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Castle: The Spinoff Should Focus On These Characters

Since Castle ended there have been rumors galore that a spinoff was in the works, but we have yet to hear any real conformation on the show. With reports that the show ended due to its two stars not getting along, ABC did what they felt was best and pulled the plug on the highly successful drama.

Nathon Fillion and Stana Katic were the headliners but to say the show can’t go on with them is not true. Through 8 seasons the fans have built a relationship with more than Richard Castle and Kate Beckett. The tag team partner duo of Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan alone could carry a show but how can we forget Castle’s sidekicks in his P.I. Firm, his daughter Alexis and their adopted crime fighting partner, Hayley Shipton? Those four could and should be the centerpieces to any hopeful spin-off.

Here is why this would work.

Go back through Season 8 and you would see that while they were still very much the center of attention the show did begin to focus more on the other storylines. Kevin and his family issues, Espo and the women in his life, Hayley and her background and how Alexis was becoming more and more like her father when it came to solving crimes. Castle and Beckett’s so-called feud forced the writers to place them inside their own private bubble with the rest of the world still going on with their everyday life.

I hate to say it but the show will survive and do rather well without either person involved. If one was to return without the other, the show will have an awkward feeling to it. If Castle were to return without Beckett each episode would be forced to have some sort of reference to where her character is, thus taking attention away from what is sure to be a great story. I can see a scene now and how it will go:

Espo: ” Hey Castle, since your wife is the Governor, how about free tickets to the next Black Tie affair”

Or another episode:

Alexis: “Dad how do you and Beckett deal with this long distance marriage”

Those may not be the exact words but you get the point, and it would be vice versa for Kate if Castle was the one to be left off the show. We know together it can’t work, but separate it would be a train wreck. Personally, as the show ended I thought it was over, but as I sat and watched Season 8 over it dawned on me that there are still great stories to be told here.

The P.I. Firm would just be handed to Alexis and Hayley, Espo and Kevin are still partners who will offer support to the ladies. While Tamela Jones character will not be back, they will just have to find another M.E. to take over. I would still keep Vikram as the Precinct’s tech nerd and let him help both parties, Martha will still make an appearance every few episodes but the show would be centered around the new leads.

The show would work and will thrive because of its devoted fans. Normally the writers would have to kill off a major character to ignite life back into a series after a few seasons but all ABC has to do is let Castle and Beckett ride off into the sunset and let the show do the rest. I’m a huge fan of the show but I am also a fan of the supporting cast.

They could focus more on their personal lives outside of the crime solving. Kevin and Jenny’s marriage, Espo on the woman prowl, Alexis looking for love, more on Hayley’s involvement with MI-6, those alone could get you another 6-7 seasons. Castle was the Beckett and Richard love story, the new show now has 4 major players to focus on giving us something new and exciting to look forward to every week. This can and should be done.

Plus I’ve been waiting for some type of romance to jump off between Haley and Espo anyway.

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Mark Wilson
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