Business: Audi To Ditch Two-Fifths Of It’s Powertrains

While it has a certain air of luxury and prestige around it, the one thing people tend to forget about Audi is their capacity for innovation.

In its decades on the market, Audi has never been the kind of company to skimp on the number of different derivatives they offer. More than once, it’s put out cars that have filled specific niches, before most drivers even knew there was a gap to fill!

However, the auto giant has recently announced that they plan to drop a whole two fifths of its powertrains in order to make room for developing greener models.

Rupert Stadler, chairman of the board of management at Audi, spoke at the firm’s recent AGM, announcing that they plan to drop up to 40% of their current driver versions in the long run, taking some complexity out of the system and making room for the electric models of the future.

Stadler went on to explain this seemingly rash change in direction, saying that he’s totally convinced that new things can only be brought in if they throw some of the old out.

Audi’s two-door derivatives, for instance, haven’t been seeing the highest sales figures in recent years, and the company can take these models off the market without making much of a loss.

Stadler also said that a number of engine and transmission combinations are due to be dropped from their fleet. The board now seems to think that maintaining their range of four-cylinder engine models at varying powers, and manual and automatic versions of the same car, are no longer necessary.

Die-hard Audi fans with a passion for high performance may have to run out and buy an SCT tuner in the wake of some of these changes, as the company seems dead set on the path it’s taking. Their ultimate objective is to shed all the unnecessary weight, and make room for the eco-friendly route the whole auto industry is due to take.

Making space for green car tech isn’t the only big change that Audi have in the works. The big spring clean has also given Audi a little breathing room to address the issue of how these vehicles are charged.

Aside from being able to charge a hybrid or fully electric car from your home, it’s also going to be necessary to be able to charge them when on long journeys.

To meet this need, the company is taking a bite out of an infrastructure change, something that it hasn’t done for a very long time, to provide the foundations for convenient electric mobility.

This is going to take the form of a partnership with a number of other branches. Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche are set to establish a joint venture with Daimler, BMW and Ford.

The firms will work together to establish high-performance charging points for fast and convenient recharging along many highways in Europe.

In pursuit of all these shifts, Audi is also going to invest at least 6% of its revenues in R&D as part of its 2025 strategy.

8 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Getting A Personal Loan

By Jilly Casey

Personal loans provide incredible financial relief to an existing problem especially when you are in a fix. In recent times, personal loans are seen as the perfect option for getting your finances in order as is the case with debt consolidation loans. Most of these loans do not require collateral. As a result of these and other reasons, you may think that the loans are your first ticket out of trouble every time. This shouldn’t be.

There are many costly mistakes made by borrowers every day and you shouldn’t walk in these same shoes. The most common mistakes to stay clear of include:

1. Poor spending habits

Buying things feels good. It should be an achievement to buy things with your hard earned money. However, once you get into the habit of purchasing everything you look at without looking at your bank account situation, you will find yourself in a never-ending debt hole. Rather than spending recklessly, save that money. Saving is a wiser decision compared to spending.

2. Failure to consider alternative options

There is an alternative, always! Borrowing may seem like your only option at the time but it isn’t. For instance, rather than taking a personal loan to pay off your student loans, consider private refinancing options or ask for a credit card balance transfer with a 0% introductory rate. These options are more affordable than the personal loan.

3. Ignoring your credit score

Your credit score determines if the lender approves the loan and the interest rates they will charge you. A good credit score equals faster approval and a lower interest rate and vice versa. The score will also help you pick a lender that fits your bill.

4. Overlooking fees and costs

As you look at the interest rates charged on loans, compare the rates but do not forget to account for costs and any transaction fees. Origination fees affect the cost of the loan and if these fees are overlooked, then you will end up servicing an expensive loan.

5. Running with the first offer or company in sight

Number one rule for personal loan application is research. Take some time and look through packages offered by different companies. Secured or personal unsecured loans are expensive, but companies charge differently for their services. Pick a company with the best rates or even favorable repayment terms. Take some time and look around, you’ll find something that suits you best.

6. Overlooking non-money issues

A good lender is one who offers more than excellent terms, reasonable rates, and lower repayments. A good lender has exemplary customer service, they are reputable, credible, their details and siteshave been verified and licensed, and they can be trusted as seen on their reviews.

7. Lying on the application

Your lies will catch up with you, landing you in bigger problems. Just don’t lie on your loan application. A personal loan isn’t worth a fraud charge and a jail term.

8. Failure to read the fine print

The contract has terms and conditions that are legally binding and if you sign without knowing all the details in the contract, you may end up paying more due to hidden fees in the contract.

In conclusion, these mistakes are avoidable and you can avoid paying more in the end by being patient, knowing why you need the loan, the alternatives, and changing your spending habits for good to avoid unnecessary borrowing.

