Promotional Products: What Information Should We Use?

By Mike John

One of the first things you learned about promoting your small business is that having something to give prospective clients makes a positive impression. Along with deciding what sort of promotional products are appropriate, there’s the matter of deciding what sort of information should be printed or embossed onto those products.

Here are some essentials to keep in mind along with a couple of suggestions that are a little out of the box.

Your Company Logo

If your business has a distinctive logo, make sure it’s included on as many promotional products as possible. You’ll find adding the logo to something like custom notepads, tablet and smartphone cases, and business card holders is relatively easy.

Other promotional items like golf ball markers may only have enough room for one element. In the latter case, using your logo alone is a good idea.

Your Company Name

Some smaller promotional items do have room for information like your company name.

For example, pen and pencil sets can be engraved to include the name along with other basic information. When there is space to have both the name and the logo on display, you increase the odds of keeping your business on the minds of those who put the products to use daily.

Your Company Slogan

A company slogan serves as a way of conveying something about what the business has to offer. While only a few words in length, the right one attracts attention from your targeted consumer base. Consider finding a place to add the slogan on at least some of the promotional products you purchase.

Make sure it’s prominent enough to be noticed, but still leaves plenty of room for other important data you want to share.

Your Basic Contact Information

How will interested parties reach you? At the least, include a phone number and an email address. Information of this nature comes in handy when the prospective client needs something you can provide.

Since your phone number is right there on those notepads you passed along, there’s no need to search for another provider.

Your Social Media Accounts

Social media has changed the way people communicate over the last decade. This is true with business as well as personal communication. Consider doing something that few have done so far: include the links for your social media accounts.

Make sure those accounts are kept up to date with at least a couple of posts each week.

The rapport you build by attracting followers provides another passive marketing strategy that could translate into several new customers a month.

Whether the plan is to keep a supply of promotional products on hand for business trips, giveaways at conventions and trade shows, or some type of gifts for customers at the end of the year, never shy away from adding customized touches to all those items.

You never know when one of those Artik gifts in Canada will end up in the hands of someone who takes one look and decides your company has exactly what they need.

What Should You Do If You’ve Been the Victim of a Personal Injury?

By Carol Trehearn

When someone has been the victim of a personal injury, whether punched in the face by an aggressor or hit by a drunk driver, the confusion is palpable. What should you do? What do you have to do?

What should you do first in order to get compensated for your injuries? Let’s discuss what you should do if you’ve been the victim of a personal injury of any kind to minimize the harm and maximize the odds you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

Seek Medical Attention: If you’ve been injured, it is paramount that you seek medical attention. This will prevent injuries from becoming worse from lack of care and verify the severity of your injuries. If you were in a car crash and walked away, still see a doctor to document your condition in case you have whiplash or contusions that require coagulants to prevent serious health effects.

Head injuries, in particular, need to be addressed immediately, since someone may think they feel fine though operating in a fog due to a concussion.

Soft tissue injuries may seem minor but actually be severe. Don’t let the cost of a medical evaluation deter treatment. All of these medical bills are reimbursable expenses when you sue the responsible party later, and getting treatment immediately at the hospital after head injuries or at the doctor the next day minimizes the odds of the problem becoming worse.

Also seek medical attention if your symptoms worsen after receiving initial medical attention on the scene such as new pain, dizziness or fever.

Take Pictures: If you don’t have serious injuries after an incident, start taking pictures of the event if it is safe to do so. After you’ve addressed the immediate medical concerns, start taking pictures if you can do so. For example, you should take pictures of your damaged vehicle.

Don’t worry about privacy concerns.

Snap a picture of the police on the scene so that you don’t have to write down their badge numbers.

Take pictures of witnesses to the assault so that you can get help identifying them later as witnesses or as proof they were present.

Document the damage to your home when the person tried to force their way in, ripped clothes and anything else that is evidence in your case. Do not move things around in an effort to get a clear picture, since this may interfere with a criminal investigation or insurance claim.

Remember that you have the right to file a personal injury case even if there is a criminal investigation of your assailant. If you cannot take pictures, try to take notes like recording the names of those around you, the date and time of the incident and the license plates of those around you.

Contact an Attorney: Contact a personal injury attorney like Thomas J Henry as soon as you have received medical treatment for your injuries.

You should do this as soon as possible even if you couldn’t take pictures of the event, since personal injury attorneys work with accident investigators and draw on documentation by police to put together a complete picture of the incident.

