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Business: Six Ways To Conquer Facebook With Your Company Page

So what really works with Facebook?

People are always confused about what “to-do list” will make their company Facebook page start growing, and we’re here to tell you that really doesn’t happen like you’d think. There are plenty of people and companies out there that will tell you that their ‘program’ or instructions will lead you to success on Facebook, but it’s all either a lie or uneducated guesses.

It’s a series of trial and error, trying a new tool with certain marketing techniques and a horde of stock photos or professional photos. But the good things is that we have some really good tactics for you to make your next conquest in business your Facebook page.

Buffer and Pablo by Buffer

These amazing tools are as close to perfect as possible, and they still keep putting new functions into them! Buffer finds articles, posts and quotes to suggest to you so that you can hand-pick the best content for your page. They give you 25 suggestions a day for free and allow a ‘buffer’ of 10 posts for LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter and of course, Facebook.

Pablo by Buffer allows you to add free stock photos with different filters to quotes that make your Facebook page a little more colorful and artistic. These tools have a pro membership of only $10 a month that allows 100 buffered posts for any social media and allows you to pull posts from other company RSS feeds. So if you wanted to pull posts from CNN or Fox News, you totally can with Buffer

Prompting a viral reaction

About every online marketer has used the term, “It will go viral.” Funny thing is that you can’t make things go viral, it just happens. Except for Little Baby Ice Cream, the video producer was out of his gourd enough to make something that disturbing and the internets trolls loved it up.

There is one thing you can do to drive more attention to your content though. All you have to do is ask, literally. YouTube stars usually prompt their viewers to ‘like, share and subscribe’, at least the successful ones. If you just prompt for interaction, it usually happens. Does ‘Field of Dreams’ come to mind yet?

Be controversial

Reader, I’d like to introduce you to a person you might have met on the internet. This guy is called ‘Flamer.’ Flamer is a lot like Troll, but doesn’t start the fires like Troll. Flamer gets enraged when something Flamer doesn’t like is posted. Flamer has a lot of twins too, they’re all over the internet.

But when any Flamer decides to start flaming about anything, it usually goes viral. Sometimes it’s a stupid video or someone saying a dumb thing on the internet. Flamers usually get really involved and emotional about what they’re angry about and drive traffic to your content to try and prove how wrong it is.

Little does Flamer realize that every story and every opinion has two sides. So they can really help you in marketing if you are controversial, you just have to be ready and willing to deal with the possible overloads that flamers create.

Respond to all Facebook messages within one ‘business hour’

This is so important and I cannot stress that enough. We’ve lost some clients because of the recent holidays that happened. The clients were in foreign countries and didn’t know about the tradition of the Fourth of July and our local events in Utah. We fell a little behind and didn’t respond to messages for a day. By that time they had already found other developers for two big websites.

Don’t let that happen to you, and it is really easy to do actually. I’m pretty certain you can think of three people around you that are always on Facebook, most likely related to you. Since they’re always on Facebook, why not give them a ‘referral bonus’ for every customer they chat with that becomes a sealed deal? You’d be amazed at how well it works. LinkedIn is a better place to get leads, but that’s a different topic altogether!

Be more ‘American’

There’s one thing that is pretty common when you are ‘American’ and you go to different countries. You’ll find that the honest opinion of other countries is that we are loud, boisterous, prideful and everywhere.

It works perfectly for marketing, because it gets the initial thought of ‘What is that thing doing?!?!’ into everyone’s head that you’re always doing something. For some reason it seems that the United States has a habit of breeding natural born marketers, they just don’t know it!


This is a web address shortening service provided by Google, and it allows you to index pages in the Google Searches about as fast as you could make links. Google started providing this because of Twitter characters length limits, but this makes your followers on you company Facebook page entirely traceable through these awesome little links.

Google will keep track of how many times the links are used, which give you a very good idea of which Facebook marketing tactics are working for you and which aren’t.

This article also appears on Bass Soft’s official website here.

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