Author Bio: Jilly Casey is a credit counsellor and a debt management expert. For more insights on personal unsecured loans, look up his blog on personal loans and debt relief.

Considering Top Business Debt Consolidation Options to Enhance Your Financial Health

By Isabella Rossellini

If you own a small or medium-size business, you may probably have different loans which you account for, and are liable to pay a lot in terms of interests as well.

Many at times, you may also feel that you are actually spending more unnecessarily in terms of loan repayments, and the accounting part of handling multiple loans may also be troublesome if you are a small business owner.

Those who are thinking of a way out of this loan chaos, debt consolidation may be an ideal alternative to think of.

Further we will discuss about the various aspects of business loan consolidation, but as a preface, you should know that this avenue has its own benefits and drawbacks, and you cannot consider debt consolidation as a complete remedy to get off your business debts.

What is debt consolidation?

Basically, debt consolidation is the process of taking up a single large loan in order to pay off all your smaller loans. In a way, this will help you to improve your financial health as you will owe to a single lender and the accounting part will also become much easier. This may give you room and peace of mind to focus more on business enhancement and returns.

With debt consolidation, it is also ideal to consider a lesser interest rate loan over a longer stretch of repayment period, which may further help lighten your financial burden. First, let us discuss the major advantages of debt consolidation.

q Lower interest rate

This is not a benefit that small businesses owners can easily ignore. By consolidating debts, you may be able to decrease the interest rates practically as you will have to pay interest for the total sum rather than a percentage of multiple loans. If you are a businessman facing trouble with multiple loan repayments, then not checking out this financial aid may be one big mistake.

q Lesser monthly payments

Less monthly payment is the top benefit of debt consolidation. As a small business owner, you need to focus on multiple business administration aspects at a time, and you have to keep track of a myriad of financial information when there’s multiple loans to manage. Consolidating loans can alleviate that workload with only a single payment to be made every month.

q Longer term

Getting a longer term to pay off your debts can be highly advantageous for small business owners who may not be able to bear a higher financial burden on a monthly basis with limited returns. However, you need to ensure the duration of repayment before signing up for a consolidation loan. Some agencies like the United States Small Business Administration may help you reap the best benefits by getting a longer repayment period such as 25 years or so.

Getting a debt consolidation loan

When it comes to small business debt consolidation loan, the major advantage business persons may get is that if they don’t have access to any endowment, there is an option to offer their other assets as collateral to enjoy a lower interest rate. Your business assets can be considered as assets against lower interest rates than the individual loans offered.

However, the debt consolidation meaning also imposes a risk of losing all of your assets if you fail to make the repayment of the loans as per the terms. However, if there is no fall back security net to protect you, it will be safer to stick on to the higher interest rates.

The procedure for securing a debt consolidation loan is not much difficult, but to go for it, first you need to sit back and do a baseline evaluation of your current financial status to identify whether going for debt consolidation will be ideal for you or not.

Top options for debt consolidation

If you are seriously considering debt consolidation as a financial solution for business debts, you will come across many options to explore. However, only consider the best options in order to stay safe as well as to enjoy the desired benefits.

Along with specialized debt consolidation loans offered by many public and private financiers, some of the other consolidation options for small businesses also include:

q Effective use of credit cards is one of the major debt consolidation options.

q Home equity loan and home equity line of credit are used as a debt consolidation option by many.

q Personal loans.

q Cash advance from retirement or retirement or savings accounts.

Choosing a lender

As discussed above, there are many advantages of debt consolidation and there are also some innate risks to be faced. For small business owners, who are considering this option, it is essential to consider various available options. As we have seen, agencies such as Small Business Administration offer longer repayment term, but many of the financiers in the private sector may not be offering it. Make sure that with debt consolidation, you make the best financial business decision to enhance your small business performance as well as your personal finances.

Upon taking a wrong or uninformed decision, you may be into a deeper trouble within no time, even before you identify what is happening around. Some points to note while choosing a consolidation loan provider are:

1) Ensure that you are approaching only an approved and licensed financier.

2) Read through the fine prints to understand all the terms and conditions related to consolidation and clarify all your doubts before signing on any papers.

3) Check the reputation and service history of the lender to ensure that you are dealing with a trusted financier.

4) Check with your friends and business associates about their experience with debt consolidation to identify if there is anything, which may work adversely in your case.

Going ahead with loan consolidation is a well-thought decision to take if you wish to enjoy its real benefits overtime. More importantly, it is also essential for you to have a very disciplined and insightful approach to your financial management to get rid of the debt trap and lead a peaceful life.

Author Bio: Isabella Rossellini is a well-known economist and financial consultant to many major corporate and medium-level enterprises. Defining the debt consolidation meaning, she has many articles posted across the blogs and leading online finance portals.