There is no reason to avoid seeking legal advice after an injury. Most personal injury attorneys give free consultations, and the majority work on a contingency basis. In plain English, they are only paid if you win your claim, so you don’t have to pay anything if you don’t win and they’ll tell you in the free consultation if you don’t have a case.

Participate in the Investigation: Your attorney will plan how to prove your injuries were the result of someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence.

It is necessary to participate in the investigation, whether giving the attorney the documentation you have, giving formal statements or visiting another doctor for a second opinion on the extent of your injuries.

Continue Documenting Related Costs: Personal injury lawyers don’t just sue for reimbursement of your incident related medical costs. You can seek reimbursement for lost wages for the days of work you missed.

You have the right to sue for unplanned childcare costs because you had to go to the doctor or were unable to take care of them at home as you usually do.

Physical therapy and prescription medication related to the accident are reimbursable. The responsible party owes it to you to pay for the property damage, such as the cost of repairing broken windows or your smashed up car.

They are also liable for costs incurred because of the incident like paying for a rental car while your car was in the shop or staying in a hotel because you didn’t feel safe staying at home.

If someone ends up dying due to the negligence or wrongdoing of another, funeral costs and counseling for the survivors is covered. Compensation for pain and suffering and punitive damages are often awarded by the courts. Provide the documentation on these ongoing costs to your personal injury attorney as he or she builds the case.

Conclusion: First and foremost, seek medical attention after your injury. This step is necessary even if you don’t think the injury is serious at the time, since it solidifies your personal injury claim.

If possible, take pictures of the scene and those involved. Contact an attorney as soon as you can after the event.

Participate in the investigation. Continue to document the related costs associated with the incident so that you can be properly reimbursed, and work with your attorney to ensure that you are properly reimbursed for your injuries and associated costs.

Main Tips For Writing A Research Paper: Piecing The Puzzle Together

By Janis Lewis

Writing a research paper allows you to exhibit and sharpen your ability to conduct research on various topics and present the facts in a logically coherent and flowing manner.

But to excel in the writing of a research paper, you need to have other skills beyond just researching material to write. This post discusses those other things that complete the puzzle. The remaining sections of this article will share tips on writing a compelling research paper.

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Did you read the prompt?

Before embarking on any other process and moving forward, you need to analyze your assignment’s prompt. Without a thorough examination of your prompt, you will miss the most important part of all—your paper’s purpose. Therefore, you need to understand this part so you can confine all your efforts to the mandate of the assignment. Moreover, understand this part of your assignment gives you many clues that will lead you to brainstorm your topic successfully.

Did you choose your topic carefully?

After understanding your paper’s purpose, you need to choose how you will do it and the specific angle from which you will do it. You should select your topic based on several considerations. First, you should select the paper’s topic based on your ability to adequately research and write down the paper. Don’t venture into areas you are not familiar with lest you may end up with difficulties and land poor grades. Second, your selection should also factor is your personal interest in the topic. Even though personal interest is not compulsory, it is still necessary for motivating you to research and write your assignment.

Have you chosen reliable and credible sources?

Your sources are to your paper what a building material supplier is to a person seeking to build a house. If you choose a supplier who is known for supplying fake or low-quality construction materials, even the best of contractors who works on your house can only produce a poor-quality house. The reason is that good building skills cannot remove the effects of poor building materials. Likewise, when you want to construct your paper, the minds behind the material you will research will determine the quality of your essay. No matter how good your writing skills are, if you use incredible and unreliable sources, you will end up with a shoddy paper.

How strong is your thesis statement?

When writing your research paper, you need to draft a strong thesis statement. Your thesis statement is not just what you stand for regarding the topic you have chosen, no. It is also, what your entire paper stands on as a foundation and skeleton. That is why you need to make it as compelling as possible because it is the primary argument upon which you are going to base the other arguments.

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Those are the tips you need to excel in your research paper assignments. If you need more assistance with your academic assignments, you can contact our team here.

Business: Productivity Tips For Entrepreneurs

Any successful entrepreneur knows that the most valuable asset you have is your time.

There can be a thin line between using your time wisely and wasting it away, and only one road will lead you to success, with the other leading you towards failure.

Make sure you are on the right road with these useful tips on boosting your productivity:

Time yourself – If you have a huge pile of work to get through, thinking about what you need to do can be daunting. If you are worrying about other work or dealing with emails and phone calls, you will become distracted from the task in hand.

