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Caitlyn Jenner: The Courage of Being Transgender And Being “The New Normal”

Who’s that girl?

Thanks to her transition on the cover of Vanity Fair, Caitlyn Jenner is the most famous trans woman in the world, earning her a massive global platform in under 24 hours.

More than two million people have followed her on Twitter and she has been showered with praise – from celebrated trans actress Laverne Cox, who welcomed the news with the vernacular outburst “Yasss Gawd! Werk Caitlyn! Get it!” to President Barack Obama, who said: “It takes courage to share your story.”

Although these are great accolades many of the transgender community and celebrity world have dismissed this ‘come out’ and seen it in a much negative light.

Chris Brown has recently this week mocked Caitlyn as a ‘science project’ on Instagram with Kylie soon coming to her ‘mothers/fathers’ defense. But what do we call her now? The Mother? This is where all confusion lies. Caitlyn in her early interview was mentioning that she would like to still be classed as a ‘HE’?

Which throws into the air that She is still confused…

I think as a trans-woman who has been in the media before feels that every story is different. No transition is the same so for Caitlyn to do her story this way is her prerogative. I feel thought that the media has made her come out this way. Many people feel that Caitlyn should have been more giving to the community, should be less dramatic over it all.

The fact that in under 24 hours, Caitlyn has achieved a whopping two million followers on Twitter alone shows the enormity of her story and her followers. The thing I hate in life is that no matter who they are or what they are if someone is successful, rich or powerful another person will be jealous or want what they have!

Yes, I won’t lie as someone going through the transition I wish I could afford to have a boob job, face surgery etc. but I can’t right now so to see Caitlyn with everything I wish I had is hard but you celebrate someone’s success not fault it.

As mentioned by Caroline White on Facebook ‘There is a tweet going round that’s gone viral that I fully agree with and I quote ‘troops on Afghanistan are brave, Caitlyn Jenner is brave, people fighting cancer are brave all in their own way it’s not a competition’

With the new E! show, ‘I am Cait’ being aired July 26th at 9pm, I think the world is going to be watching this with eyes of awe not hate. This girl is constantly in the limelight imagine seeing yourself in the papers or magazines looking really awful where a pap has followed you purposely to get an ugly snap.

This would kill you so for Caitlyn to do what she is doing, to follow her heart and to do the most important thing in this stage and ‘focus on herself’ I think takes balls—sorry for the pun—and I would say that If I were to give someone who isn’t trans the chance to dress up and walk down a busy street or go to a normal club they would crap themselves.

Being transgender takes courage and a lot of hard work, stress and patience. Caitlyn is doing that plus being in the public eye! So hats off to her, work it and celebrate your life, as it’s no one else’s.

In the words of Cait herself, ‘I AM THE NEW NORMAL’

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