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Business: Why Businesses Need A Website Before They Have A Business Plan

To be honest I was having a hard time this week trying to word this concept properly. I just recently purchased a website through an overseas company to test three things. The first being if outsourcing my company was ever worth the effort. I also wanted to practice and fine-tune my e-commerce marketing skills. The […]

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Business: Six Ways To Conquer Facebook With Your Company Page

So what really works with Facebook? People are always confused about what “to-do list” will make their company Facebook page start growing, and we’re here to tell you that really doesn’t happen like you’d think. There are plenty of people and companies out there that will tell you that their ‘program’ or instructions will lead […]

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Business: FanDuel Brings In $275 Million Of Capital, Raises Stakes Higher

New York-based fantasy sports operator Fanduel, Inc. on Tuesday said it has brought in $275 million after closing a round of financing, bringing the company’s total capital to $363 million. The company, which received investments from Google Capital and Time Warner in the oversubscribed round led by KKR, said it plans to use the financing to acquire new […]

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Business: YAHOO! Officially Enters The Daily Fantasy Sports Realm

Internet giant Yahoo Inc. said Thursday it will offer a new daily fantasy sports online game in which users will compete for cash prizes, adding another competitor to the growing market despite some uncertainty over the legality of such games. Yahoo joins a growing market adding competition with leading daily fantasy sports, or DFS, companies […]

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NFL: Redskins Lose Trademark Battle In Court

Early this morning, Judge Gerald Bruce Lee of the Eastern District of Virginia ordered the Patent and Trademark Office to cancel registration of the Washington Redskins’ trademark, where he ruled that the team name may be disparaging to Native Americans. Judge Lee’s ruling affirms an earlier finding by an administrative appeal board. In his 70-page ruling, Lee […]

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Money: Consider Auto Insurance Before You Buy Your Next Car

Before you slide behind the wheel of that fabulous new sports car, think about how much it is going to cost you in auto insurance. Most people only factor in the monthly loan payments when considering if they can afford a new vehicle. However, car insurance is a major expense that could break the budget […]

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Tech: STRIVR Labs’ Virtual Reality Headset Could Be Sports Game Changer

Virtual reality training for football players has arrived. STRIVR Labs Inc., a Silicon Valley-based virtual reality (VR) technology company, has developed patent-pending technology that will allow players to get real game experience without being near the field. Developed and tested during the 2014 football season at Stanford University, the technology has received incredible buzz and […]