If you time yourself to do a task and then challenge yourself to do it quicker the next time, you will soon start to see you can get things done in a much quicker fashion. By focusing solely on getting that one task done within a time period, you will get it out of the way in no time.

You can keep a track of the work that you are doing and how much time each task takes and then evaluate whether you are spending too much time on a particular task.

It will help you to identify any time wastage or make you think about ways that you could improve on the way you do things. There are a lot of technology options that now help businesspeople to improve their processes, from automated emails to virtual assistants.

Do your research and find out if there are online tools that could take some of your administrative tasks away.

Have a clear office free of distractions – Having a clear desk and environment will allow you to focus better. If you are surrounded in clutter, your mind is probably over-cluttered, too.

Even having too many windows open in your PC/laptop screen will be a distraction, so if you only need to use one application, make sure to close everything else.

Turn off your email notifications unless you have something you urgently need to respond to.

Use finance apps – Using finance apps like Wave or Mint will help you to keep your finances in order without the need to access multiple different websites and apps.

Whether you want to check your SBA loans from LendGenius or you want to check which invoices have been paid, getting these sort of apps will help you to save lots of time. You can get your invoices sent or create receipts with just a few clicks.

The time you save can be huge if you are still working with traditional methods of invoicing.

Take breaks – It can be tempting to work through your lunch break but this can be counter-productive. Your productivity levels drop significantly if you don’t take a break, so make sure to take at least 20 minutes, even if it is a quick walk that will clear your head.

Time is your key to business success, so use it as well as you possibly can and keep these tips in mind.

Marketing: How to Establish a Meaningful Brand

By Ashley Kornee

Building a brand that means something to your customers and connects with them on a personal level is a feat that many companies fail to achieve. For some, it’s hard to connect because of the niche nature of their business.

For others, it’s a matter of bad decisions that lead to loss of trust in their customer base.

These events and developments are lessons however, and we are here to take a look at some of the ways that you can establish your brand. Being meaningful to your employees, stakeholders and customers alike is no small task, but there are ways to ease some of the rocky steps along the way.

Define your identity: Building a brand is all about having something concrete to hold on to. Whether it’s your life-long mission, your logo and statement or simply the product that you are manufacturing, brand always equals recognition.

Take a moment to consider what makes you unique on the marketplace. Whatever it is that differentiates you from the competition is what you should strive to develop during your brand building.

Going forward with building your brand without clearly defining who you are and why you are relevant to your future customers doesn’t bode well for any company.

Don’t go forward with putting your name out there before you and your team are sure of what it is that you want to achieve on the market and in the world.

Build a roadmap: It’s always a good idea to have a plan. Having one that revolves around the future of your brand and company is essential for the future, regardless of what branch of the industry you operate in.

If you are in a well-established industry such as legalities or economics, you might consider expanding on what your competition and predecessors achieved before you and develop new and interesting services for your clients.

If however you are in a still-expanding branch such as IT, you can offer customers potentially groundbreaking services that will change the way they operate and put a very good word out for you.

Having a roadmap that clearly defines your long-term business plan is a must when it comes to building a meaningful brand. No one likes a man without a plan, but if you present yours clearly and directly, customers and investors will flock towards your brand with no effort whatsoever.

Form a dedicated team: Having a dedicated team of professionals working on your brand is always a smart idea. Consider appointing an internal team leader and let them decide who to put on their team.

Before employing outside help, always consider the options you have inside your own company.

The people that work for you will always feel more connected and do more for the company than an outsourced contractor would.

Once the team is formed and has a clear vision for your company, let them have some free reign and experiment with different marketing strategies. Once you are confident in their marketing abilities, you will be able to place your brand in different and interesting positions that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

All that through using a dedicated marketing team that lives and breathes your company’s brand.

Create quality content: Quality content is what separates mediocre brands from those who rise to the top. What this means in practice is that every piece of advertisement, content or PR move will be monitored by hundreds of thousands of your customers and followers.

Everything you do will be judged and weighed against their beliefs, life goals and values.

Relevant content is what brings you closer to them and creates a permanent link that can be used in future ad campaigns, sales strategies and pushing new products on the market.

If you have a problem with creating quality content that speaks to your audiences you can always contact an expert and get academic help on a level that is unprecedented.

