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Can they please move up the Tupac All Eyez On Me movie?

As a huge Tupac Shakur fan, I am excited that we will finally get to see his biopic hit theaters in 2017 after so many delays. But, why the wait? I get that releasing it on his birthday is symbolic but I’m tired of waiting. Don’t blame me, blame the success of the New Edition Story.

After seeing the movie on BET it struck me just how much we have become accustomed to horror, superheroes and unbelievable action moves we have been forced to watch. All Eyez On Me will not win an Oscar but this is a movie the world is anticipating. With a summer release it will have to do battle with a slew of superhero movies from DC and Marvel and while the audience may be ready, the studios should have thought it through better.

All Eyez On Me will be epic in what it means not only to Tupac fans but moviegoers in general. See, what BET was able to do with the New Edition story was prove, that if given the proper outlet that a beautiful story could be told and have fans wanting more. Right now, it’s all about Spider-Man, Captain America, Superman and the Justice League while Pac has been placed on the back burner. It’s like a new TV show debuting at the same time The Walking Dead comes on. It’s not a great situation to be placed in.

The success of the NE story should have had the studio push All Eyez On Me up to cash in on what was a monumental win for the African-American experience to go along with Fences and Hidden Figures. At that point, after the success those movies had, the studio should have put out a press release and said the film is moved up to April.

This may just be the rant of a fan but I’m ready. I’m tired of watching grown men in tights, non-funny comedies and Vin Diesel flipping a car 100 times and walking away without a scratch. I need something real in my life. I need All Eyez On Me.


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Mark Wilson
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