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Marketing: How to Establish a Meaningful Brand

By Ashley Kornee Building a brand that means something to your customers and connects with them on a personal level is a feat that many companies fail to achieve. For some, it’s hard to connect because of the niche nature of their business. For others, it’s a matter of bad decisions that lead to loss […]

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Young Entrepreneurs: Is Glaminizers CEO and Lifestyle Model Stephanie Tear The Next Kylie Jenner?

In a society and culture that seems to embrace making money and doing business in a non-traditional type of way, more and more Millennials are striking out on their own in becoming young entrepreneurs. Young entrepreneurs or YE’s, as they are referred to in the industry are aged 17-30, and helm a wide range of […]

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Entrepreneurship Interviews/Features Women

Glamour Girl! Q and A With IBMS Regional Coordinator and Glamour Model, Liz Ware

Glamour modeling and photography. Many have heard of it, but few actually know what it is. As with all things in today’s social-media driven world of image, branding, and marketing, it is hard to escape it and even harder to not be both in awe and intrigued. What’s so funny is that it has been […]

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Media and Marketing: Six Effective Conventional Business Promotion Methods in NYC

By Korisnik Today, when business owners think about promoting their business, digital marketing like social media ads and search marketing come to mind. But are the conventional advertising methods no longer effective? The truth is the traditional methods play a significant role in a holistic marketing campaign. Using one or more of the following old […]

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Entrepreneurship: How To Make Successfully Make Money Online Blogging

With more individuals working from home and running home-based businesses, one must be comfortable in making money producing content online via blogging. There are many ways one can make money online blogging and while I have personally experienced making money blogging from my time as a former NBA Network Manager/Senior Editor at Rant Sports to […]

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Entrepreneurship: Men and Home-Based Businesses, A Blueprint for Success

By Michael Harred Baby boomers and even most Gen-Xer’s see career success as being employed by a company and moving up in their careers within a company, whether that is on the factory line or in the corner office. But times have changed. We have seen large corporations go bankrupt and people lose their jobs […]

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Don’t Make These 5 Mistakes When Writing a Fundraising Letter

By Gloria Kopp Whether you’re writing a fundraising letter to a member of your political party in order to receive donations for an election campaign, or you are a part of a local Church group and you’re trying to raise funds to fix the Church roof, there are some key rules to stick by. While […]