. You can never have enough as they break and get old. Maybe your kids need one for school or you need one for the office. There are so many brands to choose from that your head will fall off just from searching. HP, Dell, and Apple are still the biggest sells and best brands but it all depends on what you’re looking for. Are you still a desktop or laptop person? Times have changed with the fat monitor that takes up the entire computer stand being replaced by the All-In-One computer. Laptops have gotten smaller, as they have one that can fit in a woman’s purse. Prices range from $100-2000.

Cell Phones:

Running neck and neck with computers is the almighty cell phone. Who doesn’t have a cell today? If prices are too high throughout the year even with the finance option, Black Friday is the day to go bonkers. Apple and Samsung are the top sellers out here and there is no real competition after the two. But, there has been a problem with the new iPhone and Samsung. There is catching fire, which may force buyers to stay clear. Most true cell phone collectors already have the newest phone so they may not want to take a step back. This may be a down year for Apple and Samsung.  Prices range from $199- $800

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I was never a big headphone person until I got tired of the noise on these New York Subways. Headphones are not what they were when I was going up. Now they have noise reduction, microphones and best of all, some are wireless. The top in the game is still Beats by Dre. The best comes with the best price tag as well, but this is Black Friday. What was a $200 price tag you can now get for half. If you are just looking for a simple pair for your phone then a price tag of $25 for Sony or Panasonic is still a great buy. Prices range from $10-$250


Might as well call this TV day. It doesn’t matter the city or store, TV’s are the hottest thing on Black Friday. For some reason, there could be a TV in every room in the house but people still believe they need another. And how could you blame them? TV’s are expensive. The good ones can cost you anywhere from $900-$3000 but Black Friday, those prices goes out the window. I remember when a 32 inch TV was considered huge. Now they have 85 inches and some screens even roll up. Everything is mounted on a wall and the picture quality is out of this world. Prices range from $199-$8000

Video Game Consoles:

For the gamer in everyone, hit that line early. And this is not just for the game consoles, this is for the accessories and games themselves. Everything will be on sale and they will go quick. I haven’t played a video game in over three years and have no idea what the going rate for one is now. But I do know that Playstation and XBox are still the king in that department. Both consoles will price in the range of $250 but you will be able to get a good deal on Black Friday for maybe half that depending on the store. Prices range from $250


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