These professionals will gladly help you with creating relevant and interesting content that communicates your brand in the best possible way.

Communicate with customers: The most important part of building a meaningful brand is communicating with your customer base.

This communication is often considered as a one-way street and this is often the downfall of many companies that think they know what is best for their audiences. Customer relations are a two-way street that goes both ways and you should always consider what your customers are thinking about you.

Creating a clear channel of communication to do exactly that is the best way to get clear and direct feedback from people you are offering your services to.

This can either be an online support platform, a feedback request that you send on a regular basis or a direct interview and subsequent content marketing with satisfied customers.

Always hear out what your customers have to say and never ignore their advices, pleas or complaints – these are sometimes essential to transforming and building your brand towards new heights.

Young Entrepreneurs: Is Glaminizers CEO and Lifestyle Model Stephanie Tear The Next Kylie Jenner?

In a society and culture that seems to embrace making money and doing business in a non-traditional type of way, more and more Millennials are striking out on their own in becoming young entrepreneurs.

Young entrepreneurs or YE’s, as they are referred to in the industry are aged 17-30, and helm a wide range of start-up companies in the entertainment, non-profit, digital content, beauty and tech.

Photo: Crystal Nelson

With the current job economy slowing recovering, and most employers being very selective in hiring, most Millenials are flipping the proverbial script and becoming their own bosses in becoming YE’s instead.

According to an article from the UK-based business website, titled “Generation enterprise: The rise of young entrepreneurs”, most Millennials aged 16-24 are more than likely to strike out on their own as opposed to working for someone else;

A C&G survey of 16-24 year olds has found that 49% have a ‘strong desire’ to set up their own business and with the main reason being that they would rather not bow down to the demands of a boss.

Also, about one in ten want to get into business in the next year with about 35% saying they want to start within the next five years.

Young people describe themselves as ambitious, non-conformist and want to be millionaires. Seventy per cent say that they ‘want to be in control of their lives’ and this means having no other boss than themselves.

Also young people are much more likely to be inspired by the likes of Jamie Oliver and Anita Roddick of this world than they are by P Diddy or Simon Cowell. Other high-profile millionaires such as Richard Branson and Easyjet’s Stelios Hadji Ioannou are also greatly admired by the coming generation.

However, arguably more importantly, is the fact that nearly half of young people know someone under the age of 30 who has already gone it alone. Providing them with a great opportunity to gleam valuable tips and insights about business from someone in their immediate circle.”

Naturally, for YE’s—let along your female entrepreneurs, role models such as “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” reality star and Instamodel Kylie Jenner are looked up to as well. Jenner, who launched her own line of beauty and cosmetics line, Kylie Cosmetics in 2016 to much acclaim and success.

At just 19, the half-sister of Kim Kardashian and younger sister of model Kendall Jenner is worth an estimated $20 million, per

Thanks to her success in modeling, beauty and blogging, Jenner has inspired a new generation of women to get into the game and be their own boss. Could lifestyle model and Glaminizers CEO and Founder, Stephanie Tear be the next up-and-coming YE success story?

Photo: Crystal Nelson

Tear, a diminutive 5’4 20-year-old from the greater Washington D.C. suburb of Gaithersburg, has modeled for brands such as Murderous Clothing, Planet Hero, Retro City Sunglasses and The Rich Era, creating the makeup and beauty brand Glaminizers that offers a range of products such as brush cleaners, acrylic organizers, glitter eye shadows, eye shadow palettes and face oils.

In addition to modeling and running Glamiziners, the multi-talented Tear recent released her first music single, “Barbie” on SoundCloud.

Multi-talented, versatile and driven, Tear is set become a potential force in the areas of beauty, music and modeling. Below is my Q and A with Stephanie as we discuss being the next young female entrepreneur to watch, Glaminizers, her vision and why she thinks that she is going to be better than Kylie.


Name: Stephanie Tear

Age: 20

Height: 5’4

Birthplace: Gaithersburg, Maryland

Measurements: 34-24-35

Social Media Links: Instagram: @stephanietear | SnapChat: StephanieeTear | YouTube: StephanieTear | Facebook: Stephanie Tear Page Twitter: @Stephanie_Tear


Robert D. Cobb: What king of model do you consider yourself?