4 Ways to Save Your Money on Tree Removal

By Evans Walsh

For whatever service that you may be offered, money is what will determine whether or not you will accept the offer. In most instances when faced with a purchase situation, you will always have your eyes on the price tag; to know how much you are about to spend and whether or not it is actually worth it.

Tree removal services are among those services that you cannot avoid, especially during those times when there are storms all over the place and pretty huge trees get uprooted and destroy your property. You may not be able to contain such damage yourself. You will definitely need the help of a tree service company to take care of the situation.

Many people consider tree removal services quite expensive. It could be because the services you got were not up to standard and you felt like you were ripped off. This is why you need to ensure that you contact the best tree service company in town to get the job done for you.

There are various ways through which you can save your money when it comes to tree removal services. It all comes down to who you choose to approach. Here are a few:

  • Go for the best company

A tree removing service company that is well known will definitely offer you the best services. You are probably wondering how money is related to this. Consider it doing things once and for all and closing the chapter.

Doing your tree removal this way, you will only have to pay once for a job well done. This is unlike when you approach a company that is out to extort you and get your money, having done a shoddy job. In such a situation, you will have to contact yet another tree service company to make things right for you.

How will you know a company is good enough? You can simply visit their website and services and see what they have to offer in terms of charges.

  • Find out where exactly the problem is

Before contacting a tree care service provider, try and find out what the problem could be. It could be a minor problem that does not require much work which may cost a huge sum of money.

As mentioned earlier, some companies will take advantage of you once they realize you have no knowledge of the said problem. They can exaggerate the problem just to make you pay more than you ought to. Be careful!

  • DIY

If it is something that you handle, why don’t you Do It Yourself? Instead of reaching out to any service provider, begin by assessing the situation first and see if you can tackle the issue single-handedly. It could be that you just need to do some trimming of the shrubs. That you can handle for sure!

  • Carry out extensive research

There are many companies offering tree care services. You need to do your research to be sure you do not end up being conned.

Author Bio Evans Walsh is a tree removal expert who owns a tree removing company. Having worked with several tree removing companies, he knows how to go about different situations. Visit their website and services and get inspired.


Is Your Business Falling Back? Check Out The Latest Digital Signage Trends And Benefits

By Charlie Brown

Digital marketing is indeed the future of marketing but that is old news. What’s creating the new buzz?

Digital signage and outdoor marketing are the new trends that are taking over digital marketing with gusto. The delight is more about the savings and increased profits associated with the adoption of digital signage rather than the sheer excitement of coming across something new.

Why should most businesses switch to digital signage right now?

Digital signage is more of a business investment that has successfully cut down printing costs, training costs, advertising costs and employee costs across various public and private sectors.

Here are a few unique advantages of this multi-faceted signage system

1. It increases employee productivity –Increasing employee productivity in an organic manner is next to impossible if you do not have the right stimuli. Digital signage can offer employee training in a new and more engaging manner that will help motivate your employees.

2. Increased customer satisfaction – many retail outlets and fast food chains are replacing human help with touch-screen signage boards that can record order, compile bills and register complaints. Since they rarely falter they contribute to higher customer satisfaction rates.

3. Environmentally friendly – it has successfully stopped printing in several sectors. This has reduced printing costs and is currently saving millions of sheets of paper all across the country.

4. Making money with digital signage – It offers a score of customization options that in turn opens up new windows of opportunities for making money that conventional businesses have never seen before.

How is digital signage technology making money for a wide range of businesses each day?

Here are a few instances of how digital signage has helped in increasing the profit in different sectors

1. Healthcare – digital signboards have the power to sell ads to pharmaceutical representatives and host an ad network dedicated to healthcare, all by itself. Since it is controlled via a computer it is possible to maintain and manipulate the updates regularly without spending extra bucks for renovation.

2. Public sector – digital signboards have been making their mark on public sectors as well. NPOs and NGOs can advertise fund raisers and upcoming events to the public for raising awareness and funds. This is a stellar way of getting noticed in public places.

3. Retail – retail is the leader in adoption of new techniques like signage that are revolutionizing the ways in which retail outlets interact with their customers. It is usually helpful during the promotion of new products and offers through digital ads.

Digital signage is also bringing in a new generation of touch-screen technology in retail, the kind seen at Dominos, McDonalds and Macy’s where the customer can interact with the central server through physical interfaces.

4. Education – the digital signage industry is booming in schools and colleges. While schools with digital signage can lease out portions of screen space to student bodies and organizations, they can also use these boards for straightforward advertising.

This increases the penetration and widens the reach to a larger, potential audience.

Making the shift towards digital media and signage is a holistic approach towards digital marketing. The western world seems more than happy to be adapting to the advantages of new- age digital marketing that are brought along by digital signage.

