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Entrepreneurship: 4 Reasons To Start A Business As A Student

Typically, students have very busy schedules but that doesn’t mean that just because you’re a student, you can’t become a successful business owner. Juggling multiple commitments with a full coursework load is not easy and many students don’t see any other way out of this situation except getting professional help with their assignments online, for […]

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Money: Four Ways To Protect Your Business From Theft

Theft is a danger that every business faces on a day to day basis. Even if you’re insured, you might not be able to recover everything you’ve lost and the disruption will cause you problems as well. You’ll have to stop working for the day which is going to lose you money and your employees […]

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How to Choose the Right Commercial Air Conditioner for your Company

With the Australian summer being notoriously harsh, it’s essential to invest in the right air conditioning system for your company. This ensures your employees can enjoy improved health, productivity and morale, while your customers and clients can enjoy a more comfortable environment. However, before you can decide on an air conditioner, you first need to […]

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Entrepreneurship: 4 Essential Steps To Growing Your Business

Starting and running your own business takes a lot of work and growing it is never easy. It takes commitment, discipline, determination and a lot of effort. There are no definite steps that you can take for guaranteed success, and there are no miracles when it comes to running a business. Often the thing that […]

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6 Advantages of Offshore Setups to Your Business

You’re probably privy to the term “offshore” but to put things in proper context, offshore basically means being located beyond one’s national boundaries. Setting up an offshore company is a strategic way of expanding one’s business operations internationally. Another common reason that companies go offshore is that it allows them to take advantage of laws […]

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Keeping Employee Injury Claims To A Minimum With These Simple Tips

Some companies are plagued with employee injury claims. Not only do these claims put your company at risk of civil lawsuits, but also will drive up your insurance premiums. The key to preventing injuries is to devise a doable and realistic workplace injury prevention strategy. However, the strategy will not work, if your employees are […]

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Setting Up Your Startup: Getting Past the Beginner’s Hurdle

By Dine Racoma So, you’ve realised that you want to start your own business – to join the greats such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who reinvented themselves by going all in for a business endeavour that they believed in. Before you ride your high horse to a self-made career, remember that it’s never […]