Stephanie Tear:“I consider myself to be lifestyle model. I can model a lot of different looks. However, I feel like the reason people relate to me is because I have a very real persona that comes through in my photos. Whether I am glammed up and in a sexy outfit, or someone is snapping photos of me on the couch. I can be both and I like girls to know they too can be both, beautifully.”


Robert D. Cobb: What brands have you modeled for? Which do you enjoy modeling for the most?

Stephanie Tear:“I have modeled for Murderous Clothing, South Moon Under, Planet Hero, Lady Boss Lashes, Retro City Sunglasses, Bye Bye Bella, Teez, Krave Clothing, Shony Clothing, The Rich Era, and more. I enjoy modeling for sunglass companies the most! I feel like every pair gives you a different look and you can switch up personas with them!”

Photo: Crystal Nelson

Robert D. Cobb: What has been your favorite place to shoot?

Stephanie Tear:“My favorite place to shoot is most definitely in NYC. I feel like that is the place I’m meant to be… Huge buildings, constant movement, bright lights, and endless people! I love shooting in that atmosphere it gives me the best energy.”


Robert D. Cobb: What is the most exciting aspect of modeling?

Stephanie Tear:The most exciting aspect of being a model, for me, is connecting with new people and being able to collaboration on an idea to bring forth a vision. I think the most beautiful part of being a creative person is coming together with others and producing the visuals in your head!”


Robert D. Cobb: For those who don’t know, describe Glaminizers?
Stephanie Tear:Glaminizers is my cosmetic brand. It began with acrylic makeup storage that was studded with Swarovski crystals. The term Glam and Organizers merged to create Glaminizers. I know have tons of glitter, pressed glitter shadows, brush cleaner, lip scrub, some clothing items, and more!

I make my products without chemicals, parabens, and dyes because I believe cosmetics should be as pure as possible to do for our skin what they need to do! I use all organic and natural products. All my products are currently vegan and in the future, the only ingredient I plan on having that isn’t vegan is honey. Which, when harvested organically no harm comes to the bees!”

Photo: Crystal Nelson

Robert D. Cobb: Since we’re in the age of Kylie & teen entrepreneurs, how does it feel to be running your own company at the age of 20?

Stephanie Tear:“I honestly always knew I would have a business very young. Solely because I have endless ideas and I am such a visual person that I have to create what I see in my head! It feels amazing to know I did this on my own and that it can only become bigger and better. I love creating new products and enjoy the entire process.

Being young and a business owner can sometimes cause people to doubt you or not take you seriously. I just think it’s ironic how often young people are doubted. There’s nothing better than a young mind. We have our entire life ahead of us.”


Robert D. Cobb: Do you see yourself as the next Kylie Jenner?

Stephanie Tear:“In response to that, I feel that I will be bigger than Kylie Jenner, as well as more connected with my audience. Definitely more elaborate in my creations.”

Robert D. Cobb: Where do you see yourself and your company in 3-5 years?
Stephanie Tear: “I see myself living in LA, doing movies, on the cover of magazines, and working with amazing designers. I also see myself owning more brands or even expanding mine into many others. I know I will change the game, I know I’m meant to. So, it’s never and “if”, its “when” it happens!

I see Glaminizers being a full range cosmetic line with amazing ingredients as always. I see it starting a trend. A trend of extravagant, fun makeup, that doesn’t need chemicals to work well. I can’t wait to show the world everything I know I can do, unlike things that have been done before.”


Robert D. Cobb: What is it about your brand that you feel stands out from the others?
Stephanie Tear:“I think my brand stands out from others mostly because the vibe is so different. Every product has extremely fun, girly packaging. I give my all into everything I do. Every product I create has such an extreme amount of effort and care put into it. I am one of the most critical consumers so I make sure everything I create is so professionally done, clean, well-constructed, well executed, and beautifully made.

Photo: Crystal Nelson

I am a makeup lover, junkie, and hoarder… So it’s only right for me to know exactly what I love about some products and what I don’t about others. I have such an extensive knowledge on makeup which I feel is so tremendously important! I created my brand with the consensus of exactly what I wish I could have, buy, find! ”

Describe your vision:

Stephanie Tear:“My vision is to create a beautiful brand that provides people with organic products that are actually good for their skin! I want to show people that there is a way to make products naturally and have them work just as well, if not much better; especially in the long run.”


Robert D. Cobb: What advice would you give to others trying to start their own brand and be their own boss?

