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Money: How Can You Afford That?

Have you ever had one of those moments when you’ve wondered how on earth someone can afford to live so well? It is in our nature to compare what we have to what our peers have. But when your friends appear to be doing so much better than you, it can leave you wondering what […]

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The Spectator – Does Daily Fantasy Sports Violate Federal PASPA Law?

Nevada is in a unique position to regulate DFS because it is the only state in the country that is authorized under federal law to regulate sports wagering in its casinos. Visitors to Nevada can place wagers on single games in every major sporting event, parlay wagers on multiple games, and proposition bets on individual […]

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Money: Advantages And Risks Of Forex Trading

Foreign currency trading has many advantages which other ways of financial trading may not have. But at the same time there are risks involved too. A smart trader needs to understand both the advantages and risks of FX trading so that he takes full advantage of the benefits and avoid risks as much as he […]

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Culture: The Playboy Pictorial Era Ends

Written by LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports In October 2015, Playboy announced that starting with their March 2016 issue it will end its pictorial era. The question as to who would grace the final pictorial was answered in early December. One of the most famous Playboy cover-girls to ever grace the magazine […]

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Money: The Advantages Of Using A Customized Loan Origination System

Every company understands the importance of technology to improve business processes. However, the hassles of adopting new technology can create disturbance in the existing systems, and that becomes a cause for worry. This fear is logical and there are solutions to address the issue. This is where customized solutions become crucial. A business should opt […]

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Living: Be Careful When Using Car Title Loans

With the holiday season now in effect and money likely to be tight, one should be wary and very cautious in taking out car title loans. Normally used as a type of secured loan where burrowers can use their own vehicle’s title as collateral in exchange for some short-term cash, burrowers need to be aware […]

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Direct-to-Consumer Platforms: The Future For Mortgage Servicers

Traditionally, mortgage servicing has been a broker-centric institution. Only recently has technology enabled direct-to-consumer channels to blossom. Millennials coming into their own are looking for a variety of channels which provide incisive and efficient services. It is true that experts feel broker-centric services will continue to exist, as consumers crave for personalized attention. However, mortgage […]