Author Bio: Charlie Brown is a blogger who specializes in the trends in digital marketing. He has written quite a few outstanding pieces on the effects of digital signage on today’s marketing channels.

Why the GOP needs to act quickly on tax reform

It is self-evident that the GOP, in the tumultuous election cycle of 2016, mainly campaigned on a fiscally conservative platform. One of the reasons why Donald Trump was elected President is his excellent tax plan, one that energized the traditional conservative base of the Republican Party. Now he is President, the Donald seems to have forgotten about that important promise. With a Republican House and Senate, it is important to remember one of the priorities of the Trump administration: the simplification of tax brackets, the lowering of the corporate tax rate, and the novel idea of a flat tax.

This video from PragerU intelligently sums up the concept.

America was founded on a principle of equality under the rule of law. That idea, in simple English, is the premise that government, when making public policy, should treat all humans as equals, in an attempt to promote individual freedom. The flat tax solves many of the problems facing our economy today, as it changes the current tax system from one designed for redistribution, to one that exists exclusively to fund the necessary duties of the federal government.

According to David Burton of the Heritage Foundation:

“Replacing the corporate or individual income tax with a business flat tax would have a substantial positive economic impact because doing so would eliminate the double and treble taxation of savings and investment, eliminate unwarranted tax preferences, and reduce marginal tax rates substantially. Reducing the cost of capital would increase investment and the size of the capital stock, which would, in turn, make the economy more productive. Output per worker would grow and real wages would increase.”

The flat tax will bring America back to its capitalist roots and decrease the role of government by further preserving Americans’ individual property rights. It is also worth noting that the Reagan administration, with its massive tax cuts and deregulation, increased federal tax revenue from $517 billion in 1980 to $909 billion in 1988.

While the flat tax should definitely be one day considered and implemented, the current administration’s campaign stances on taxes should be followed through, as soon as possible. The Trump administration’s current priority, aside from promoting and securing Americans’ right to life, should be to address the 10,000,000 word monstrosity that is the Federal Income Tax (FIT). Ever since the Progressive era, which witnessed the ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment, the FIT has been a burden for many Americans.

President Trump ran on a platform of Reagan-esque tax reforms and decreasing of bureaucratic power. The simplification of the tax bracket, from 7 to 3, will make tremendous gains in creating new jobs and stimulating growth. With his proposed tax plan, Trump will also work to eliminate the estate tax and decrease federal spending while he’s at it.

If the President’s promises on the campaign trail were so good, why isn’t Congress acting on it and carrying out their legislative duties? America needs to hold our representative lawmakers accountable. The current Republican Congress should postpone their disastrous attempt to repeal Obamacare and focus on their mission of tax reform. These decisions have long-lasting impacts on all Americans and are considerably simpler than the repeal of Obamacare.

Bank of America: Giving back by taking care of hometown Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers

Much like going for a job interview, it’s not what you know, but who you know that may get you in the door. This had to be the case for the Oakland Raiders and their plan to move to Las Vegas. At first, the Raiders move were to be funded by casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and Goldman Sachs but both backed out after agreeing to $1.9 billion domed stadium in the heart of Vegas.

As each deal fell through it was becoming clear that the Raiders were destined to stay home in California. However, according to reports from and The Los Angeles Daily News, California started Bank of America has agreed to fund the new stadium for the Raiders highly-anticipated move. It may sound like small news but at a closer look, this is amazing considering BOA has their hands in another NFL team as well.

Currently, Bank of America is also the name of the stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina where the Carolina Panthers call home. It’s big news as BOA has managed to be the person giving the interview for your dream job who also happens to be your next door neighbor or childhood friend. Bank of America was started in San Francisco (Bank of Italy) and later merged with Bank of America in Los Angeles in 1928. Now, as business started to blossom, BOA began to expand outside of California.

Two of their prime locations has plenty do to with the agreement to fund the new stadium. One of their acquisitions was the buyout of Valley Bank in Nevada. Now, BOA will have their name attached to two stadiums with two of the largest fan bases in the NFL. The Panthers and the Raiders and while BOA was not founded in either of these respective cities this is still looked upon as home field advantage. BOA’s home state Raiders were in need of help and came to their rescue. It was the same with the Panthers when BOA bought the stadium in 2014. What makes that as significant as the Raiders deal is that Bank of America headquarters is located in Charlotte, NC.

It’s the little details that often go unnoticed and why many never understand why some deals are done. Los Angeles was home to BOA, Charlotte is home to BOA, and so is Nevada. What better way to award the fans of those cities than offering them a brand new stadium? As for the state of Nevada, their very own NFL team.

Of course, the deal was done in efforts to make money but I would like to believe that it had something to do with Bank of America wanted to pay it forward to the three cities that helped them make their mark in the banking world.