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Can the WWE Save The Smackdown Live Tag Team Division?


There is no doubt that WWE Smackdown Live is far superior to RAW. Although, the complete opposite can be said when it comes to the tag team division.

With teams struggling to connect with audiences, and virtually no investment on any storyline, the tag teams of Smackdown Live are in dire need of an overhaul.

RAW doesn’t hold back when it comes to tag team wrestling. With Enzo and Cass, The Club, Cesaro and Sheamus, and the New Day on the roster, the supposed A-show gets all the love.

That’s not to say Smackdown Live isn’t rich with talent. Teams such as the Uso’s, American Alpha, the Ascension, and Vaudevillans make up an impressive core of teams.

Here’s the problem for the Smackdown Live tag teams. With only two hours of wrestling, the tag division sometimes gets overlooked because of time constraints.

RAW is given a full three hours to produce their story lines, giving all of the feuds enough time to blossom. It doesn’t help that Smackdown Live will go one or two weeks without putting anyone on the tag team roster on the show.

Current Smackdown Live tag team champions, American Alpha, have yet to really establish any type of connection to the WWE Universe. This can be attributed to the lack of air time the team has received.

Alpha has got a great potential feud with the Uso’s, but since Alpha were given the belts so quickly upon their arrival to the main roster, and such a lack of character development, nobody feels the need to invest any interest in Chad Gable and Jason Jordan.

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Meanwhile, RAW gives its teams plenty of time to shine on their show. With already established teams, the WWE Universe has already become invested. Smackdown Live has a roster of relatively new or underutilized teams that haven’t gotten the attention they rightfully deserved

It would really serve Smackdown best if they spend a little more time with the tag division, building up their teams and getting them to a more prominent position on the roster.

American Alpha should be the premier tag team on not only Smackdown Live, but RAW as well. They’ve got the charisma and in-ring ability to carry the division. This is why it’s so unfortunate that WWE continues to book then so poorly.

If the tag team division on Smackdown Live continues down this path, it would make the titles less and less relevant. Of course, as teams such as the Revival, #DIY, and a potential New Day to Smackdown rumor, come into play, things might change dramatically for the show.

It’s really a wait and see approach, because there is so much opportunity with the tag teams on SD Live. It’s just time we see that. Hopefully, a little more emphasis will be put on the division after Wrestlemania.

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