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Business: Lifting Equipment Lifts Your Heavy Loads

By Zac Ferry Lifting equipment is equipment that is used to lift lower loads including any attachments used for the same. These machines are by a variety of industries ranging from construction to healthcare. Basically, all businesses with commercial activities would need to use these machines at some point. It can be anything that is […]

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Business: Audi To Ditch Two-Fifths Of It’s Powertrains

While it has a certain air of luxury and prestige around it, the one thing people tend to forget about Audi is their capacity for innovation. In its decades on the market, Audi has never been the kind of company to skimp on the number of different derivatives they offer. More than once, it’s put […]

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4 Ways to Save Your Money on Tree Removal

By Evans Walsh For whatever service that you may be offered, money is what will determine whether or not you will accept the offer. In most instances when faced with a purchase situation, you will always have your eyes on the price tag; to know how much you are about to spend and whether or […]

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Stock Watch: Why Hot Topic Is No Longer A Hot Investment

There is a 68 percent chance that Hot Topic files for bankruptcy by 2018.  It’s no surprise either. When you think about shopping stores in your local mall.  Powerhouse stores like J.C. Penny, Macys, Nordstrom, and Sears come to mind.  Other more prominent stores like Abercrombie and Fitch and Victoria’s Secret get more sales than […]

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Opinion: Are We Living In A Free-Falling Society?

Written by LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports The Roman Empire, the Greek Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire, the Nazi Empire. All of these societies were once dominant but during their reigns, all fell susceptible to uprising from within their own governments, causing their society to become a free-falling society and […]

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Money: How To Negotiate For Cheaper Business Supplies

As an entrepreneur, there will come a time when you pick up the phone to negotiate your supply costs. Every business relies on a careful flow of supplies to keep their company running. Sometimes, it’s simple office supplies like stationery. In others, these supplies form the backbone of their product. In this case, it’s crucial […]

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Money: How To Get Cash With A Poor Credit Rating

We all know how difficult it can be to obtain funding when you have a poor credit rating. In the US, reporters claim that around forty-five million Americans have no credit score at all. So, it’s become a real issue for the average person in this country. Today, we’re going to show you that all […]