Stephanie Tear: “I would advise them to go with whatever idea or vision they have even if, at that time, it seems out of reach. Everything seems impossible to do until you work hard enough to actually have it. I would want them to know no matter what, if you believe in your brand, the possibilities are endless. Also, to never give up and to try even when things don’t go well, because the best things happen after hardships.”


Robert D. Cobb: Within the industry, Who is your inspiration?

Stephanie Tear: “I draw inspiration from those that I find creative rather than “the best at what they do” I am so inspired by Teyana Taylor for her drive, style, and creative mind. She embraces her body and always does unrealistic or practical shoots, which I love!

I am so inspired by Sasha Samsonova’s photography, it speaks to my soul just because of how creative every photo is. I also am so inspired by the drive and determination that Zendaya has.”

Photo: Crystal Nelson

Robert D. Cobb: What is your secret to staying in shape?

Stephanie Tear:“My secret to staying in shape doesn’t involve much exercise. Surprisingly! I maintain my toned, athletic shape simply through my diet! I am not one to enjoy the gym, I would rather work out at home. I became vegan about 10 months ago and it was easily the BEST decision I have made for my health!

You are consuming all the right fruits and veggies for a lean, fit tummy, toned legs, and slim build overall! I find that I am way less tired, happier, my mind is more efficient, and I don’t really need to work out much to maintain my tone, which is SO nice! When I do workout, I do squats, crunches, planks and stair climbers!”


Robert D. Cobb: Outside of modeling, what are your hobbies?

Stephanie Tear:“I made most of my hobbies into jobs. I love so many different things and enjoy anything within the lines of creativity. I am also a makeup artist and have my own makeup brand. That is for sure a passion of mine which is why I created a business from it. I paint people’s faces like an artist would a canvas.

That includes SFX looks and any makeup enthusiast looks, that aren’t so every-day. I also love to write, create music, and dance!”


Robert D. Cobb: With Spring here and summer right around the corner, what tips do you have for looking great?

Stephanie Tear: “I think the most important tip is to drink water!

Water is what makes you glow & that is definitely what everyone wants during the warm months! Eat a lot of fruits, stay hydrated, & stay with the sun screen because you want that beautiful skin forever, not just while you’re young!”


Robert D. Cobb: What beauty and style/swimwear trends do you recommend for looking hot, confident, and sexy?

Stephanie Tear: “A glowy, natural makeup look is always in for the summer! I love a lightweight, dewy foundation, with brows, lip gloss, and some lashes; don’t forget the highlighter!

As far as swimwear, high-waisted bathing suits are my FAVE! They give you such a vintage, sexy look while also covering up more! Even with clothing for the spring/summer, I love a good pair of high-waisted shorts! They look so cute with cropped tops and boots!”

Photo: Crystal Nelson

Sports: Who are your favorite teams?

Stephanie Tear:“I am not into sports much, but I jump on the bandwagon for what my family loves. Nationals and Redskins all day! We also have endless UMB (University of Maryland-Baltimore) Terrapins shirts and sweatshirts because that’s how much we love them!”


Robert D. Cobb: What are your favorite cities to travel to?

Stephanie Tear:“I am in love with Manhattan, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Georgia, and Miami FL!”


Robert D. Cobb: What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling?

Stephanie Tear:“I would tell anyone trying to become a model, you already are. Being a model doesn’t mean getting a job that signifies “I’ve made it” Being a model means modeling strength, beauty, and grace to anyone observing your photos. It means to convey a message.

It means inspiring other people simply through your photo. And I feel that if you want to model you must know people always try to tell you you aren’t good enough. The thing about it is you are only as good as YOU believe you are and if you let other people control that, you’ll never be able to reach your goals.”

Special thanks to Ms. Stephanie Tear for her time and assistance during the Q and A interview process. All images are used with permission and are the rightful property of their owners.

Glamour Girl! Q and A With IBMS Regional Coordinator and Glamour Model, Liz Ware

Glamour modeling and photography. Many have heard of it, but few actually know what it is.

As with all things in today’s social-media driven world of image, branding, and marketing, it is hard to escape it and even harder to not be both in awe and intrigued. What’s so funny is that it has been in our face, in the supermarket magazine racks right under our noses the whole time.

Photo: Daniel Gallant

Popular men’s magazines with scantily-clad, half-naked women such as Maxim, Esquire, GQ, FHM, Penthouse, and Playboy are prime examples of glamour modeling and photography.

Again, we’ve seen these magazines in and around us our whole lives. However, we never knew the term attached to the style of images and photography used in them.

Until now.

To confess, I have been a long-time reader of both MAXIM, GQ, Esquire and FHM, yet I never even heard of the term “glamour modeling” until it was introduced to me by former INSCMagazine contributor in London-based transgendered model Chloe Lapper, when we ran a “Glamour Girl Of The Day” column which featured UK-based models such as Ann Denise and Fiona Siciliano.

Photo: Mad Creativity

Which brings me to the present and why glamour modeling and photography is on the rise.

There are those who see it as glorified “soft porn” or amateurish. As a matter of fact, such prudish and uniformed shaming and judgmental comments, based on one’s own insecurities, is hypocritical. Moreover, the United States is the world’s largest purveyor of media, sex, and online content.

Glamour modeling and photography at its core is daring, edgy, and outside-the-box. Consequently, thanks to its rise, we are seeing new mediums such as boudoir (French for the bedroom) modeling along with other new niches of modeling such as pin-up, petite, inked and alternative truly takes off.

As with all things in modeling and life, the industry has grown and evolved. In particular, one reason for it’s rising is Miami-based glamour model networking agency, The International Bikini Model Search.

Launched in 2011 by co-founders in husband and wife duo, Elina and Patrick McKinney, IBMS is a networking agency. In fact, it connects and works with a wide range of models, photographers, and industry professionals.

In what has become one of the biggest annual events within the modeling industry, IBMS conducts the IBMS Finals, one of the largest network conventions in the glamour industry.

Photo: Ken Millian

Considered by many in the industry as the ultimate gathering place to rub elbows with some of the most prominent publishers, models, and professionals. Seeing that it is a seven-day event that consists of a place to gather, network, create opportunities and build portfolios. It also allows one to sign with agencies, shoot with magazines, walk in fashion shows, enhance, expand and launch careers, per the company’s website.

Publishers such as Sports Illustrated, Maxim, Playboy, FHM, and Esquire have been known to be on hand to sign prospective models to contracts, make contacts, scout new talent and meet up and coming designer in what has been described by many industry professionals travel from around the globe as the “The #1 Career Launching and Networking Event” in the industry.

This year’s IBMS International Finals, which will be in the Bahamas Nov. 13-19. Furthermore, it will feature more than 200 models, 75 photographers, and  42 magazines. In addition to 10 hair and makeup artists, designers, talent scouts, and numerous industry professionals.

One of those models who will be in the Bahamas is glamour model and IBMS Regional Coordinator, Liz Ware.

Photographer: Minh Insixiangmy

Ware, a 26-year-old native of Caguas, Puerto Rico, the Clearwater, Florida-based Ware has modeled for the likes of Brazilian swimwear line such as Copacabana Swimwear and designers such as Tampa Bay-based Raul Del Castillo and women’s fashion line LulaRoe.

Ware has curves and a dark exotic look to die for.  Hence, she is dark, sexy and the kind of model that turns heads wherever she goes. Overall, thanks to her alluring combination of beauty.

Below is my Q and A with Mrs. Ware is we discuss, IBMS, the rise of glamour, pin-up and boudoir modeling, how to deal with shamers and why modeling is so empowering for all women.

Photographer: Minh Insixiangmy

Name: Liz Ware

Age: 26

Height: 5’5

Birthplace: Caguas, Puerto Rico

Measurements: 34B-26-36

Social media links: Instagram: @iamlizware | Facebook: Liz Ware – Model

Modeling Agency: Freelance

Robert D. Cobb: What kind of model do you consider yourself? (Instagram, pin-up/glamour, fashion)

Liz Ware: “Glamour, Fashion”

Photo: Mike Rockcandy Cole

Robert D. Cobb: What brands have you modeled for? Which one do you enjoy modeling for the most?

Liz Ware: “Copacabana Swimwear, Raul Castillo, LulaRoe. the designer I enjoy the most is definitely Copacabana swimwear”


Robert D. Cobb: Where has been your favorite place to shoot?

Liz Ware: “The beach.”

Photo: Mad Creativity

Robert D. Cobb: What is the most exciting aspect of modeling?

Liz Ware: “Modeling to me is like acting, I get to be someone else for a couple hours and get amazing shots from it whether it be fun and sexy look or very tropical look at the beach.”


Robert D. Cobb: With spring now here and summer right around the corner, what fashion and style tips do you have for your fellow sisters?

Liz Ware:  “Lace-up crop tops or even bodysuits with a high-waisted skirt or pants are always very classy and chic look with heels or sandals.”

Photo: Zee Photography

Robert D. Cobb: Do you have any plans for spring break? 

Liz Ware: “For spring break, I plan to go to the beach and relax living 5 minutes from the beach, so it always feels like spring break here.”


Robert D. Cobb: Any new swimsuit/swimwear trends to watch for this coming summer? 

Liz Ware:  “Swimwear styles that are in are Brazilian bikinis, lace up tops/or bandeau tops, wearing colorful pieces that complement each other. My favorite is the Brazilian bikini, which gives a great shape to the body”

Photo: Ken Millian

Robert D. Cobb: What exudes sexiness and confidence in rocking a bikini on the beach? 

Liz Ware: “For me, what exudes more sexiness and confidence in wearing a bikini is being yourself and feeling comfortable in your own skin showing you don’t care what people think.”


Robert D. Cobb: Within the industry, who is your inspiration?

Liz Ware: “I have several that inspire me but I do work with the International Bikini Model Search, also known as the IBMS, and the owners in Elina and Patrick McKinney inspire me because throughout their success, they’ve still managed to stay grounded and they are all about helping the models and photographers.”

Photo: Mad Creativity

Robert D. Cobb: In your role at IBMS as Regional Event Coordinator, what is the greatest thrill of working with other glamour models such as yourself.

Liz Ware: “For me, its learning from them. Most of the glamour models have breakfast. IBMS had so much more experience and posing in four trained different looks and all of them were very nice enough to take me under their wing and give me pointers in the areas that I needed to work on.”


Robert D. Cobb: Thanks to social media, you seem to see an explosion of more glamour/boudoir and pin up models. What are your thoughts on that?

Liz Ware: “I think it’s awesome and it’s about time because these models go out and show their body not caring what anyone thinks and they’re all beautiful. I do it myself and it’s such an empowering feeling to know that now we are getting recognized for the work that we do.”

Photo: Mad Creativity

Robert D. Cobb: What are your thoughts on the current “shaming” culture that seems to exist online towards models for being too risqué, sexy, etc?

Liz Ware:  “I’ve went through a first-hand and I know some of my other girlfriends that are models as well go through the same thing. I think it’s very ridiculous how people treat some models for doing photo shoots there are a little risqué. When there are so many other people that see it as a form of art and that’s exactly how I think of it, modeling to me is art.”


Robert D. Cobb: Do you feel that glamour modeling is here to stay and will continue to grow?

Liz Ware: “Definitely, I feel that we are going to keep growing. The last couple years this industry has blown up, so I definitely think there will be a lot more glamour modeling in the future.”

Photo: Mad Creativity

Robert D. Cobb: What is your secret to staying in shape?

Liz Ware:  “To stay in shape, I do different variations of squats, crunches, and sit-ups.”


Robert D. Cobb: Outside of modeling, what are your hobbies?

Liz Ware:  “Arts and crafts are one of my favorite hobbies from painting to crocheting.”

Photo: Mad Creativity

Sports question: Who are your favorite teams and clubs

Liz Ware:  “Golden State Warriors, because I follow Stephen Curry. He’s a great NBA player and I think his family is adorable.”


Robert D. Cobb: What are your favorite cities to travel to?

Liz Ware:  “One of my favorite cities to travel to is Miami, is just so tropical it reminds me of Puerto Rico, I also love to travel to Pennsylvania to visit family.”

Photo: Mad Creativity

Robert D. Cobb: What advice would you give to women aspiring to get into modeling?

Liz Ware: “What I would tell women that want to get into modeling is to do it. Find photographers that want to shoot and see if it’s something that you like as well.

Don’t just do it because you want to be famous or you’re trying to get money, because modeling it takes time for you to get to the place where you will get, requested and you will get paid it’s all about being patient and loving yourself that’s the number one thing to keep in mind.

There will always be someone in this industry that will try to put you down whether or not is because of the color of your skin or your weight or height for your overall look.

And also know that no matter what they say you are beautiful and you are capable of being the best model have confidence in yourself.”


Special thanks to Mrs. Liz Ware for her help and assistance during the Q and A interview process. Images used are the respective property of their owners and used with permission.